A Chaotice Labyrinth; Jareth Love Story ~1~


Created by BloodstainedEverdark06 on Monday, May 28, 2007

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Chapter One: White Owl

As the darkness faded, I found myself standing alone in a strange unfamiliar room. A name came to my mind and I began to call out to it.

"Sarah! Sarah!" I called.

My friend, Sarah, was kidnapped! I remember, we were sitting in Sarah's room on her bed talking to each other, and she asked me if I would do her hair...


I agreed and asked her to sit down at her vanity so I could see her reflection in the mirror, to make her hair comment her face. So, I took her hairbrush and began to brush her long brown hair. I decided to think of something to talk about after a moment of silence.

"So, do you like to read?" I asked as I noticed she had a small library of her own.

"Not really... Just a little. You're really my only friend, besides my stuffed animals, and..." she stopped before she finished.

"And who?" I tried to let her continue.

"Well, there is Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus, and Ambrosias. I wouldn't say Jareth is my friend, but more like an acquaintance, or a rival," Sarah said.

Suddenly, I stopped brushing her hair as my jaw dropped and I realized the name she had just spoken so lightly. Sarah looked at me though the mirror and a wave of confusion crossed her face.

"What is it?" she asked quizzically.

"Do you mean, Jareth, as in the Goblin King?" I asked nervously.

Sarah looked at me a little startled, and I didn't expect what came next...

"How do you know, Jareth? Don't play games with me either, because I will know if you're lying to me, Jennifer!" she yelled as she stood up and glared at me

This didn't frighten me, but only made me more curious to know how she knew the Goblin King.

"I beat him at his castle trying to save my baby sister, Jessica," I told her.

"When did you beat him?" she asked.

"Two weeks ago, but what about you? How do you know the Goblin King?" I turned on her.

"I beat him a year ago, so someone has finally defeated him again... What was he like?" Sarah asked almost contently.

I thought back to two weeks ago....

"I can give you everything if you just stay with me, love me, and fear me," the Goblin King proposed.

He was frightening me, so I finally completed the words, "You have no power over me..."

Then everything had gone black, but all I remember seeing before darkness took over, were two eyes. One green, one blue.

"He was cruel, conceited, frightening, and almost seemed like he loved me. He offered his world to me, but I refused and said the final words. 'You have no power over me,'" I recalled.

Then I blushed, realizing how weird I probably sounded.

"I'm embarrassing myself way too easily," I thought.

Sarah sat down again, "I'm sorry for snapping at you. I shouldn't treat my friends so unkindly."

"Please, don't worry, Sarah. Besides, I wouldn't wish you away for anything," I told her.

"Sometimes, I wish the Goblin King would take me away, right now," Sarah spoke.

I looked at her sadly, hoping she didn't mean those awful words. I began to brush at her hair again. Soon, I braided tiny braids down the side of her face, and pinned the braids in loops at the back of her head in a half ponytail. The hair in the back of her head lay flat on her neck. I admired her straight brown hair. It is down to her waist while mine is down to my mid back.

As I got lost in my memories of the Goblin King, I hear Sarah say, "What the...

I look up at the mirror curiously and I scream as I see the reflection of a woman with blonde hair.

Sarah and I back away as the woman smiles evilly and asks, "What's the matter? Don't you know a Fey when you see one? I've come for Sarah. I hear Jareth loves her."

"Sarah, run!!!" I yell, pushing her out of the way as the Fey zaps at Sarah.

I cry out as I am zapped, and everything goes black.

~:Flashback Ends:~

So, now I am standing in a room all alone as I call out to Sarah.

"Sarah! Sarah where are you, Sarah?"

I began to get nervous, so I walk over to the window and look outside. I gasp as I look out and see the Goblin City, and as my vision looks further out I see the Labyrinth. Panic begins to rise in me, as memories of near-death-experiences flashed through my mind.

I ran to the old wooden door and, to my surprise, it was unlocked. I ran out and down the hallway, and I came to some stairs and ran down them as well. I came to a room with ten foot walls and wooden floors. As I run around the corners, I soon realize the walls are a maze... Almost like, a Labyrinth.

My breathing picks up as I frantically run around corners searching for Sarah. I gasp in surprise as I turn a corner and see a person in the middle of the hall with their back to me.

I sigh in relief and walk toward the person saying, "I'm so glad I found someone. I'm lost and I'm looking for my friend, Sarah."

