30 Ways To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Suffer!!! [[Chapter Five: Family Visits]]

Sorry it took so long, working on 6 now too! Possibly out today or tommorrow... or Sunday... By the way, in this one we get to learn more about Cordi's family and past, enjoy! This layout was made by January Midnight Layouts.

Created by Ew.Smoking on Saturday, June 30, 2007


30 Ways To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Suffer!!!
Chapter 5: Family Visits

"No really you don't have to come"
"No. I'm actually on the highway now. I'll be there in an hour. Bye." I head a dial tone and I sighed.
My brother was coming here. My brother. Oh CRAP!
I ran around my living room, trying to make it look as clean as possible. I just threw some stuff into my coat closet and I wiped off my kitchen, took out the garbage, then I tackled my room.
I threw all my clean clothes in the closet that was already a living wreck and I fixed my bed. The house now looked manageable. So I ordered Pizza. I had about a half hour left so I invited Heather and Maggie over. They said they'd be here by the time so I decided to get dressed.
I put on a pair of black jeans and a orange shirt with a black heart on it.
I guess your wondering why its such a big deal if my brother is coming.
Ian, my brother, is 24 and he was my parent. I was a pretty screwed up child when I was younger. I got into a lot of fights, even in elementary school, because I was stronger then most girls I'd usually have beat the living shit out of them. I got suspended a lot. I got expelled in fifth grade, and my parents never cared. They were both cheating on each other, alcoholics, and the fought constantly.
When I got expelled in fifth grade after I use a protractor to almost kill a girl, he got me out of my trance. Well sorta. I didn't get sent to the office every other day, more like once each month in middle school. When he was eighteen and I was sixteen, he got an apartment with his roommate and took me with him. He didn't go to college, but he kept urging me too, that's why I did. I pretty much only went to college for him.
Maggie and Heather arrived, with the pizza too, but they forgot to pay the pizza guy. And I guess he forgot they forgot to pay him to because he was nowhere to be found.
"You know he's gonna kill Kai right?" Heather says sitting on my couch, while I got out the Pepsi and started pouring it into four cups.
"Possibly. He might even kill Matt but I honestly don't know." I sighed placing the bottle down. Then I heard a loud knock on the door. Instantly I knew: Ian was here.
"HIDE!" Maggie said joking around.
"That's not funny!" I whined and answered the door.
"Hi Ian." I did my best fake smile, he walked inside and sat in my chair. Of course he can do that, he's my brother.
"I got pizza and pepsi." I said bringing the glasses and paper plates to everyone. Sure he was my brother, but I did NOT feel like doing dishes tonight.
"What did Kai do he would be here, do I have to kill him?" Ian said almost immediately when I handed him the pizza.
"No its no--" I started but got cut off by Heather.
"Cordi caught him with the office tramp." Heather said.
"Where did he live again?" He looked at Maggie.
"D12." She said.
"Maggie!" I said in a scolding way.
"Sorry mom." She said. I guess I never mentioned that I was probably the most serious one.
"I'll be back" Ian was half way to the door when I almost scampered to the door.
"NO NO!" I yelled, my eyes were wide.
My doorbell rang, I gestured for my brother to go sit down as I peaked out the door. Great it was Matt.
"Um this really isn't a good time." I said pushing the 'really'.
"I'm sure its a fine time" Matt said pushing the door lightly so it opened a bit more.
"Open the door Cor--" Just as Matt was saying it as Ian opened the door.
"Who are you? Some rapist? Go away before I ki--"
"NO NO IAN HE'S MY FRIEND!" I yelled pushing him away from the door, having to let Matt inside.
"I'm sorry Matt, so sorry" I began.
"Don't worry you don't have any competition other then Kai, Matt, this is her brother." Heather said nonchalantly.
"Oh he's that kind of friend let me talk to you" Ian said pulling Matt into my room.
"Oi vey. My brother gives me so much stress sometimes." I said.
"Cordi, I hate to say it but you give yourself so much stress, so stop stressing about Ian okay? You have to still get those thirty ways." Maggie said.
"How many ways do you have anyway?" Heather said.
"STOP with the repetition!" I said.
"UGH never mind, I get it, I need to calm down. Give me some liquor." I said.
"NO! Cordi you remember last time or do I have to go get that marker!" Maggie said.
"No. Shush. Okay, fine I'll ch--" My doorbell rang again, I wobbled over to my door and opened it.
"Cordi I--" I shut the door. It was Kai, WHAT IS IT WITH THE SUDDEN FREAKING APPEARENCES?!??!
"Open the door Cordilelia " Ian said, Matt was sitting down clutching a cup of pepsi. I guess I was so distracted I didn't hear the crash?
"On second thought I guess I'll g--" I could hear Kai yell over the door but Ian swung it open. I went to go sit between Maggie and Heather as he walked in with my brother.
"Get ready for the explosion" Maggie whispered. But here's how the 'seating chart' was.
On the couch: Matt, Maggie, Me, Heather. On the floor: Kai and Ian.
The room was dead silent for a while.
"I guess this would be a bad time to tell you what happened in the elevator" Heather said looking at Ian.
"I WILL KILL YOU!" I shrieked.
"What happened?" Ian said with a somewhat intimidating voice.
"Matt and Kai are cousins. Kai saw Matt ki--" I threw my hands over Heather's mouth.
"I get it." Ian says. He shook his head slowly.
Ding Dong another ring on the doorbell. Who could it be now. I got up to open the door and there she was. The tramp of the office.
"What do you want?" I sighed.
"Oh well someone looks stressed. I'm looking for Matt. He wasn't at home." Nichole said.
"Why would you be looking for him?" I eyed her.
"No reason in particular." She smirked. Oh she was such a slut! She was going after Matt now?
"Well he's here but I'm not letting you in." I said about to close the door, but then she spoke up again.
"What, are you afraid of losing another guy. Face it Cordi, you can't keep a decent guy. Your nothing really." She said, if you could of seen me then you would have seen the anger in my face. I was not mad, I was on the verge of furious, how could someone who gave herself away so much be so catty!
"What the hell do you have against me, you keep doing this to me!" I said, my face was turning red and I was aware that everyone in the living room (all five people) were staring at me. Maggie and Heather probably knew who I was talking to, and maybe Kai did too but Matt and Ian were clueless.
"Payback m'dear. Payback." She smirked.
"Why?" I glared at her. She had her perfect attire on too, she had a pink halter top, a skirt where if she even turned around the wrong way you could see her underwear, (what type of underwear? Probably a thong, or nothing.) the probably tallest pair of heels (was it five not six inches possibly?) and her nails were painted pink. Her brown hair was down with red streaks in them, what was with this girl and this shade of colors?
"Your sister. Love. Your sister." She simply said.
My anger grew, no one had mentioned my sister to me in six months, six long months. I did the only thing that I could do with that anger, punch her in the face of course. Then she did the stupidest thing ever. She bitch slapped me.
"YOU WHORE!" I yelled and as I was about to punch her again, Ian was behind me and grabbed my arm. Then he lifted me up - like I was weightless - and placed me behind him.
"I guess youre the girl Mia had always been talking about. Well don't take it out on Cordi." He said, his voice was plain and dry. But why wouldn't it be, they were talking about Mia, my older sister, Ian's older sister. She would have been 27 by now.
"She was so much better then you and you couldn't handle it! I can't believe you you bitch! You had your brother's friends kill her! I know it!" I screamed, I was trying to struggle past Ian to get to her. Its why I always hated her.
Mia Rox. She was my older sister, one of my best friends, when I said Ian was the only one there for me, I was lying. She was there for me too. But the only thing is, Ian was smart and stood clean. But she got involved in everything. Drugs, parties, lies. Anything there was to be. Six months ago she was shot. There were not witnesses, no evidence, we didn't have enough money for a lawyer, and our parents didn't care. So we couldn't do anything but be apart of the funeral.
Mia was always full of light, she had brunette hair like Ian, and she had green eyes. Everyone liked her, I was glad she was my sister (minus the fact that I wasn't known as myself but as 'Mia's sister'). Her and Nichole had always hated each other, even if Nichole was two years younger, she was Mia's competition, or so Nichole thought.
Maggie and Heather pulled me back, I had calmed down by now but I knew I was still so mad.
I knew what Kai wanted to do too, he wanted to be one of the people to hold me back, there to calm me down. But he knew I wouldn't let him.
Kudos to him, he's smart, I would of taken my rage out on him. Probably a good black eye. Or more
"We must control our anger now shouldn't we?" Bitch smirked, oh sorry I mean Nichole.
Yeah well when I punched her that smirk was fear for her skimpy little life. The only reason these guys are holding me back is for two reasons.
1.) Its broad daylight, anyone can see me beat the living crap out of her.
2.) Its at the office complex, my boss could see me, I could get fired.
If it was at some empty park at night they would of let me hurt her until she was half dead. Yup yup. Actually, they probably would of joined.
"You should really shut up before I move." Ian scowled. The fear returned in her eyes for a split second, she probably pictured what I would of done to her. But trust me, I would have went for that pretty little face of hers.
"I'll see you at work deary." She said, then cocked her hip and waltzed off. Ian closed the door and turned around to me.
"So she's the bitch that had Mia killed okay I'm calling Jimmy" He said walking to the phone in my kitchen. Jimmy was Mia's boyfriend, he was really great, he was pretty cute too. He was sweet and everything to her. Even a little bit on the scarily protective side but not that much.

