a vampires pet (vampire lemon)

Created by IsisIstarAphrodite on Monday, May 14, 2007

She’s a vampire. He’s her pet. She has brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He has black hair and dull green eyes. His name is Jared and hers is Rose. He was an average high school student until he meet her. He was waking home one night when he saw a familiar face. She looked like his girlfriend but it was said she disappeared. She had seen him but turned away. He had called to her his voice longing. She saw sadness in his eyes and pain in his heart. She took him to her hideout. She told him everything. About how she was converted and what she had become and how she killed. He told her that he still loved her and she loved him. But their love was forbidden. A vampire and a mortal can never be together. Since they could not be together they thought of a plan. It was not uncommon for a vampire to become board and get a mortal pet and then eventual converting them. So that is what they’d do. He stayed with her and keeps her coffin safe while she sleeps. He let her drink some of his blood but she never took too much so that he died. But one night she got greedy she drank too much of his blood only one choice she had to convert him. She cut her wrist and offered it to him. He drank and transformed.
"I feel so different. Could things truly be so different now?" he asked sitting up.
"Now you can see things as I see and feel what I do. Oh my love! Now we can truly be together." She said embracing him.
"Rose beautiful flower now you can be my queen." Jared said kissing her.
"And you my king."
Their kiss deepened and there fangs grew. He bites her lip and she drew back in surprise. She looked into his lust filed eyes as she lifter her shirt over her head. He stairs at her exposed skin and then kisses her again. He reaches behind her and unclasps her bra throwing it carelessly to the side. She tries to cover her chest as he pulls her to the bed. She sits there her hands over her chest. He pulls her hands above her head and pins them to the bed taking a nipple into his mouth. He wraps his tongue around her hard nipple as his other hand massages the other. A sigh escapes her lip.
"I take it you like this" he said smirking "you’ll like this even more"
He bit her breast his fangs breaking the skin but not drinking. She arched her back against him moaning. she pulled his face to her and kissed him. his hands across her breasts and down. His hand slithered down her ribs and across her hips. He pulled her skirt and soaked underwear off. She watched him as he leaned down towards her throbbing warmth. His tongue ran over her lips and circled around her clit. He sat up and kissed her as his fingers entered her. She let out a loud moan as his fingers moved inside her. He pulled out his fingers leaving her unsatisfied. He licked his fingers and smiled. He dove his tongue into her and she fell back onto her back. He pulled his tongue out he decided to tease her. He licked her clit slowly.
"Bastard" she moaned.
"You love me for it" he said as he licked he opening again.
He pushed his tongue deep into her as her juices flowed into his mouth. She pushed him onto his back and ripped off his shirt and pulled off his pant leaving him in only his boxer beneath her.
"you shouldn’t have teased me" she said grinding her hips on his. She bite his collar bone and grinded harder . he groaned. She smirked as she slid his boxers off slowly. She gasped at the sight of his huge hard cock. She licked his tip then slowly took all of him. she sucked him moving her head up and down on him .
"rose" he moaned " I need you. Now!"
he flipped her onto her back and pushed into her. She moaned having him fill her up completely. He rammed her. Soon she was bucking her hips to meet his thrusts. She wraped her legs around his waist as he found the right spot. He thrust into her harder orgasm growing closer. She tightened around him as he bit her neck cumming.

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