You x Sesshomaru (Lemon)

[/color=red][/size=5]Okay this is part one of 4 I think so yeah, there's more to come![/color][/size]

Created by Blackcat911 on Thursday, June 28, 2007


It was nearing midnight when the three boys entered your room. Your dim closet light was on and you were reading your favorite thriller by Stephen King. The three men't faces were dark until they stepped past the light. The first male was tall with a light conplecton and amber eyes it was clearly Sesshomaru. He was dressed in naught but the yellow and blue waist bow tie. He slowly slipped the ribbon off tho reviel his rather large 11 inch penis. Your face blushed as he sloly got ontop of your slender body and slipped his rather cold hand up your short lace nightgown. He kisser youre lips and then started to rub your nipples with his tounge. Removing youre panties he began by nibbleing at the skin surrounding your pussy and then sucking on your clit, making it hard. This gave him pleasure as he went errect form hearing your moans. He slipped the tip of his tounge into you while moving his tounge so it would massage your clit. You moaned deeply but was no where withing sight of your climax. Withing a flash he had his robust cock withing your pussy and was moving in and out. With every removal he would come back in even faster and harder. Finally he moved himself into your mouth. You smirked a bit and carressed his errection with your soft tounge. To catch your lover and sexual partner (for the moment) off his guard you stabbed the sensitive spot near his anis with the tip of your tounge. Sesshomaru moaned loudly and came in your mouth. Not wanting it to end so quickly he swiftly moved down and harshly shoved his entire tounge into youre virgina dn began sucking while moving his tounge in, out, and all around. You finally climaxed for the amazing, multi-tallented, demon lord.
So'd u like it? likey! [who doesn't?]
That is so wrong! U such a sick pervert! [go fuck yourself]
WRITE MORE NOW!!! [ok jeez! no need to shout...]
Wow...that's all i have to
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More to come (almost litterally) in part 2! You x Naraku (lemon)! THNX 4 READING!!!

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