Secret Love Affair: Working with Daddy (Dougie Poynter) #24

Watch I bet when I re-read this part and go to the results, theres going to be that annoying red x in a small red box! Oi! Well I hope you like this one! I personally don't really think that its my best...but whatever... Enjoy!

Created by bluerosesonmyheart on Wednesday, July 04, 2007


May first. First day of the month. First morning of peaceful coffee (alone I must add). First day of work.
Oh gosh I'm so nervous! This is the second job in my life I'm going to take. The first one was when I was thirteen. It didn't last long. I applied for beging a waitress at those funplex/arcade places where there's bowling allies and a roller blading rink. I had only applied because Scott Mathus always when there with his 'super popular' friends. And I thought that maybe I'd get noticed. In a good way that is. And instead of waitressing in cute jeans and cool bowling shirts, the manager (who was four inches shorter than me) put me on janitor duty and I ended up cleaning the dirty toilets and vomit that was in a seat. And as I'm trying to pick trash up in the skating rink, I slip on my wheels, fall on mu bottom, and cause a domino effect with people behind me. All in front of popular scott mathus.
I never took a job since.
I took a taxi to one of the main studios of Univeral-Island Records. Weather forcast for today? Undecided. Whats going to happen to me today? No clue.
As I'm getting out of the taxi (which smelled of old popcorn), I run into McFLY who are all in shades, beanie caps and cool hoodies or jackets.
Richard notices me and smiles, "Shh...we're making a getaway escape. The boys already got papped today."
"That must've been fun." I smile at Danny who gives me a nod.
"Well, your dad is waiting for you in his office. Good luck." Richard pats me on the back and ushers the guys in a white van.
"Bye boys." I smile, whispering. I pass Dougie who is last in line and he swiftly slips a piece of paper in my hand.
Shhh! Love note! I haven't had one of those in forever!
I read the note in the lobby.
Meet me at my place tonight. I'll be all alone. X Dougie
I reread the note and let it sink in. I do this little squeel and clap my hands in excitement which causes the bored secretary to look at me like I'm some weird lunatic.
"Uh...I felt like dancing." I smile feeling embarassed.
She gives me the 'whatEVER' look, pops her blubble gum, and continues to file her very expenive manicure.
I practically float, thinking of Dougie, to my dad's office.
"Hi dad." I say half dreamily. Half high off of Dougie. Both feel sorts the same at the moment.
"Hi cupcake." He says filing through papers quickly.
Oh god, he's going to give me a pet name?
Now if everyone at this place had a pet name then that is a different story but since its reality, I'm most likely the only one.
"Ready for your first day?" He asks me, smiling. I feel like a fifth grader.
"Yes I am." I say confident.
"Terrific. Now I want you to join me at a meeting this morning. It should give you a taste of what you'll be doing when you take over."
Take over. Inherit. Jump to the top easily. Wow.
"Okay." was all I said. I said it all cheery. Note to self: act more professional!
"And this is a weekly meeting so you should note to attend all of them, Lara." He said my name at the end of the sentence. He's serious now.
"Yes, dad." I say. So far so easy. I feel nervous.
We walk down a suddenly crowded hallway. People bustling arund with cellphone, disc albums, magazines etc in their arms.
I watch my dad in amazement as he fast talks to his assistnat, telling his what to do.
"Arrange a meeting for me and Gemma Abbots to discuss the deal with that radio station by Abbey Road..." "Pick up The Feeling. They're arriving with their full antorage so get a stretchy hummer. They like those." "Cancel tomarrows interview with STAR. Amy Winehouse personally called me the other day and I've decided that she's in no mood whatsoever to talk to the snarfy reporter." "There's a box of new album cases waiting at Brown. I want them at Tim's office by three." and so on. His assistant contently wrote at superspeed and I thought, "I'm gonna talk that fast?!"
We walk in this big meeting room, full of professional people who have been through so much late night chinese dinner, battling over financial and publicity issues and so on. But they looked wide awake nonetheless.
