A Love Just Between Us - part 18

Okay, I know I said this would be 20 parts altogether, and it will be...eventually. ^_^' Sorry, but my inspiration for this series has died completely. I will make the last two parts as an epilogue. Those will come when I can think of them; however, there is a chance that I will redo this entire series eventually since now that I look back...I really don't like what I did with it. -_- I really would like to keep making stories on here, but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do once college starts in Aug.

Created by darkdreams07 on Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Read the entire memo, it is VERY important to the last two parts to the series!!

Oh yeah...you might want to go back to (at least) the ending of the last part to remember what's going on....
Cian let his sister's words sink in only because he couldn't think of anything, and yet...everything at the same time. His world was crumbling, and he could only think of himself to blame. Aeryn was...she was hurt because of him.

"H-how do you know?" he questioned her.

Moria didn't want to break the news as she had, but it was necessary, and now she had to explain everything.

"I was the one who found her, and I went to visit her these last few days. I befriended her, and finally learned what you refused to tell me. In a way I understand what you were thinking when you thought that she would be safer, but...Cian, she still loves you. You have to see her. You owe her that much."

Through this, Amara remained silent, unable to take in what was being said. Her friend...Aeryn was turned? A vampire hurt her...and here she was with two that she felt that she could trust. It confused her, and she didn't know what to do.

"Amara," Moria started, "even though you are concerned about your friend...I think it would be for the best to go home and think about this for a few days. I'm sure it's hard to learn, but please do trust me, she is okay now."

Unable to say anything, Amara just nodded and left the siblings on their own. She needed time to think more than anything.
Poor Amara....
*keeps reading*
Watching the angel leave, Moria turned her attention back toward Cian when she lost sight of Amara.

"Are you ready to face her, or do you need some time as well?"

He shook his head before locking his gaze on his sister.

"I don't want to waste anymore time.... Can you take me to her?" he pleaded.

"First we'll head home. I would take you tonight, but the problem is that I need some rest since I just came from there."

Moria was telling a half truth. Yes, she was a bit tired, but she could have taken him there that night. What she wanted him to do was think about everything before he got there. Knowing that the woman he loved had something horrible happen to her while he was away...wasn't the easiest information for someone to take in, let alone to be able to think right when finally facing the one he felt responsible for.

Cian wasn't too pleased by his sister's comment, but if she needed the rest, he would allow it. A little more waiting couldn't hurt...could it?
You'd better not do anything bad....
When they reached the house Moria went to her own room and left Cian to think on his own. She hoped that she was doing the right thing for him, but she would see those results later.

Cian stared off toward a wall, wondering what he would say to Aeryn when he finally saw her again. It felt like forever since he last saw her, and that memory hurt. He had pushed her away...and now she could never go back to the life that she used to have. It was his fault for that, so what could he say to her? That he was sorry? That didn't seem to be enough, but what really hurt was when his sister told him that Aeryn still loved him. How could she? After everything that happened...how could she still feel the same?

For most of the night he tried to think and tried to clear his head at the same time. Nothing was working, and after awhile he drifted off to sleep without even realizing it.

The next morning Moria found her brother sleeping in the same place that she had left him. Shaking her head, she went to try and wake him up since she was sure that even though he was asleep, he wouldn't want to delay seeing Aeryn again.

"Cian...wake up. Come on, I know you don't like getting up, but if you don't, I'm leaving you here."

A few seconds later Cian woke instantly, and glared at his sister.

"You wouldn't leave me here...."

"No, but it did get you to wake up. Let's go, Cian. I'm sure she wants to see you."

Leading the way to the village, Moria remained silent to allow more time for Cian to think. It didn't look like he had thought everything through, which was a likely possibility.

The hours passed and Moria finally stopped when the village came into view. She had to figure out where Aeryn was before she noticed Cian there, but she had an idea as to where she was. Leading the way, Moria returned to the garden that she first spoke with Aeryn only to push Cian out in front of her.

"Talk to her," she whispered to keep from catching Aeryn's attention.

Moria then left Cian on his own. Now it was all up to how the both of them could manage a conversation after everything that happened.
Yay, he's finally there. ^_^
How will this go?
((Changing to second person...sort of....))

For a few moments, all he did was just stand there. What else was he supposed to do when it had been so long since he last saw you? However, this time you were different. You had been changed, and he blamed himself.

"Aeryn..." he whispered.

You had been sitting there, dwelling on the fact that there was no one to talk to for the time being. Moria had left and still wasn't back...and the others in your life...you thought that they knew nothing about what happened to you. It was hard to face, but you were trying to move on, only to think that you were going insane when you thought that you heard Cian say your name. However, when you turned your gaze, you realized that you were not insane; he was there.

Blinking up at him with wide eyes, all you could do was just watch. It was a sudden shock to notice that he was there...within reach...and he looked like he regretted something.

"Aeryn...I'm sorry. Although there is no reason to, I hope you can forgive me."

His soft tone caused a pain to strike your heart, only to slowly walk toward him and carefully reach out to rest your hand against his cheek. For a second you hesitated, as if he would disappear if you dared to touch him, but soon you realized that he was truly there. Smiling weakly as you brushed your hand against his cheek, you closed your eyes and shook your head.

"I forgave you long ago...don't worry."

Watching you out of surprise, Cian brought you into an embrace and seemed to refuse to let you go. His relief and even guilt swept over you and you hated to think that he was blaming himself for all of this. It wasn't his fault...it was the fault of the other vampire...the one that tried to steal away your happiness for a second time.

"We're together now," you whispered while embracing him back.

"Together," he whispered into your hair. "Yes...we're together again...."

Smiling weakly you knew that it would take a while to make everything alright once again, but the first step had been taken; the both of you were reunited, and you weren't about to let that change any time soon. No...you would do what you could in order to keep the only love you've ever had there with you.
Aww...how cute.....
This is a...happy ending...I'm suspicious....
Yep...this is it for now...but be sure to keep an eye out for the epilogue.... Now...on to the results!
*Is still suspicious about the happy ending...*
Yay, it's finally over! (Me: What's that supposed to mean?) .... Hurry and get the epilogue out!
A happily ever after? The two part epilogue will come eventually, trust me! Just hold off until then I suppose, and thank you for reading!

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