Gladiatrix, Part3, The Arena

okay Recap: You jumped up and let loose a warrior cry, startling both Pulcher and the small physician. You grinned at them, "I'm in." When you reached the buildings small shrine Bombio had you pledge yourself, by your choice of god (you picked Victoria, godess of victory), for 2 years and 50 fights. You took a deep breath, the last one you would take as a free woman and uttered the words that pledged you to him. kay so here it goes...

Created by Amber2727 on Friday, June 22, 2007


Two weeks after getting into the Gladiator's school...
"Run, you lazy arses!!!," the trainer bellowed, whipping any gladiatrix that dared slow. He had all of you running around the entire training feild, weaving through wooden posts and leaping over wrestling Gladiators.
You'd been training for two weeks and your muscles were starting to object to all the strain.
You'd found out that this particular Gladiator's school had 20 Gladiatrix's (including you). You'd have to share a room with two other women until you were earning enough money to get your own-
"Hey watch it!" you bellowed as a giantess of a woman knocked into you.
"You have a problem, little girl?" the red haired gladiatrix asked you in a voice that was unnaturally deep for a woman.
"Yes a very large red headed one," You snapped back as you weaved arround a pair of Gladiators.
Apparently she had a temper as hot as yours, because upon hearing you she dropped her boulder and tackled you.
The two of you started to wrestle on the ground. She caught you with a right hook on the jaw, but you quickly retaliated with a blow to the eye and a kick to the ribs.
You had her pinned beneath you, pelting her stomach with jabs, when Pulcher finally stopped the two of you.
You grabbed you by your short leather shirt and yanked you off. Still in the mind-set of a fight, you lashed out, reaching for his throat.
Pulcher quickly reacted by beating you up side the head with a training paddle her had. He beat you down onto the ground.
You ground your teeth and took it. You knew your temper had gotten the best of you. Gladiators and Gladiatrix were punished for walking when they had to run. Fighting with another trainee earned you an even worse punishement. And trying to attack a trainer, well that was pretty much unthinkable, unless you felt like tasting the whip.
After being beaten, flogged and patched up, you made your way soarly to your room. "Well, well if it isn't our little hot-head," Malien, a dark skinned, dark eyed beauty chuckled when you got to the Gladiatrix's rooms. You sighed and turned to face her, pinning her with your bright purple gaze. She chuckled at the scowl you wore.
"Don't look so grim, Vickie," A short, but feirce little Gladiatrix nammed Ceilia, bellowed to you from her room, "You could have been treated far worse. Your lucky Pulcher pulled you off of Fresha (the big red head)before you cause any permanent damage. You would have been beaten twice as bad for that."
"Aye," Malien added with a bright grin, "You are twice over blessed Pulcher didn't slit your throat for trying to attack him."
"I think Pulcher had taken a liking to our little Brit," Ceilia grinned, her asian eyes sparkling.
"A liking to me!," you exclaimed, pulling down your shirt to show off your bruises, "Look what he did!"
"He should have killed you for attacking him," Malien informed.
You sighed and left them to go to your room.
Malien and Ceilia were two of the five Gladiatrix's that had thier own room, and if all went as you wanted it to, you'd have one of their rooms in atleast a month.
You got to your room, Brigga, one of your room mates greeted you with a smile, "You missed sup. You might want to go see Grog (the cook) to see if you can get some of the left overs."
"She is not aloud to eat, stupid," Sae, your second unpleasant room mate, snapped.
You sighed and dropped into your bed, and closed your eyes, wellcoming the dark abyss of sleep.