My dad walked in the room and I followed. He seemed and looked different. He looked taller, older, he had some look of 'I'm the boss' and enough confidence to fill up Arabella's very large tote bag (which is VERY large by the way).
I tried getting the same effect.
Yeah....didn't work.
"Alright folks, alot to do in so little time. The party is in two weeks and we still don't even know the theme." My dad said taking a seat at the head of the table. His assistnat quickly and silently put a coffee in front of him. He motioned for me to take a seat on his right side.
Dozens of heads turned to look at me. Most likely wondering why some 19 year old girl got to sit next to Darren Keating. I walked quickly, nervously and stupidly to over to the black leather seat.
Once seated, I looked up and I see this lady about my dads age look at me.
I smile, she doesn't.
"Darren, why is the new assistant sitting next to you. She should be down the hall, boxing away equipment."
I look like an assistant???
And why did she call him by his first name? No one does unless they're family or close friends not of the same work. Or else "CLOSER" friends.
I think about it.....I don't like her.
"Oh no Gemma, this is Lara- My daughter. She'll be working with us for a couple months." He smiles.
"Oh. My apologies." She said to him not me. She looked at me and didn't smile.
***Well excuse me! Where's your top lip!?!***
Everyone else smiled at me. I know they usually wouldn't have but I'm the daughter. I got power baby! And they know it.
Okay Lara lets not get arrogant.
"So we all know this party is for (RED) Campaigne and most of our proceeds will go to help the people in Africa with AIDS."
"It will also boost our popularity of the company." Gemma, or Sourface as I just officially nicknamed her, said. What? She looks like she's sucking on a lemon. A fake pout never looks good on everyone honey.
"Precisely. Just two weeks away and we don't even have a damn theme!"
He forgot that he hates swearing in front of me.
"Gemma do you have any ideas?" He asked. I'm guessing sourface has some high status here.
"Well I was thinking about a costume estraveganza. You must wear masks and-"
I had sorta raised my hand, pointing my index finger in the air instead of my whole hand. It was the only polite thing to do.
She gives me a look that I don't like.
I wish that I had pointed another finger instead...
"Could I make one small comment?" I ask quietly to my dad.
"Of course. We're open to anything." He says.
"Okay. well, honestly, I think that the costume estraveganza is not such a good idea...for this party." I say trying not to cause any tension.
Well there already was so why try now?
"And why is that?" A man next to sourface asked.
"Because Virgin records already did that last month to help the Candies foundation." I look at everybody. Damn I think i just embarassed myself and I didn't do anything really stupid. They want me to go on. "Well you don't want to be a copier now right? We should be original. Something the papers will be talking about for awhile."
I feel smart.
"You have a point there." A woman said writing something down, "How about something like Casino Royale?" She asks my dad.
I interrupt, "Capitol Records did that last March."
"Really now? How would you know?" Sourface asked me.
I smell a challenge.
"Because I was there."
"Yes and it took alot of persuation to let me let you go." My dad laughed.
"If you're so up-to-date on your promotional parties, then what do you propose?" and older man said.
I looked at my dad. This wasn't that bad I guess. Debating with people twenty years older than me.
"i was thinking maybe mod 60's or 80's. I'd go for the 80's because Duran Duran and Elton John are still around. And maybe we could invite them to perform so we could attract a larger crowd."
"I like the 60's idea but we could still get Duran Duran and Elton." Another woman said.
"Mod sounds fun." My dad began to think. I settled in my chair and smiled at Sourface. She's now extra sour.
"Tony. find a place for the Mod 60's fashion show." He said suddenly.
"Fashion show sir?"
"Yes. We're going to add a fashion show. Teresa go to our history department and grab all our albums from the 60's. I want them at George's office to give opinions."
I feel like a queen.
"Madison, call Elton and Duran Duran's manager. Explain, compliment, and invite. Be read to call others as I'm getting alot of ideas now."
Yes I am the queen.
