Black Rose--A Dani Filth Story-- Part 6

This one isn't the greatest, basically some filler, and it says somethings that need to be said, also not really in a writing mood, just figured I should get it done as soon as possible. hope you like it, rate and message please.

Created by gothickitty16 on Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tears fill your eyes, as you turned away. 'I knew this was too good to be true,' you thought to yourself.
"What do you think you're doing Lillian? GET OFF!!" Dani yelled.
You turned back around to see Dani trying to pry the girl, who you assumed to be Lillian, off. She clung to him, still trying to kiss him."GET OFF ME YOU WHORE!!" Dani continues to scream. After a struggle the girl is dumped on the floor leaving Dani looking rather infuriated.
"James why in the world would you bring HER OVER HERE?" Dani yells.
"She said she was your girlfriend, so I figured it would be ok," He replied sheepishly.
"I am his girlfriend," Lillian stops when she notices you sitting on the couch. "WHO ARE YOU?" she yells getting off the floor and walking over to you, looking obviously mad. She grabs your wrist, "Dani is mine, who are you?"
"I'm nobody, i'm just nobody, " you cry, believing that she truly is Dani's girlfriend.
Dani comes over to the couch, trying to pry your wrist from Lillian's grasp. "Let her go now," Dani seethed.
"Have you slept with him? Do you love him? He doesn't love you, he's only using you. You silly little slut. Find your own man," Lillian hisses as she slaps you. You are crying and shaking just trying to get away from her.
Dani snaps when you are hit. "JAMES GET SECURITY NOW!!! LILLIAN GET OUT OR I WILL KILL YOU!!" he yells at the top of his lungs. You manange to get free of Lillian's grasp and you run from your room crying, and burst into Aidian's, locking the door behind you. Aidian stares up at you in shock and confusion as tears run down your face. He walks over without asking a question and pulls you in with a hug, just holding you until the events of the last 10 minutes pour out, he just listens. You release from the hug and walk over to the couch, sitting down, wiping the very little make-up from your face. You pick up a spoon and grab a container of cotton candy ice cream and start eating, sobbing on occasion as you try to calm down and get your emotions undercontrol. By the time Dani finds you, the container of ice cream is half gone, and your eyes are swollen, red and puffy from crying, and you're still shaking.
Dani knocks on the door as you had locked it, Aidian answers giving Dani a dirty look. Aidian motions to where you are sitting, eating and crying. Dani walks over to you, sitting beside you. You are too wrapped up in your own little world to notice, staring down at your melting ice cream. Dani puts his finger under your chin, raising your face so you are looking at him. Upon realizing who he was your eyes fill with tears which slip down your face. Dani wipes them away gently with his finger, whispering in your ear," I'm sorry that you had to go through that Kyra. Lillian is not my girlfriend, I don't have one for that matter, I do enjoy women but I'm not that much of a pig. Lillian is almost like my stalker, she's an obsessed fan, and up until this point I've always let her get away, but after what happened tonight I'm pressing charges, sexual assault, physical assault, harrasment, you name it and she's getting charged with it. I'm so sorry and I would really like to make it up to you if you'd let me." He looks up at you with puppy dog eyes.
You smile slightly and hug him, burying your face in his shoulder, thinking. What was exactly going on with you and Dani?? Were you guys just friends with benefits? Or what? I mean how would this work?? You were so different yet so much alike.
"I..I don't want friends with benefits, I don't believe in it," You whisper to him.
"Good, 'cuz I don't want to be friends with benefits either," He replies. You sit up, looking at him in confusion. "I want you to be my girlfriend, if you want," he says. You smile and nod, "I dunno, I'll have to check my schedule," You joke. He laughs lightly, and pulls you in close, kissing you gently, his arms around your waist as you move your arms around his neck, kissing him back, your tongue running over his lips.
"Excuse me, but if you don't mind I'd rather not watch you two play tonseil hockey," Aidian interupts.
You giggle and blush, pulling away from Dani, smiling. "You just want in on this action Aidian, too bad though, 'cuz I'm not sharing. Despite all the weirdness this is actually turning out to be my best birthday ever."
"Birthday?" Dani says.
"Yeah my 21st," You reply.
Dani looks at his watch, "Ok, its 11 pm, we're gonna go out, so go get ready, the both of you, I'll go get the band, we're gonna go celebrate." Dani kisses you, gets up and leaves. You smile at Aidian, as you get up and go across into your own room.
You wash your face, and re-apply your make-up. Eyes out lined in black, looking smoky and cat like. You apply a clear gloss, watching out for your lip ring. You change into a black skirt, it is short but not short, and flares out at the bottom, a black t-shirt that says Cradle Of Filth across the front, a black spiked collar and your infamous black leather knee high lace up boots. You straighten your hair so it hits about half way down your back. You take a semi-permenant dye and comb in pink hi-lights, then you part your hair putting it into two braids. You just finish the last braid when you hear a knock on your door. You answer the door to see Dani standing there, decked out in leather. A leather shirt that kind of resembles a straight jacket, covered in spikes, leather pants, and leather boots.
Dani kisses you, "You look great, gonna make everyone jealous of me." He laughs, you smile. "Ok let's go party." He grabs your hand, as you lock your door and you both walk down the hall. Aidian meets you in the elevator, Dani continues to hold your hand, yet gives you your space knowing about your fear of small spaces. The elevator stops on the 4th floor and everyone gets out and walks down the hall, Dani leading the way. Dani stops infront of room number 66, although someone had taken a black marker and added an addition 6. Dani opens the door and you and Aidian follow. The guys are sitting infront of the tv playing videogames, all of them dressed similar to Dani with the black leather.
"C'mon you guys lets go party," Dani tells them. They all look over towards you and Dani and Aidian. They all get up, turning the tv off. "You look good Kyra, if Dani hadn't made a move....wait has Dani made a move yet?" James asks.
"Keep your hands off my woman!" Dani replies.
"Oh I guess so, well Kyra, you ever get bored of this one here, let me know," James jokes. You laugh as Dani punches James in the stomach.
So this was turning out to be the best b-day you'd ever had, you had not only met Dani Filth you were his gf, and you got to hang out with the band, how cool is that??
I'M DANI FILTH'S GF *party* --me:i didnt even leave a cliffhanger, you people are easy to please-- you:yes, why yes i am
ok there you go, hope you liked it, plz rate and message, and heres a pic of dani!

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