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A familiar scream echoed throughout the French mansion, "DEANNA GET YOUR ARSE IN BED BEFORE I SPANK IT!" My aunt bellowed. Scared of her I ran up the stairs as fast as my 10 year old legs would carry me. I dove into my fluffy bed and covered up. When I laid my head down I felt something hard under my pillow. "Oh yeah." I remembered.

Pulling it out, I held the little black book close to me. It was my mother's diary. I opened up to the page I left off.

Dear Diary,

March 21, 1915

Today I discovered that I was to marry Addicus Slytherin. He is a descendant of the Great Salazar Slytherin himself. I begged my parents to reconsider, considering I am only 16 years old. I neglected to tell them that I am in love with Jean de Laquera. He is a handsome boy I met at school. As I have mentioned before, I didn't want to go to an all girls school, Beauxbatons. I am planning to run away with him when I graduate. I cannot marry one whom I do not love. Sure Addicus is rich, but so is Jean. My grades are better than ever, as are Jean's. We are going to be married as soon as possible with his father's blessing. I cannot wait!

Diane Marianne Vatauria

I smiled. Mom had such a pretty name, well I was named for her. My full name is Deanna Marianne de Laquera. I turned the page and found that there was a rather large time skip.

Dear Diary,

June 1, 1927

I'm truly sorry for the large break I took in writing. I tucked my diary away and just found it. Jean and I are married. I haven't seen my parents in 12 years, since I graduated. I am currently pregnant. I am due any day now, for it's been about nine months. If it is a boy we'll name him after Jean. If it is a girl she will be Deanna Marianne. I am hoping for a girl. Jean and I live in a rather large mansion. We have many maids and servants. I treat them kindly, though. I cannot wait for my baby to arrive.

Diane Marianne de Laquera

Her name changed. I flipped back and forth and looked at the two names. I liked the second one better. I heard footsteps outside my door and quickly turned off the light. When the door opened, a sliver of light shone across my bed. I pretended to be asleep. When the person was gone I read one more page.

Dear Diary,

July 14, 1929

I fear the worst. My husband has fallen ill. We've tried all remedies possible. Even muggle medicine couldn't relieve him. I am scared he will die. I am sick as well. I have caught his illness. I have decided to write out our wills. I must do it for Jean because he is too weak to lift a quill. I leave everything to my daughter, Deanna Marianne de Laquera, who is only 4 weeks at the present time. However, I put her under the care of my husband's sister Jeanette. She is unmarried and I think would enjoy my daughter's company. The only problem is that she is not one of us, and may have a problem with my daughter's future at Hogwarts. I am feeling faint so I must quickly write the rest of this entry. I plan to have my daughter marry a certain boy. His parents and we have arranged their marriage. His name is Thomas Riddle III. I haven't heard from them recently. All I have heard was that the boy was born on the eve before this New Year. He belongs to a wealthy man, and will make my daughter rich, and happy as well. I pray that I will write again.

Diane Marianne de Laquera

I was eager to read on. I turned the page and saw the entry unfinished. I read what was there.

Dear Diary,

November 19, 1934

I fear this is my last entry. I am incredibly ill. I called Jeanette. She has agreed to take over parenting my five year old daughter. I will miss her terrible, for I know I will not survive this time. My dearest Jean passed on the night after the previous entry 5 years ago. I heard from Tom Riddle Sr. that he can not find his son or the wife that he left, whom carried his child. They are presumed dead. The arranged marriage is now off. I hope my angel finds peace and happiness on her own. She will be a gentle loving girl, I pray. If anyone ever see this tell her that I Love

And that was it. I tear fell from my eye. I had an arranged marriage as well? To this boy Tom who is supposedly dead? My mother wished to tell me she loved me before she died. Jeanette is supposed to enjoy my company? Pfft, that bloody woman hates me. I placed the finished book in my dresser drawn and went to sleep. I was awoken to the sound of retched screaming outside my bedroom door. "Deanna! Get your spoiled arse out of bed this INSTANT!" I crawled out of my blankets and walked to the door rubbing my eyes.
"Yes, ma'am?" I asked trying to be polite, but couldn't completely mask the annoyance in my voice.
"What is that tone you're using with me young lady?!" She slapped my face. I fell back. When I gathered my senses once more I looked up at my Aunt Jeanette. She was tall, and chubby. She ate well with my parents' money. She dressed nice, too. But no matter how much money she had her blonde hair was still snarled and dull. Her blue eyes were full of disgust as she looked down on me. "I made a list of your chores for today." She tossed a paper at my feet. I picked it up.

Make the ballroom and Dining Room spotless.
Do the laundry
Pick out your best dress and have one of the maids
dress you nicely for we are hosting a ball this evening for a wealthy man and his son.

