A Neko(CAT) Girl Slave From Another World Pt.12

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Created by inuval9009 on Sunday, June 17, 2007


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~ Neko World~
(The Demon Kings P.O.V)
"My lord, its been a week since you sent that spy to retrieve Rika for you." Your fateful henchman said to you from one side of the throne.

"I know that but if he knows whats good for his siblings, he'll bring both my valuables to me."
~Flash Back~
"Man...being inside of her always fills me up with so much pleasure but..." you said happily to yourself.
"Now is the time for me to finally make Rika my beloved bride." You said with a smirk on your face.
You've been waiting until Rika was eighteen to make her your bride and to finally have a son to rule over after you.
You know how neko pregnancy works, first the female neko needs to marry their true love, after that make love, but the female neko has to accept the seed from the male.
You smile to yourself, "When Rika is my loyal bride, she will have no choose to take my seed and provide me with a son."
"I shall announce the marriage at dinner" You thought to yourself.
~At Dinner Time~
"Ritsu, bring me my beloved slave" You said happily.
"The time has come; she will make an excellent queen and a loving mother, if not...I'll keep her forever as my sex slave and have someone else to fit the part." You thought to yourself.
Soon your fateful henchman came back running empty handed.
"My Lord, she has disappeared!" He said panting.
"What?, That can't beform a search party imminently!"
"Yes, My Lord" he said quickly then ran to his headquarters to do as you had command.
"How can she just disappear, that's impossible?" You asked confusedly and angrily.
"Fine...as soon as we find her, I shall marry her then."
"Three days has gone by and there is no sign of Rika. Where the hell can she be?" You thought to yourself while sitting in your throne.
"My lord, we found someone who had seen Rika disappear from the castle." Your rightful henchmen said while entering the throne room, with two guards holding a neko warrior slave.
You looked angrily at the neko thinking that hes a liar, "How in the dimensions, did you see where she went when youre a warrior that is to be locked up for eternity until needed."

You then see that the neko turned his head to the side, now that you knowing he had tried to escape.
"Very well, I'll take any information that I can, but if I found out that your information is false, you will be torture with any ideas I can think of for the rest of your life." You told the neko truthfully.
"Now, what information do you have for me?"
But the neko didn't speak at all even if his life depended on it.
Then your henchman spoke, "My lord, he told my men and me that he would tell us where Rika is if we let his brother and sisters go free."
"Very well, tell me where you had seen or heard where Rika went and I shall let you and your siblings have less suffering than you already have." You told the neko.
You see in his face that he was thinking about the deal.
"I saw Rika with a man in the kitchen while I was exploring the castle. I figured he was a sorcerer from the portal he summoned."
"Tell me who this man was!" You interrupted him.
"I-I dont know, I just saw the back of him, I had left when some of your guards came."
"Is that all?" You asked him.
"Y-yeah" He said looking down toward the ground.

"Very Well...Ritsu summon Yoko, she will assist me with a portal." You command your henchman to bring forth your wizard slave.
~A Few Minutes Later~
You're commanding Yoko to track down which dimension Rika is in and open a portal to it.
The neko warrior is still in the throne room, you have a task for him that you want him to fore full for you.
You had capture Yoko from another dimension and take her where ever you go, your demonic power are stronger than hers, but you use her to open portals for you. That is how you came to the Neko world.

Once Yoko had done as you asked (command), you turned towards the warrior slave.
"You neko warrior, I shall make you an even greater deal than the one before. You will go to this unknown world and fine Rika for me, but you will work undercover. You will return with both Rika and the unknown worlds weaknesses, so I can rule over it. Oh and one more thing neko warrior, make sure that no one goes near Rika no matter what." You told the neko warrior with an absolute smirk, "exchange for your siblings freedom and yours."
"I...I agree" The neko slave answered.
"Good, Ritsu, release him" You command your rightful henchman.
Once the neko warrior was release you commanded him to step in the portal.
When he was about to step in Yoko told him to wait. You were angry at her sudden outburst.
"Wait, I have something to give him, so that he can return with both Rika and the world's weaknesses." She told you.
"Very well, proceed." You calmed down.
Yoko had given the neko warrior a necklace with a magical jewel at the middle.

Once the necklace was given to him, he had disappeared into the portal.
"Now find the wizard who had help Rika escape, and eliminate him." You commanded Ritsu and couldn't help but laugh and all this.
~End of Flashback~

~Real World: Earth~
(Rikas P.O.V)
You are at your Masters place cleaning up, you didn't mind at all. Even though youre supposed to be a princess and all, you love cleaning. Your Master had gone to out with Karenna, whatever that meant. Your Master was kind of nervous when he was explaining it to you, but he calmed down when he said they were going as friend. You were still confused even though he explained to you. You are just happy that hes your Master and hope that nothing happens to him, you are even glad to fellow his orders.
You're outside at the fire stairs happily putting up clothes at a wire, so they could dry up. The only weird thing is, ever since that day when your Master bought you clothes, you keep having this feeling that someone's watching you. You had always shook it off because you didnt want to worry your Master. You had put the last cloth on the wire but then you felt some kind of a breeze pass you. You then turn around and see what was impossible. It was another neko like you.

"I am here for you, Princess Rika" He said knee-bowing.

I think for now on I'm going to put up funny comic or pictures of random anime, k.
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