Sesshomaru's love for you (Lemon!!!)

Warning this is a lemon plz do not read if you don't want to hear a lemon if you don't know what a lemon is just don't read this... and if you do don't flag me... thanks!

Created by Ty4423 on Wednesday, June 06, 2007


You sit in your bed alone, but then a hot breath is on your neck!  You think it is Miroku after all today he did ask you to bare his child...( sooooo wrong) "Miroku (giggle) if you wanted to do me why didn't you say so before?"  there was no reply... "Miroku, stop it you're starten to scare me now!"  all you heard was "I am not Miroku" You felt drowsy and couldn't keep your eyes open. 

When you awake you are startled to find that ou are wearing the most beautiful komono it's gold with black trim and very flexible it felt as if it were made to be a night komono.  "If you're wondering yes that komono is a night komono."  " what who's there plz don't hurt me plz."  "I am not going to hurt you... but I will if you don't coorparate."  "who are you, what do you mean by coorporate?"  You see the shadow come out from the doorway... It was Sesshomaru!  " You'll see what I mean soon enough" he said with a slightly evil grin.  He starts to take his shirt off then his pants!  "what are you doing, what are you going to do to me!?"  "what does it look like I'm doing?  and you better do as i say or you as well as your friends will be dead! Did you hear me Komorieo?"  "yes i heard you, are you going to hurt me if i do cooperate?"  "did you hear what i just said?  no im not oh (chuckle) you thought i am going to rape you don't you?"  "well yes... i know you but i am your enemy so i thought you were..."  "well you aren't correct"  you look up in surprize "y-your not!?!) "no but ill tell you what i am gonna do im gonna fuck you long, good, hard and passionatly!"  "what! Why?"  "cause i want you!  and i always get wat  want!"

he finishes taking off all his cloths then climes on top f you.  you want to resist but you are afriad for your friend as well as yourself!  he starts to take you komono off he throws it to the ground and slips off your panties and bra.  then he takes 2 fingers and enters your pussy and goes in and out in and out you start to mone in plessure!  then he sticks 3 fingers in then 4. you mone again in plessure!

"ready?" he wispers in your ear "for what" "plessure beyond anything you've ever gotten"  he kisses you and then he kisses your neck then your brests the your stomack then he is licking all over and in your pussy.  your mone louder and louder then he stops and comes face to face with you and then kisses you passiontatly.

he sticks his manhood into you and at first it hurts a little but then there is a overwelming feeling of plessure and you scream out his name "sesshomaru, sesshomaru! don't stop"  and he doesn't! he starts going faster and fucking ou harder you scream out his name and mone in emence plessure( for those of you who don't know what emense means it means extremely extreme)  he kisses you and explores your mouth with his toung and it only gets more plessureable he fucks you harder and harder and faster and faster! it's like he can't stop and you don't want him to!

he stops kissing you and in fucking you he sais " now you know my curse when i start fucking i can't stop im sorry if this hurts you( not really a curse)!"  "it doesn't hurt me and you can't just kep, keep, keep ( you scream in plessure) fucking me all day and night every day for the rest of your life!"  "yes but untill you scream 10 times i can't stop(chuckle)"

you scream 10 times just to stop... you didn't want to but you could tell sesshomaru was becoming very tired.but then he does something suprizing he takes his manhood out of you but stays on top of u and starts to make aut with you and you stop him after he grabs ypur hips like he wantes to have sex again. "this will just lead to more sex! aren't you tired?  " a little( he says as he pants) but i know you enjoy it and i enjoy it so im gonna keep fucking you untill you want me to stop."  he flips youso ou are stomach down to the sheets then he enters you throught the back it hurts at first but it is overwelmed by a feeling of plessure! "just to let you know , i will never stop fucking you unless you want me to."  "do you really mean that?"  "yep every single word!"  he stops pulls his dick out of you the turns you back around and starts in again but this time he went strait to legs locking screaming everytime he comes back in sex! "im about to cum!"  you wait for it and then it hits you you feel so plessured you kiss sesshomaru hard and he kisses back and he fucks harder and harder! and then you "stop sesshomaru... im very tired and im sure your are even more tired..."  "your right we can always do it again in the morning...(chuckle)"  you role your eyes as he takes his cock cmpletely out of you and then he grabs you and kisses you.  "i knew i wanted you and now that i have you no man will ever touch you te way i did!"  he lays to the side out you and brings you close.  he kisses you on the head you snuggle up to him and you fall asleep on his chest.

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