"Chop chop!" She snapped, "The ball begins at 7. You have but 6 hours. You are a lucky girl that I let sleep in. GET TO GIRL!" She screeched. I got out of my pajamas and into work clothes and made my way to the ball room. The servants and maids were nice to me. They recognized me as their true mistress and not that rotten woman. It took me and the other 12 maids but 30 minutes to scrub the ball room floor clean. We moved on to the dining room. I set the table nicely and for 40 guests. I also put extra plates on a side table for the lesser people. The cooks began cooking at 5 and I took my regular walk.

I didn't understand some words my mother used in her diary, such as "Muggle" and "Hogwarts". She also said Jeanette was "not one of us". I wondered what she could mean. I thought this over as poked at a frog and made it bleed. I laughed at it's pain. Then I remembered what Jeanette had told me to do last. I still had to prepare myself for a ball.

I darted into the house and up to my room. I put on a cream colored dress that was bell shaped. It bore golden lace and rose accessories. I asked my attendant to curl my hair and pull it back into a pony tail. Next I adorned myself in gold jewelry and shoes. I looked stunning, for a 10 year old.

"DEANNA! COME HERE, DEAREST! OUR GUESTS HAVE ARRIVED!" That shrilling voice called, in a failing attempt to be kind. I obeyed anyways and descended the stairs. In the entrance hall stood a very fat men dressed in green. With him was a boy. He had a handsome boyish face and looked only a few years older than me. I stood beside my aunt and tried to look formal.

You see, I was never the classy type. I preferred pants and mud over dresses and fancy balls. I also was not a very kind person. My life was full of hate, pain, and loss. Nothing was worth being nice for. I bought books when I went out with Jeanette to the market, which was very rarely. She didn't not put me in school, nor did she teach me. I taught myself to be intelligent. I read a lot and retained most of what I read. I had nothing better to do. No friends. Our only neighbors were scared of me. I was fine with it. I preferred solitude.

"Deanna, dear. This is Mr. Faque and his son Daniel. They are a wealthy family visiting from Italy. Mr. Faque is a widower. His son is, how old did you say?" Jeanette said.

"My son is 11, Madame. Your niece is 10 you said?" Mr. Faque replied. Jeanette nodded.

"Well, that is within appropriate age range. Pleased to meet you Miss Deanna." He tipped his hat.

"Please to meet you as well, Mr. Faque." I said with absolutely no emotion or grace in my voice.

"Let me show you to the ball room where the other guests are." Jeanette led the pair and me to the ball room where lively music played and many fancy dressed people danced merrily.

"Appropriate age for what, Ma'am?" I asked Jeanette.

"You will find out in good time." She snapped. At the head of the room there was a table. Mr. Faque and Jeanette sat in the center. Daniel and I at the side of our guardians.

Jeanette clapped her hands and the whole room turned to the front to face her.

"Attention. We would like to start the festivities with the dance of my niece Deanna and Daniel Faque. The future married couple." She beamed and turned towards my mortified body.

Future married couple? Not me. Not him. I'm only 10. What could she - no. An arranged marriage.

"Mr. Faque and I have arranged the marriage of these two children for the day Deanna turns 18. Now come, come you two. Time to dance."

A slow, yet happy, tune began to play. I was pushed towards Daniel and he towards me. Hesitantly I placed one hand on his shoulder and the other in his hand as he reached for my waist. We uncomfortably began to dance. The 2 minute song seemed to last for days. I felt my face burning with embarrassment. I tried to look away from Daniel as much as possible, but his pretty face was something else to look at. He was the prettiest boy I'd ever seen.

Finally the music ended and my hands, as if magnetically repulsed, flew from his body as I strode up to my aunt full with anger. I stopped before her.

"Yes, My Dear?" She smiled as if nothing was wrong. I wanted to punch out her crooked teeth.

"I cannot believe you." I snarled.

"Oh, dearest, you'll come to like the boy. I promise." She said sweetly. I didn't believe her. The whole night I couldn't help but look at Daniel. Apparently he couldn't keep his eyes off me either.

I walked outside after dinner. I looked into the dark sky at the beautiful stars and sat on a bench. I heard someone sit next to me. I looked and saw that it was Daniel.

"Yes?" I asked curtly.
"I don't believe we've had a proper opportunity to speak." He spoke too formerly. I could never live with that.

"Sure." I said. If he continued to speak that fancy I may just flip out.

"Do you wish to speak with me? Or would you rather sit her quietly. I do believe we should spend some time to get to know each other better seeing as we will be married in 8 years. I do feel quite content in marrying such a pretty girl." He talked to much, and too sophisticated. I was getting quite annoyed with this boy.

"Your blue eyes sparkle more beautifully than these stars, and your beautiful black hair reminds me of a void. It takes in all of my attention and gives none back. Your fair skin is so - "

"WILL YOU SHUT IT?!" I turned and screamed in his face. He was taken aback.

