When love kills [ A tragic love story]

this is a story with which i've won 3rd place in a contest... and it'as also my first story after a long period of time... so please be kind and rate and message :))

Created by AyraRomanov on Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It was cold. The "Seven Guardians" were now facing the threat of evil. They knew that if they had lost this battle, mankind would be wipped off of the face of the Earth. In front of them was a single demon, Evil's most trusted one. He was indeed stronger than all of them put together, but they couldn't refuse mankind maybe the only chance of survival. They had to fight.
Their cold breath mixed with the thick fog of the night and their thoughts flied away to what their lifes had been till that very moment. They could almost feel their end, their death as they felt his power grow. The time had come.
The strongest one of the "Seven Guardians of the Earth" took a step forward and raised her hands, beseeching all known Gods to help them. Soon the others joined her.
The demon who was facing them from across the empty field smiled. He knew he had the Devil's consent. He knew he wouldn't lose. He begged his Master to lend him more power to destroy once and for all the human race which had only brought misery to his Master, Lucifer.
The two fluorescent spheres, the proof of the powers that each side possesed, crashed, each trying to destroy the other. Little by little, the black sphere of the demon started to eat the yellow sphere of the Guardians. The demon was smiling happily. It was all acording to the plan.
She fel that they were going to lose. She couldn't afford losing another battle. Supposingly she was the strongest, she should have lead all the others. But she couldn't! She wasn't a team player... She was used to working alone. Alone she had lost lots of battles, but also alone she had won numerous fights against Evil. But now, all seven of them were going to lose the utmost important fight. Even now she could remember her mother's sayings : "Look for the other Guardians. You can't fight alone!"... But she couldn't fight with them either! She knew she made a mistake when she had accepted her powers. Now she only wanted to be normal again. She wanted to have problems and concerns specific to her 20 years, not to know that the whole mankind depended on her and on her powers. But she couldn't... she had to save them all at any cost. At any cost, even at the cost of her own soul. Then she realised.
She asked the others mentally if they could hold the attack alone for a few seconds. They said they could. She raised her hands to the sky and her once deep blue eyes became a demonic red. She started her curse :

"And when death will come near,
Then all of you Immortals will stand up and shout,
And all the holly martyrs will watch in amazement,
For this will be a new era of the divine darkness."

The other six Guardians watched in awe. They knew what she was doing, but they couldn't stop her because they would have lost the battle. That was exactly what she had wanted, not to be saved. That was the only way she could finish what she had had in mind.
They watched in silence as she gave her heart and soul to Lucifer, two of them with tears of unbearable pain in their eyes... Xara and Marius, the twins. Her best friend and the one who loved her in silence.

"To the spirit of the Holly Devil,
Here strongly burns the torch of my soul
The flame which will be the Holly Devil
Here my power will reign,
Away from sorrows and pain you all shall be
By the power of the Holly Devil
Against what the prophets have said, here will reing the power of the Devil!"

Slowly she raised above the Earth and a black light came across her. She hated what she was doing. She didn't want to give her whole life and soul to Lucifer, but she had no choice if she wanted to save them all. She will save them, she will protect them against all Evil with that huge cost. She will make it so that they, those ungrateful humans, to live in peace and harmony, even if her life was going to be pure misery.
- Make it so that your powers saves this planet in retun of my eternal gratitude and soul! she cried to the sky.
In Hell Lucifer couldn't be happier. He had known all along Aimee would be his. His plan had worked. He had sacrificed one of his most powerful demons so he could find his true love and gain the power to bring eternal darkness in the whole Universe. Now, she was asking for his help to save her ungrateful species ans she was going to be his. He didn't care about the Earth. If she wanted this planet so much, maybe he would give it to her as a wedding gift. Maybe. He didn't care about anything else than her and the power she had inside of her.
On the battle field, the demon watched in amazement at what the youn girl was doing. He knew the procedure. Even he had invoked Lucifer a few times when he was younger. And now his Master was giving power to this child, he could not name the lead Guardian anyway other. He couldn't believe it. He was being betrayed by his own master. He did not care that the consequence of the girl's crazy act would be his death and her eternal punishment, he only cared that he had been betrayed. And betrayal... Was nothing new to him. This was the last thing he had thought about before the blinding light to destroy him.
Aimee fell down right in Marius's hands, who slowly whispered before the others could hear him : "What have you done, my love?"

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