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Created by symphonia on Monday, June 04, 2007


Befor I get to the lemon. I like to saw that my friend on quizilla made this for me. So thank her not me. And now to the LEMON!!!!!!!!
Lemon,Lemon Dante,lemon!!! Me:Your hyper! No being hyper! You hurt your self. And others.
After that he pulls you onto the bed, and gets on top of you, slowly touching your leg. Letting out a slight sigh you pulled him to you and gave him a fiery kiss.
Returning the kiss Dante held onto you tightly and slowly pulled of the t-shirt you had just put on. Looking deep into his eyes you could see that he was being true about liking only you.
Giving him another breath taking kiss you reached down and pulled his pants undone and pushed them off of him. Receiving one of his famous devil may care smiles you blushed lightly. "No need to be shy not like I'll bite you, unless ya want me to babe."
Blushing deeper you bared you face into his cheast to hide it. Hearing him chuckle you looked up and he clamed your lips with his while moving his hand lower to stroke your opening. Letting out a moan you wrapped you arms around his shoulders. Once again smirking he quickly moved his fingers from the sides of you and into you. Gasping you moved your hips up in suprise. As if expecting this Dante moved his fingers out a little so as not to cause you to much pain. But before they were out to long he moved them back in and began to explore.
After what seemed like forever he pulled his fingers out and liked them off. Looking down at you he positioned himself so he could enter and gave you a quick warning, "Sorry if this hurts but the pain won't last long. Promise."
Pushing in you couldn't help but gasp. Just as he said it had hurt but the pain soon faded as he moved in and out. Moving with him you started to moan out his name. Leaning your head back you felt him kiss along your collorbone and up to your neck. Along the way he had hit a certain spot that caused you to moan out his name deeply. As if wanting you to call his name again he moved back to that spot and began sucking on it for most of the time.
Nearing your climax you felt DAnte tense up as he soon reached his as well. Pulling you close you both released and fell back on the bed. Rolling off of you Dante let out a sigh and pulled you so you were laying on his chest. "See I told you it would be okay. Alyssa why don't you and me do something together tomorrow just the two of us?"
"I would like that Dante." You replied cuddling up to him somemore. Soon the two of you were fast asleep and having sweet dreams of each other.

That was grate! Me:Thanks not go to bed. And stop being hyper!
Thats that. More Lemons later. Meow.

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