"My apologies, Miss. How I managed to anger you is a quizzical - "
"STOP TALKING LIKE THAT ALREADY! I do not wish to hear a man such as yourself speak with such eloquence. It makes my stomach churn to see how much care you put into preparing a single speech. I am, by all means flattered, by your compliments, however, I do not enjoy realizing how much you have studied me in order to come to those conclusions." I stood and prepared to walk away, but was stopped by a bouquet of flowers in my face. "What in bloody hell do I have to do to get you away from me?!" I snatched the flowers, bit the head off of one and spit on his lap. I threw the rest of flowers at his feet.

"Why do you hate me so?" He asked. I rolled my eyes. "I do not want to marry you. I have to, therefore I hate you. I hate anyone that forces me to do something. Remember that, and our marriage may not end in your mysterious death. I bid thee goodnight, sir." I mocked and curtsied. Very annoyed by the conversation, I decided to turn in for the night.

I was awoke again in the morning in a new way. I felt a sharp pain in my side and realized that I was lying on the floor tied in my blankets. I looked up and saw my aunt standing over me.

"WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION!? How could you yell at your future husband!? Why do you show him such disrespect?! YOU MADE THE POOR BOY CRY!"

That made me laugh out loud. I threw my head back and laughed, "Are you serious, Auntie?" I wiped a tear from my eye.

"YES!" She kicked me. "You are a demented child. How can you laugh at the poor kid?!" She turned on her heel and walked out the door, "They will be leaving this afternoon so get dressed for breakfast." She continued down the hall.

I put on a peasant dress that I found was very comfortable.

As I walked down the stairs I saw Mr. Faque and Daniel sitting in the dining room with Jeanette.

"There's the future fidanzata!" Mr. Faque cheered. I sighed, knowing fidanzata was Italian for bride.

I smiled sweetly and wiped it off my face immediately when I sat down.

I ate silently and left the room without being excused. I heard Mr. Faque in the dining room say to my aunt, "She has no manners, Love. How can we fix that?" There was a silence.

"Boarding school." Daniel suggested.

"Genius!" Jeanette and Mr. Faque exclaimed. My heart nearly stopped.

I didn't want to go to boarding school. I looked out the window of the hallway. It was raining outside. "April showers bring May flowers. So they say. So they say." I sang quietly to myself. It was a late April day.

"You have a quite exquisite singing voice." I heard Daniel say from behind me. He was the one that suggested boarding school. I strode past him and snarled, "Bastard." I stomped upstairs.

Not much happened in the next few months. I turned 11 on June 16, 1940. August came and I sat in the heat outside.

I looked up and saw a owl flying over me. "Odd, owls are nocturnal." I said to myself. It dropped a letter on my lap. "How interesting!"

I cast aside the squirrel that I had been plucking the hairs off. It seemed so happy to get away from me.

I looked at the letter. It was addressed to me! I never got mail.

Miss Deanna Marianne de Laquera
de Laquera
Family Estate
Bordeaux, France

I flipped the letter over and saw a crest on it. It was crimson and had and H on it. I eagerly opened it up.

Dear Miss Deanna de Laquera,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Miss de Laquera, we understand that this may come to you as a shock, but you are in fact a witch. Your mother and father both attended our school. Your Aunt Jeanette, however, is not a witch and therefore may not want you attending our school. I will send someone for you shortly to help you get your books and other witchcraft necessities. My sender will also inform you of other important facts on our school. The day after you arrive here, please come to my office for a meeting.

Headmaster Armando Dippet

I jumped up and ran inside, preparing to tell Aunt Jeanette all about my luck. I stopped in mid-step and realized she would never let me go. "Oh I wish that owl was back here so I could send a reply.

I sighed as I walked up to my room. When I opened the door I saw the owl perched on my desk.
"Hello, you! Could you send a letter to Headmaster Armando Dippet for me?" I asked the bird. He bobbed his head. I hoped that meant 'Yes'. I sat at my desk and began a letter.

Dear Headmaster Dippet,

I pray this letter gets to you. My aunt would never let me go to Hogwarts if she knew what it was for. She is planning to send me to a boarding school this September, though. Dreadful. I wonder if we could fool her into thinking she's sending me to a boarding school, though its really Hogwarts? Perhaps your sender could tell her I've been accepted to Hogwarts School. Not for witches or anything. Say it has good discipline and such. I'm sure she would send me then. Just do not tell her I will be learning magic fiddle fuddle. I would very much enjoy going to school, because I am always cooped up in this house. Thank you, Headmaster.

Deanna Marianne de Laquera

I tied it to the owl's foot and prayed that it reached the correct person. I climbed into my bed and fell asleep, I wanted so bad to go to this "Hogwarts."

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