Blind Hearts: A Sesshomaru story Ch. 7 (Sex-Mature Readers Only)

Created by freespiritseeker on Monday, January 09, 2006

Ok, this chapter is sexual, so if you don't want to read it, don't. You don't necessarily have to skip it, it's not very descriptive at all, but do whatever ya want, you've been warned.
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Mai was stunned. She tried to move, but Sesshomaru's weight held her in place. "Stop moving unless you want me to decide for you here and now!" he groaned. Mai stilled instantly, her eyes wide.

A clawed finger traced her jaw lightly. "So soft." He whispered and moaned. He suddenly flipped onto his back and began to whimper in pain. He crumpled into himself. "Go!" he screamed at her, his voice sounding strange.
She slid to the edge of the bed, then looked back at him. His eyes were open and pain showed clearly in them, like a wounded animal.

She couldn't leave him like this, not when the ignorance of her servant had brought it on. "I'm not leaving you." She whispered to herself. She returned to her place beside his side of the bed and again wet the cloth, dabbing it on his forehead, trying to remove the feverishness of his body with the cool water.

"Dammit, woman! Get away from me! I cannot control myself!" He admitted. And she knew it was something he would never have otherwise admitted. Purity and control, that was the great lord Sesshomaru.

She kept wiping him down with the cool water. He tried to swipe at her once with a clawed hand, but in his mostly-weakened state, she was able to avoid it. She didn't know how long she continued trying to cool him down, but it was late into the night, the time-candle had burned low.

She stood and stretched, and walked back and forth across the room for a few moments to allow circulation to return to her legs. She didn't know that she was being watched. She poured fresh water into the basin and wiped her own face before turning to continue her task. She was surprised to find anger-filled eyes fixed on her own. "I told you to leave, woman!" he growled.

"I could not leave you here alone." She stated simply. And finally his icy control broke. "Then by your own actions be damned!" He yelled, dragging her into the bed. He ripped the gown apart with his clawed hands, ignoring her gasp of fright.

He did the same for his hakama pants, turning them to shreds and baring his body. He kissed her hard, ignoring her moan of pain as he plunged himself into her, past her maidenhead. Her head swam at first with pain and discomfort and then with pleasure as he continued to pump into her.

"Hold on to me!" He whispered in her ear as he drove them both to pleasure.

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