Bleeding heart (an emo love story)

This is my first attempt at an emo love story, hope you like it!

Created by EmilyDepp on Thursday, May 17, 2007


                                  Bleeding Heart(An Emo love story)
                                                                           Broken hearts can still love       

My name was Alison. I was the leader of my schools cheerleading squad. I was the envy of all the jocks in my school. And I was normal. Yep, that's right, was. I go by A.J. now, I'm the leader of nothingness, I'm the envy of all wanna-be emo girls. And I'm full, hard-core emo now. I wasn't always that way, as anybody with half of a brain could have figured out. This is an altered version of how I got this way. "I want it golden blonde, with lighter streaks this time." I said to my hairdresser.  I was at my hair salon, Swank, getting my hair done before prom, which was that night. I had put together an outfit, a tight hot-pink, short, silk dress with rinestone encrusteds hems, a light pink 24 carat gold becklace with pink diamonds in the shape of a heart, a totally new case of makeup from all the most expensive places at the mall, and four inch hot pink stilleto's. I was going to look my best for my new boyfriend, Tim. Tim was the newest football player at my school, black hair, tan, buff, total hottie. Well that and he was one of the only jocks I hadn't dated at my school. I walked out of Swank an hour later with my hair in an updo, new highlights, and pink rinestones in my hair, not to mention sparkely hairspray. I drove home to get ready in my bently, picked up my five closest friends, or rather followers, then drove to my house and got ready. When Tim picked me up at my house in a limo I acted totally suprised, although I would have expected nothing less. I flirted with him, he smiled, the car stopped and he told me he had to tell me something I said "Well can you shut up one minute, I want to shine when I walk in as prom queen to be." Tim slammed the limo door "That's just it! You're so self centered! And you treat me like an animal, all of the other guys think it, they just like you for your jugs. So let me be the voice of my gender: You're a bitch, and nobody likes you for you!" I stood there, totally shocked, that and I'd never gotten dumped before. Tim walked away after flipping my the bird. I stood there, totally awestricken. I walked into the dance and the attitude already seemed to change toward me, apparantly they heard Tim. I won prom queen, again, that prom, and only a few people cheered for me. The next day at lunch somebody was stiiting in my seat and when I walked over they totally ignored me. After that I started to hop cliques. I had many succesful relationships, or at least seemingly sucessful, they all ended in my boyfriend dumping at the peak of our relationship, or him cheating on me, I had given up hope on all things love at that point, and that's when it happened I was watching the health channel one day an there was this disabilities show on, it was about all these depressed people cutting themselves, and feeling better. I turned off the T.V. and stared into the distance thinking for a while. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a steak-knife, then I walked up to my bathroom and stood over my sink thinking to myself "The pain will overpower the sorrow." I knicked myself and dropped the knife into the sink. It hurt terribly, but it definitely threw away any feelings of depression she had. She picked up the kinfe and whispered in a voice she wasn't too sure was her own "I need to cut deeper for sanity." The next day was a Saturday, I bought a totally new wardrobe, and threw the rest out her window. And on Sunday I redid my room. And that's how I came to call myself emo. I went to school on Monday, not feeling self concious that I had cut off nearly all my hair, and that I was wearing clothes I would have used to made fun of, I was totally self centered, screw the popular people, and screw who ever didn't like me. It's their problem now. My first goal was to get back at Tim for cracking me, something I knew would hurt him. But before that could happen, I went to lunch that day, not planning to eat, just stare blankly at popular girls and scare the shit out of them. I was sitting by myself at a table isolated from everybody, they were all staring at me, and it felt good. I noticed one of the other emo girls come up behind me, "Hey, have I seen you before?" She said walking up behind me. I shook my head blankly. "Well, I'm Val." I nodded "Al...A.J." I said in my seemingly new voice. Val sat next to me "You should seriously think about getting lip pierced, it's pretty cool." I nodded "Only if someone does it with me." Val smerked a little "I see your scar, A.J., your not alone, a lot of emo people are into stigmada." I looked at my wrist "Oh, that, yah." Val and I talked casually, mostly about all the secrets of the "barbies", and made fun of other people, nothing too different from my old table, the only thing that really was really different was the subject. We talked for the rest of the lunch peroid, and I could see my old best friend, Amy, looking at me with her all too famous 'what is she wearing' stare. I smerked and made a face at her, she looked at me like I was a retard and turned around. Just what I had been aiming for. Everything seemed right then, but little did I know, it was just the opposite.

To Be Continued



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