Everything I Do Brings Me Back To You-A Nick Jonas Story-Chapter 1

Created by i-gave-my-ALL4YOU on Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Chapter Two

—The Day You’re Leaving—

“Jacquie, I’m really gonna miss you! And you too, Haley and Ally! But I’ll call you guys everyday! And IM, too! You guys, don’t worry! It’s gonna be alright! We’ll always be best friends!” i said as they squeezed the life out of you.
“We’re just going to miss you sooo much!” said Jacquie.
“And tell us if you find a new best friend, cuz we can handle it if we’re being replaced. And if you get a boyfriend! You have to tell us everything!” said Haley.
“Haley!” i screamed to shut her up, “You guys are always gonna be my best friends! But please understand that I’m gonna have to make new friends. I can’t have my only friends be in a different state. And if I get a boyfriend, I’ll tell you all you’ll need to know. I might not tell you everything, though.”
A chorus of Eww!’s followed that.
“Gross, you guys! I’m eleven years old for crying out loud! I didn’t mean it like that!” I shouted at them.
“Well then, say it different next time so that we get the right idea!” said Ally, still laughing at you.

*Honk, Honk*

“Oh you guys, I have to go. I’ll call you guys as soon as I get there. I promise and I’ll send you pictures on the internet of the place I’m staying in. I get my own apartment! Isn’t that great?” you said, trailing off. “But I’m still gonna miss everything here! Like all of you! I’ll talk to you on IM Ally and Haley! Jacquie, on the phone, is that ok?” I screamed back at them so that they didn’t get the impression that I was excited about leaving. I was happy but sad. You’ve felt that way before! Don’t tell me you haven’t! I don’t like liars! Anyways, back to the story.

On the way there, I was really bored. I didn’t have an iPod yet, so I listened to Radio Disney on the way there. I felt really bored, so I asked my mom if I could call Radio Disney. So I did. I called 1-888-624-5018 and I actually got to talk to Ernie D! I told him about how I was going to live in New Jersey for the scholarship. And I got my name entered in some drawing 200 times. Then, after I got off the phone with Ernie, I immediately called Jacquie because she was the only one with a cell phone besides me. I told her that I was on Radio Disney and she told me she was listening to Radio Disney and that she was gonna call me, but I dial numbers way faster than her. I was the master text messager too. I was fast at that. Then, about an hour went by and I got bored again, so I decided to play my guitar (I play piano and guitar, but I’m really a lot better at guitar, though. I can play anything if I know how it sounds.). My mom said we were almost at my school so I had to stop by there to get my schedule and what extra classes I had to take and what teacher I was going to have for nine months.

There were a few other kids there too. Probably for the same reason as me. I saw two boys and their moms. The boys looked about my age. One of them had brown curly hair and was kind of cute, too. The other one had blonde hair that was kinda brown at the same time. He wasn’t that bad, either. ‘Haley might want to know this’ I thought to myself. I laughed quietly at my own lame joke. Well, obviously, they were friends because they kept whispering stuff to each other and laughing. I sorta smiled to myself and followed my mom. I went to find her (she was in the principal’s office talking to him about my new teachers and stuff, but I didn’t know that.) and I didn’t know my way around the school, so I just waited in the front lobby of the school where I was before (where I saw those two boys—their parents left—pictures of them in the end). And I just sat there, and I got bored so I called Jacquie. I told her about those two boys. I made sure that I talked really quiet so that they didn’t hear me talking about them. They didn’t. But they were talking about me too. They were doing that ‘point-and-whisper’ thing they were doing earlier, but this time they were pointing at me. I tried not to look at them cuz I didn’t want them to think I was spying on them or listening to everything they said. So I just walked away.

There I was, a little ten-year-old girl that didn’t know her way in a new school in a new town. I just walked into the bathroom. There I met a girl; she looked about my age, too. She looked like this.

I said a quick ‘hi’ to her and ran into a stall so it didn’t look like I was in there to stalk her or anything. Then I flushed the toilet to make it seem like I was actually using the bathroom. I walked out of the stall to wash my hands. The girl was still there. She was also washing her hands with her own soap (if you’ve ever seen Uptown Girls…lol). I didn’t look at her like she was strange or anything cuz I had control over giving ppl dirty looks. She just looked at me and said hi. I smiled at her and said “Hey, my name is Jenny.” She just looked back at me for a second and smiled.
“Hi. I’m Melissa. But some ppl call me Mel. You can call me Melissa, though. I actually prefer that you call me Melissa.” She returned.

“Cool. So how old are you?” I asked even though I figured she was my age.
“Eleven, but I’m turning twelve next month.” she said.
“Oh that’s cool. I turned eleven last week.” I said a little weirded out that she was a almost a year older than me. I bet everyone was a year older than me. Oh great!
“So, you must be new here,” she said after a brief pause.
“Yeah, I am. And I think I should get to the front lobby to wait for my mom. If I can still remember where it was.” I said.
She laughed at me and said, “I’ll show you if you want.”
I smiled and obviously accepted her offer. I knew where the lobby was, I just wanted to make a new friend.
She walked me down to the lobby. My mother wasn’t finished talking to the principal, Mr. Harkabus, so I just talked to Melissa. She saw those two boys, and gestured them to join them. I guess they looked a little excited to walk over to us. I assumed they were friends. I said hi to them because I was not a very shy person and it was pretty easy to make friends for me. They said hey and the blonde one tried to give me one of those ‘half hug’ things that guys do. He succeeded on his part. I just laughed. Then the curly hair boy started laughing.

I just looked at him and raised my eyebrow. I smiled at him to let him know that I wasn’t trying to be mean.
“I’m Nick,” he said as he smiled back. His arms were just hanging behind his back.
“Oh yeah, I’m Jenny!” I said.
“So, ur new here?” he asked even though he seemed to know already.
“Yeah,” I said.
“Oh, wait! This is Dylan.” He said pointing to the blond haired kid.

“Hi,” he said.
“Hey,” i returned.

“C’mon honey, we gotta go!” I heard my mom say to me.

“Bye, I might see you guys later.” I said to my new friends.
“Do you have a cell phone? I could call you later today,” said Nick sounding a bit eager.
“Yeah I do. Wut’s your number?” I said taking out my cell phone.
He entered my number into his phone and I entered his into mine.

“I’ll see you guys later, ‘k?” I said to them. And with that I left.


After she left…
“Maybe I could call you sometime!” said Dylan teasing me in his Hopeless romantics’ voice.
“Shut up, Dylan. I just thought that we could be nice to her since she’s the new girl and all,” I said, trying to defend myself.
“Nick, you were looking at her all nice and you seemed kinda nervous around her,” said Melissa, being oh so helpful toward my case.
“Nick, it’s not like we’re gonna tell her!” Dylan said to me, which filled me with relief. “She’s not that bad. I can see why you like her. But don’t worry, dude, she’s all yours,” he ended comfortingly.
I didn’t say anything for a few seconds. “You promise you won’t tell?” I said to them very quietly. Melissa looked shocked. She didn’t think I would admit it that quickly.
“Yeah, we do,” she said in her softer voice, patting my back.
“Thanx you guys!” I said to them.

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