Burning passions: a vampire story. LEMON!!!!! R-rated!!!!!

ur a 15 yr old goth gurl with purple streak in ur hair. ur 5'4 in stiletttoes and are very curvavous with big boobs!!! lol! ur parents through u out and ur now livinh on the streetz/ poor u!!!!

Created by The-Three-Muses on Saturday, June 23, 2007

u woke up and rubbed ur eyez. oh, no, u thought. another day on the streetz how evah am i going to survive!!! it was la0te and the sun had just gone down. u had been asleep all day! life on teh streets hurt u and the only way u coped was by sleeping the dayz away. then somethink jumped out of teh shadows. OMFG!(put name here) u thought. itz a vampyre!!!! u knew this cos of the fangs dat glowed in the nite! (put ur name here), teh vampire said. cum with me beautiful child. U stared. how did the vompir kno ur name! u struggled to ur feet. GET AWAY FROM ME U screamed. u were sudenly afriadf....this vampyre knew ur name...it was scary. how were u supised to deal with the undead!? u decided to play it cool because u knew lossing ur head woodnt help at all. the vampire stepped closer. dont be afraid delectable child it said. i wont hurt u. i want to make u 1 of us...iwant to make lurrve to u!!!!!!! OMG u though coz the vamp was realy sexsi!!!!! did he really want to make u a vampire? it was sumthin u had always dreamed of when u were a child...being a vamp! ur parents had thought u were wierd and started beating u, and that waz why u were on the streeets. ur breastz r so sexsi, the vsmpire continued, i really want to touch them now. i want to suk the blood out of them i want to taste u...all of you!!!! Now u were feeling hot coz the vamp was looking at u with red burning eyes. it waz like he was lokking into ur imortal soil. O no u thought as u felt urself drawn to him. do i really want this! i'm too young for all this. would becoming a vampire hurt? would the secks hurt u? ur eyes turned purple like they always did when u were afriad. Teh vampire noticed this ans seemed too sense ur eternal fear. Dont be afraid he said. I wont force u to do anything u dont want to do. com with me now and i can show u heaven.....

OMG!!!!! will u go with him??????
Er, i dunno u shrugged feeling very uncretin. i mean this iz a bif thing 4 me...i need to think about it more. but then the vampire came forward and started to lick ur neck. EEEEEK! u thought as delicous tingles went down ur spine. this iz so niiiiice!!!! the vampire then struck his fans in. OUCH! u cried as he sucked at ur blood.... it HUUUUURTS!!!!! the vampire took no notice though and kept on sucking. u felt faint and dizy then the last thing u remeber was his laughing eyes smouldering dowqn into urs.
it'z getting hotter now!!!!! yeah!!!! lolz!!!!!
u woke up in a bed with silk sheets in a posh room that spoke of money and riches. U blinked ur eyes not beliebing what u culd see!!! the room was wonderful...everything a goth girl cold dream of|!!! the vampire walked in and u could see he was naked with out his shirt. his skin shone like marble! he was so fducking haaawt!!!!! ur moth dropped open. OMG! you thought. he is perfect!!!! i think i want himto take me... i want to lose my virginity to him. the vampire smirked reading ur thoughts. and ur wishes will come tur he smirked shamelesssly i will take your vigin blood now. U gasped unable to stop the heat burning up ur thighs. Oh god oh god oh god!!!! u thought as he crawled sexily over to u on the bed. this is everything i dreamed of!!! the vampire crawled ontop of you and you could feel his hard mnahood press into U. NO!!!! u gasped quietly. not yet! the vampire sudenly looked nasty!!!! oh, yes! he said in a onionous tone of vice, i will takre u now, and he squized ur breasts hurtfully. Oh no i'm going 2 be raped! u cried.... and then u passed out again.
ok im stiopping now cuz mi stupid brother needs the comp! but if i get 20 messages asking for more i will get the hawt sex sins out tonite!!!!! rate and massage or no hotness and i MEAN it!!!!
GIVE ME THE SECKS!!!!!! lolz!!!!
Rate high for more sexi goodness. cos i really want to make the highest rated!!!!! thank you!!!! bye!!!!!!! i'll tey and get sexi pics for the next one!!!!!!!!

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