"I want music, setting, food, guest- the whole nine yards information ready by friday. You all know what to do."
I am royalty!
"Good job." He whispers, "Lets get you to Hugh." He said louder.
"Hugh podghan." He says as we walk out, "He's one of the best music producers I know. He's worked with Busted, Akon, U2 etc. but he's just recently worked with McFly so you'll have no problem getting to know him. You're pretty close with McFly."
***Yes I am.***
We walk in that familiar room where I hung out with McFly countless times.
"Hugh I've found you an apprentice!" My dad said smiling.
"Its not that bloke from Poole is it?" The man named Hugh asked.
"No! Lara Keating of course." He said proudly.
"Miss Keating!" Hugh jumped out of his seat and shook my hand.
"Hugh padghan is going to teach you everything he knows. This man is a genious. Along with everybody else in the room. Stick with them and you'll be perfect."
I met Jay Reynolds who is the mixer and an extreme snow boarding fanatic.
"You're going to have a blast Lara!" Jay said excitedly, "Loads to learn. Lots to do. Although you better stay out of Gemma Abbots way. Fiesty she is..."
"Jay shut your trap!" Hugh laughed.
"What? I got a scar from her bitch slap at that party....3 bloody weeks ago!"
"Well you shouldn't have groped her."
"That wasn't me that was paul!"
Ewwww!!!! I don't want to know about some forty something sourface groping and grinding! Gross!
Three men came in as Hugh, Jay and I rebooted the computer system and cool more-than-a-thousand pound (not the weight pound) mixer and recorder.
"Sorry I forgot my laptop. The show will go down the loo if I forgot the soundeffects." A man of about 25 years said.
I'm in the middle of getting my hand tangled up in a big bunch of black cords.
I watch my hand turn interestingly blue as the three men look at me in amusement. Honsetly! I'm I don't want to talk about. Somebody throw a pair of headphones at me!
"You know usually when your hand is like that, it would be time to get it out." The 25 year old said.
I look up kinda embarassed at my stupidity and smiled, "I never did listen in health."
"I'm Niel-The tech person for McFLY's tour."
"I'm Lara"
"Boss's Daughter-sweet life."
"Eh..." Was all I said. Life would be sweeter if I could just date a certain boy who is about to go on tour like starting tomarrow.
Then Tommy Smith comes in, "Honestly! Danny can be so laid back but he is such a primadonna when it comes to food on the tour bus!" Tommy is McFly's tour manager.
I met his last week. Lovely dude but he's got to stop burping! I mean, I don't mind burping because I do it all the time but his stinks up a storm!
We spent therest of the day taking apart equipment and then learning how to put it back together.
Wow! I'm getting paid to be the aprrentice of two very cool and lively guys! Awesome!
Beat that sourface! Being paid to learn! Haha!
I seriously think that my dad's dating her thoug. Ew!
After a quick lunch at the cafe' in the lobby, a girl of about Harry's age came in with coffees.
"Okay hugh- one tall black coffee and a mocha for you Jay." She said walking in. SHe reminded me of Lena.
" Hi I'm Brooke. Assistant to both of these two guys." She smiles. I like her boots. Why am being a fashionista right now?! Very Kate Moss...Oh gosh stop it Lara!
"I'm Lara."
"Yeah I know. Your dad made this huge announcement the other day. He was so excited." Brooke laughs.
"Really? Did he do his weird dance?"
"Nah. Only in this room though. Quite funny."
"Brooke, be a love and phone Niel. He forgot his laptop...again." Hugh laughs.
I learned abit that day. That is takes a long ass time to record one song. Like you would record it at Piety studios which is right across the street from this office. Or you would record here in this room (which is one of many in this building) and then the song would be mixed at Eden studios. Or a song is recorded at Eden and frontroom studios and then mixed at Townhouse. Or recorded at Abbey Road and mixed here etc.
I yawned abit as it was already 5 PM and time to head back to my flat.
***Oh my god! I'm yawing at 5 pm!!! Thats not right!****
Brooke gets me a coffee and I head back to the flat to get ready to meet Dougie at his flat. Yay!
***Oh I did NOT need to see that buttcrack of the janitors! My eyes!***

Thanks for reading! Sorry this one took a long time too!
Well Happy 4th of July if you're in the US! Gotta go soon...FIREWORKS by the lake! Heck yes!

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