"No. Don't you know he'd kill her like that." I sighed, Maggie and Heather let go of me. Matt was still awkwardly quiet.
"Well, she was looking for you Matthew dearest." I said sarcastically, and bitterly. "Why would she have wanted you, you guys make an appointment or was she just being a w--" He cut me off.
"She's my ex girlfriend."
"I didn't know that." Kai quickly said before my mind even worked on that park.
"And if I believed that I'd might as well have been a squid." Matt said.
"That made no sense" Maggie said.
"It didn't have to." Matt said getting up. "I'll be leaving now" He said at my door and walked out.
"I can't believe I had a crush on him." I said outloud, just to see what Kai would say. That would be reason three, mention you had a crush on his cousin, that he hated.
"What! That idiot! You must be MAD, he uses girls like Nichole's claimed to be a virgin." Kai said, Heather snickered and I punched her in the arm, it must have been hard because she winced, and Heather was pretty built for a girl. She had that sporty blond look.
While I was taking this all in, Ian was busy dialing at the phone, listening to the dial tone and finally receiving the person he wanted to speak too.
"I know who killed Mia."

Results has an overveiw of the characters
Characters so far:
Cordi - Main character, horrible past.
Ian - Main character's brother, help Cordi out through most of her life
Maggie - Best friend of Cordi, always there for her.
Heather - Cordi's other best friend, ready to hurt someone for Cordi's sake.
Matt - Cordi's guy friend, she feels a bit more then that for him but lately has been seeing many diffrent faces of him.
Kai - Ex boyfriend, Cordi has to think of thirty ways to make him suffer, and perform them.
Mia - Cordi's dead older sister, everyone loved her but she was involved in everything bad in life.
Nichole - Office slut. Hates Cordi and Mia.
Jimmy - Mia's boyfriend.
Did I leave anyone out?

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