..::Another Long Night::..(Lesbian Lemon)

Amazing i actualy wrote this one! Though...i don't think its any good.

Created by LittleBlondKitten on Sunday, July 01, 2007


Kitten groaned slightly as she closes the house door. The house was pitch black and freezing cold, just the way she liked it. Smiling softly, she felt though familer long arms wrap around her shoulders and soft lips kissing her lips. "Hard day at work? You seem tense." The vampire known as Kitsune whispered as she began to massage Kittens shoulders, earning a soft sigh from the blond. "Lets see...i had bastereds and bitchs slapping my ass all night and buying me drinks that i'm sure as hell had alcohol in it...and to top it off the moon if full, high, and riding me like a bitch." the wolf groaned. Kitsune had slowly lowered her hands to run them down her sides and across the brim of her loose jeans, earning a moan from kitten. "I see that. Dose this meen i can kick some ass?" Kitsune said in her sexy voice. Kitten pushed her back against Kitsunes stomach and she heard Kitsune chuckle at her attempt. "No...but you can pamper me and play with me." Kitten growled, grabbing her hand and dropping her bag on the floor, taking her upstairs to their bedroom. Kitten smirked as she was met with a lightly lit room, the light a reddish color from the bulb. Kitsunes smiled and turned Kitten around to meet her face, her lips captured Kittens as her arms wrapped around Kitsunes shoulders. Kitsune began to lead her over to the bed, stripping of Kittens mini black skirt, undergarments, and tub top in the proses before pushing her straight down on the bed, Kitsune crawling on top of her. Kitten groaned as her knee bumped againt her lower region by acsident and Kitsune mummbled a quick sorry before going to nip at her spot on her shoulder blade. Kitten moaned softly as Kitsunes skillfull hands ran over her body, massageing her skin lightly. Kitsune pulled away and looked down at Kitten through her red eye that only showed lust and desire. Kitten smiled softly as her arms danged on Kitsunes shoulders as she leaned down to whisper, "You may need it rough, but your body needs to be taken care of first." With a smile, Kitsune walked into the bathroom conected to the room as Kitten just layed on he bed, comfurtible in the silk covers. A few minutes later and Kitsune was back undresses, her hair down, and with two bottles in her hand, one Vanilla body oil, the other Lavender lotion. Kitten went to sit up but as soon as she did, Kitsune had pushed her back down and pulled out a peace of silk from behind her back and used it to tie Kittens hands together on the bar of the bed above her head. "Flip over onto your back." Kitsune said and she complied without a second thought as she layed her stomach on the matriss. Kitten could feel the intense heat ratiating off of Kitsune, meaning she needed Kitten just as much as she did, maybe even alittle more. Slowly, Kitsune had started to rub the vanilla oil into Kittens feet. The sencation caused Kitten to moan softly, even if at the moment all her wolf side wanted was fast and hard, Kitsune fonding over her body was always better. At Kitune worked up Kittens legs, she slapped her ass, making Kitten yelp slightly and kitsune chuckle. "Sorry...i couldn't help myself." As Kitsune worked her back, Kittens muscles tensed to every bit of her touch. Soon, Kitsune had sat somwhat on Kittens back, but made sure she didn't put all her wait on her. As she worked her shoulderblades, Kitusne leaned down and nipped at her shoulder blade and neck, Kitten gasped slightly and shivered, moaning in the back of her throat. Slowly, Kitsune untided kitten from the bed but her hands still tied together and lifted her up into her lap, Kitten sitting with her legs up and spreaded as one of Kitsunes hands run across her chest, fondling a breast in one hand and the other roaming down her stomach. Kitten moaned, laying her head back on her shoulder. Kitsune bagan to work her stop again as her slowly worked her hand down to work her nerve as well. Kitten golted with a gasp as she worked the nerve gentle and bit and kissed at her spot. "Kitsune...please..." Kitten moaned as she arched her back from the pleasure running up her spine and through her veins. With a deep moan, Kitsune layed Kitten on her back on the bed, untieing her hands and roaming her hands down Kittens sides. Kitten groaned, digging her nails deep into Kitsunes back, earning herself a moan. "You got the slow," Kitsune said in her sexy voice "Now you've earned the fast." Roughly, Kitsune slammed three fingers into Kitten. Kitten gasped and arched her back as she through her head back and moaned loudly. "Holy...Shit!" She moaned as he registered the pour pain and pleasure. She heard Kitsune growl as Kitten lifted up her knee and roughly driving it against Kitsunes lower reagion, Kitsune moaning roughly. "God...Kitten..." she moaned, driving Kitten crazy from the gloriouse sound. Kitten howled and growled as she came over the edge fast, coming onto Kitsunes had. Kitsune falled her a heart beat later, growling and tensing as she shot her head back and collapesed. Kitten smirked slightly as she panted and looked up at Kitsune. "Don't think i'm leaving you alone yet." Kitten growled, flipping Kitsune over on the king sized bed on her back, stratling her hips. Kitsune smiled up at her and placed her hand on the back of Kittens head, "Wouldn't have it any other way." she whispered before bringing Kitten down for another long night.

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