The next day you didn't get a break, even though you were just barely starting to heal. In fact it almost seemed, your trainer was pushing you harder then usual.
It was twice as hot as usual, so half of the yard was completely naked. You on the other hand took off your leather armour, but left on the white cloth wrapped around your breats and your loin cloth.
"Awww Victoria," one of the Gladiators had complained when you left your under clothing on. He was a tall Arab, fairly handsome, with striking dark eyes. "No show? A shame. A body like yours deserves showing off," he's shouted to your from the wrestling pit, before getting a lashing from his trainers whip. You rolled your eyes and went back to your training with Malien.
The two of you had been dueling with wooden sworda all morning, only stopping once for water and now. Just as you started back into the deul with Malien your name was bellowed from the gate of the training Field, it was Pulcher. He motioned you over. You dropped your sword and sprinted to the front of the field. When you got there you stood tall and greeted, "Sir." You perferred to stare at a spot behind his head, rather then meet his cool grey eyes. You still harbored some bitterness after your beating yesterday, deserved or not. "These two Germans want to join our School," Pulcher informed you, nodding towards the pair. You spared them a glance. The were both tall and broad, blonde hair and blue eyes. "I want you to fight, Hagler," he said motionning to the smaller of the two, though he was still huge.
You frowned and met his eyes with confusion. He returned the look with usual indifferent stare.
"Well get moving, lazy bones!" he exclaimed.
You started and nodded, a lazy grin spreading over your features. You spotted Malien behind Pulcher's back waving you down. When she knew she had your attention she mouthed the words, "told you so!"
You grabbed a sword from Pulcher and turned to the German, ready to go. You looked at unconvinced.
"You want me to fight this little thing?" Halgar said, crossing his sinewy arms over his broad chest and looking over to his friend who had been paired with a big gladiator called Heracules.
You answere him before Pulcher could.
"What's the matter?," you asked, sticking out your bottom lip, "Afraid you might get a beating from a little thing from me, infront of all these people." You indicated the crowd that had gathered with your wooden sword.
Halgar glared at you. He was handsome, but arrogant and pridful. You were going to have fun with this one.
You reached out with your sword and smacked his arse with the flat of your blade, "Come on, give me a go."
Having finally giving in to your taunting, he turned and reached for his wooden sword, as soon as he turned back to face you, you were on him, yelling and slashing like a the she-demon you were.
A while and one big german's pride later...
You were sitting on big bucking German's back, holding his big Blonde head into the dirt.
"All right, that's enough Victoria," Pulcher anouced, "Get off of him."
Grinning from ear to ear, you got off of the Big German and offered him a hand up. He ignored it and stood by himself.
"You both pass," Pulcher anounced before shooting you a glance. He left with the two germans. You stodd grinning triumphantly watching them walk away. This must mean Pulcher forgives you. "What are you doing standing there!!!! Get moving!!!" one of the trainers bellowed at you. You started and sprinted off to continue your training.
A few weeks of greuling training later...
You were riding in a big wooden cage with the rest of the new Gladiators and Gladiatrixs. You were heading to your first fight. Newbees and the more agressive Gladiators and Gladiatrixs had to ride in these little cages, while the more popular ones rode in open carriages, waving there swords and cheering. You watched as Malien and Ceilia blew kisses to a group of young men, you were sure that would be you soon enough (not the young men, Ceilia and Malien). You had put on your best, brightest Inceni clothing, hoping it would make you stand out.
When you got to the arena, you were led to the rooms in the underground of the gigantic arena. Bombio's school had your own room. When you got there everyone was suiting up. Pulcher found you and helped you put your armour on. Gladiators were only aloud a helmet, arm gaurds, foot and leg gaurds and a breast plate. So your mid-drift, pelvis and throat would be vulnerable. Pulcher was already suited up, in full armour. He was a well known Gladiator and would be one of the last to fight. "It works like this," Pulcher explained as he laced up your arm gaurds, "First all of the schools go out and parade arround the feild. Then clowns entertain the crowd. Then all of the newbees go otu at once. You'll be going out with five others."
You nodded, pumped and ready for your fight.
"Here," Pulcher said holding something out to you.
It was Mara, your sword. You grinned broadly and jammed her under your belt. When you turned to thank Pulcher, he was already gone.
The parading was a rush. The crowd cheered and roared as the gladiators walked out onto the feild. Some even had signs for their favourite fighters. You saw acouple for Pulcher, a few for Ceilia and a whole lot for the beatiful Malien. As you were looking up into the crowd, you accidently bumped into someone.
"Hey watch it, Bitch!" He was from a different school and clearly a native roman.
"Watch your mouth, you worthless bas-"
Pulcher grabbed your arm and dragged you away, growling, "Save that for the arena."
When it was your turn to fight, you were ushered out onto the feild by a group of clowns. The six different schools were grouped together face each other. A whistle blew and the fighting began.
It wasn't much different from a battle feild. You realized as you took off after a Gladiatrix in black leather. In the middle of fighting her, you spotted Heracles, in trouble. He had fallen and another gladiator was holding a sword over him.
You slashed at the gladiatrix's belly, finding new strength in your will to help your fellow school mate. She jumped blocked it like you knew she would, and it left you an opening on her legs. You kicked them out and stabbed her in the throat as she went down. You turned and were sprinting towards Heracles before she hit the ground. You dodged fighting and dying Gladiators. When you reached Heracles you leaped and tackled the Gladiator standing over him. He hit the ground hard with a mad woman on his chest. You pulled off his helmet and punched his square in the nose, thanking your goddess Bouddicca (the british goddess of victory not the queen) that you had leather bound over your nuckles. You punched him again and then sprang up to protect Heracles from another attacker that was planning on taking advantage of his laying position. You caught him off gaurd and swung Mara in a big arch, slicing into his back. As he fell Heracles stabbed up, running him through the stomach. You kicked the Gladiator's body off of Heracles and the helped him up.
Just as you turned to find someone else to fight, a blade bit into your back, not to deep to reach the spine. You turned, lashing out with a swing of your sword you put all of your might into. You caught the Gladiator in the abdomed, just barely grazing under the skin. Your eyes met the Gladiators as he stood up straight. It was the one that had called you a bitch earlier. "Well, Well," you said with a slight grin, "If it isn't my least favourite leacherous roman dog."
With a growl, he charged you, lashing out with his sword. You danced out of his way. And turned to smack his backside with the flat of your blade. A roar of laughted errupted from the crowd. You grinned, encouraged by it, and blew hima a kiss. Earning another wave of amusement from the crowd. You glanced arround the feild and realized you and the roman were the only two left fighting. Make it entertaining, you thought. This was it you had the crowds attention, now all you had to do is take avantage of that fact.
For the rest...
You spotted Heracles on his knees, staring at his guts spilt out on the sand floor of the arena. You swallowed the bile raising in your throat. Slaves were starting to clear off bodies for the incenerator. You swore you wouldn't ent up like one of the dead Gladiator's, with thier blood spilt out over the stand.
The roman charge at you again, again you managed to dance out of the way of his sword. You even managed to pluck one of the color feathers from his helmet. You placed it on yours and struke a flirtatious pose. The crowd light up in laughter again.
The roman charged aiming for your neck. You parriedd his blow and the real fight began.
You managed to catch him on the arm and once on the arse. while he had gotten you on the abdomen, the shoulder and again on your stomach. But none were deep enough to be serious. You managed to flipped and rolled a few times, making the audience ohhhh and ahhhh. Finally you caught the roman off gaurd and flipped him onto his back, knocking the wind from his lungs. You put your sword to his throat and turned to the crowd. If the majority held their thumbs up, you could spare his life. But if they gave you th thumbs down, you'd have to kill him. You gave the crowd the thumbs up, a sign you wanted to spare his life. You waited for the crowd to give you the signal...
Find out if you had to kill the roman or not in part 4 :D Rate and message me!!! Check out my other quizes

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