Suddenly, the person turns with an evil smirk on their face, and I recognize the person as the female Fey...

"Did you miss me, Jennifer?" she laughed.

My eyes widen and I hold my breath as I avoid eye contact with her and begin to back up toward the corner, ready to run again. She walked slowly toward me as I back up, my eyes never leaving her finger in which she twirled around mockingly at me. I knew her finger could be deadly, since she had zapped me here earlier with it.

"I've been waiting for this for a long time, Jennifer. I'm gonna enjoy every second of this," she spoke evilly.

I suddenly turned the corner and ran away, but she appeared right in front of me. I skid to a stop and turn so fast, I slip, but catch myself with my hands and push off running.

Suddenly, I am hit in the right side, and I feel a hot liquid run down my side, staining my white poet shirt red. I cried out, but kept running as I held my side in pain. My breathing is heavy as I run. I hear a blood curdling scream, but I keep running. Finally, I stop and lean against a wall. I realize the ten foot walls have disappeared and the floor turns to concrete. I hear my blood dripping on to the floor and then I hear footsteps. I take off running again, but soon I feel tired, and I slow down to a walk, and then stop.

I decide to pull myself together and turn to face my fears. I look and see a man standing there. A man I know very well.

"You've been a coward, Jennifer. I would have thought you of all people would have faced the wicked Fey all on your own, but I see you were no match for her," the Goblin King said as he looked at my wound.

After hearing say that, all of the fear left me and a face of triumph appeared. Triumph over him not the wicked Fey. I had beat him at his own game, and he had no right to talk to me this way.

"I had business to attend to in the Aboveground for a few days, and I left my castle to Dinah, but I see now she was more wicked then she lead me on to be," Jareth explained.

A smile appears on my face.

"No need to explain to me. The great Goblin King, fooled by another Fey? Shame on you, Goblin King," I said.

I saw him take a step toward me so I took a step back; 2 steps, 4, 6, 8-BAM!

I flinched in pain as I fell backwards onto my bottom. He kept walking toward me, so I scooted back as far as I could until my back hit a wall. He kept coming toward me and when he got five steps in front of me, I feel a wave of fear spread over me as I put my arms up to shield my face. I could feel him lean down in front of me and gently grab my arms and put them down on my lap. My eyes shut tight as I felt him put his finger under my chin and tilt my head up toward his face.

"Open your eyes," he commanded.

"You have no power over me..." I kept repeating, but still felt his fingers under my strong chin.

"You can't magic me away when you now owe your life to me," he spoke in his thick British accent.

My eyes shoot open and look at him confused.

"I what? I owe you nothing of the sort!" I said, looking in his eyes.

"You heard the scream, and the Spirit Laws say when someone saves your life, they have power over you until the debt is paid. Saying the words no longer matter," he said.

He pulls me to my feet and we stand there looking in each other's eyes. Suddenly I feel him grab my sides, not to mention I am wounded, and he pulls my body against his body. I cry out in pain as I throw my head back, my black wavy hair swaying as I try to pull away, but the pain suddenly disappears. Jareth lets go of my right side and I look down and see the wound and blood have disappeared.

"Fey Magic..." I whisper and look up at the Goblin King.

I smile and kiss his cheek lightly, "Thank you so much."

I blush as I see his grin turn into a smirk and I realize what I had just done.

"Isn't this what you really wanted to do?" he asked as he leaned forward, his lips parted.

My lips are also parted, but just as our silky lips are about to touch, he vanished. I open my eyes in shock and realize I am holding a clear crystal sphere


I touch my fingers to my lips wanting to feel the Goblin King's lips on mine. What am I saying? He's the Goblin King! My enemy, and I cannot feel this way toward him!

"Jennifer!" a voice yells.

I turn to see Sarah, Ludo, Hoggle, Sir Didymus, and Ambrosias all running toward me with worried faces.

"Are you alright?" Sarah asks as she hugs me.

"I'm fine," I say dazed.

I say hello to everyone, and Sarah notices the crystal and I almost feel my heart freeze over with fear again.

"What is this?" Sarah asks, remembering Jareth offering her it once before.

Everyone looks into it, and the last thing I see is an image of a white owl...


Thanks for reading! I do not own the movie Labyrinth nor do I claim any of the characters from the Labyrinth, but I do claim Jennifer and Jessica and soon Brandi. They are my characters! Thanks for reading! ~Everdark

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