I don't care if you hate me (Sasuke lemon) (Forced)

Created by Pervertandproud on Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Name: Meroko
Age: 18 (Sasuke: 19)
Aperence: Long black hair and blue eyes (pic in results)
~Story start~
You just got back from practicing with your friends but Mr. emo, sico-path, thinks he all that was there too. "God! Trying to revive his clan! Trying to kill his brother! How stupid is that!" you thought out loud. Then you felt a presence behind you and smiled. "Naruto you can come out now i know your there.....it's not that hard."you said turning around. Naruto came out from behind the corner and scratched his head. "Uh....heh heh.....can you make some of your home made ramen?" You laughed. "Sure!" You both ran to your house and you made the ramen.
*FF after you make and you guys eat the ramen*
"Arigato Meroko!" Naruto said running out the door. "Later Naruto!" you called back. You closed the door behind you. You cleaned up the dishes and washed them. Then it started to rain. "I love it when it rains." you said staring out the window. You got dressed in a blue night gowen. Then you heard big bangs on the door. *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* "Coming!" you walked to the door cheerfully.
It's so obvious that it's Sasuke (me: So........)
You opened the door and there stood Sasuke dripping wet. "Sasuke?! What the hell?!" "Can....i come in?" you grumble. ".....Fine....." you let him in and you removed the water with your chakra and put the water in a jar next to the other ones. "If your wondering why there are so many jars.....i collect rain.....it's weird but i love it!" you smiled. "Okay.....odd....but okay." "Whay are you here?" "...felt like it..." You started to get REALLY pissed. "You do not just come over to some persons house that hates you because you 'felt like it'!" you excliamed. He looked at you kinda affended. "You....hate me?" "Uh....kinda!" He smirked. "Well then lets change that..." "Huh?" you didn't get it. Then for some reason you couldn't move. You dropped to the floor but Sasuke caught you. "What are you doing?!" "You'll see..." then you guys dissapered and reapered at Sasuke's house. He flung you on the bed and got on top. "Don't you dare do what i think your gonna do!" you yelled at him. he took off his shirt and his pants and got back on top of you. "Sasuke....please stop!" your yell came out small. "Don't worry baby......after this your gonna be all mine....mine and mine only..." He took off you gown and threw it on the floor. He kissed you hungrily. After about five minutes of that he moved to your neck. You yelped "Sasuke! Stop! Please!" he stopped and said with his breath at your neck "no way baby.....i have wanted to do this forever.....5 years now....I DON'T CARE IF YOU HATE ME......" he licked the rims of your bra and removed it with his tounge. He sucked your right nipple and then played with left. Once your right one was rock hard he moved to the left one. A tear ran down your cheek. You didn't want this.
Then your left one was rock hard so he trailed down your stomach then he got to the top of your underware. "Don't even think about it!!" you yelled at him. He smirked and cut of your panties. He stuck his tounge in. "AH! STOP!" He stuck it in further licking around your clit. "SASUKE IM BEGGING YOU!" he kissed your pussy and then stuck in 2 fingers. You yelped in pain. He looked at you mischviously and kept on finger fucking you. He added another finger in you and you gripped the bed covers. "Feel good?" You glared. "Of course not pervert!" he smirked and licked his fingers clean. "Mmmmmm your taste turns me on baby....." he took off his boxers. "NO WAY! I'M NOT DOING ANY MORE OF THIS!" "Too bad..." he put his cock to your face and said "Suck!" "No way!" he put his cock on your cheek and rubbed all over your face. "Stop it!" "Then....Suck it!" he commamded. There was no way you would so you just shook your head. He just shoved it in your mouth and grabbed the back of your head making you go faster and harder. "Ooooohhhhh yeeeaaaahhhh......your little mouth is so fucking good...." he climaxed in your mouth and he said "Now swallow...." you swallowed and he smiled. "Good. Now this is the good part..." he put his cock above your pussy. You knew what he was about to do. "NO! SASUKE! STOP! I DON'T WANT THIS! STO- AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" he thrust into you. His whole cock was in you in one thrust. It hurt like hell. He went in and out in and out in and out again and again and again. Then he thrust in and out of you as if there was no tomarrow. "Ooooohhhh Meroko....oh Meroko....your so tight.....your so damn fucking tight.....ohhhh Meroko...." he enjoyed this VERY much while you didn't. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! STOP!!! PLEASE!!!! AAHHH!!" he just went faster. You then climaxed and a minute later he did too. He pulled out of you and lay there panting hard. He wrapped his arms around your back and squezzed your ass. You started to cry. "Don't cry.....you should be happy..." "HOW THE HELL SHOULD I BE HAPPY?!" you yelled and cried at the same time. He pulled you closer him and he said "I love you....and always will..." you cried in his chest and he held your head. "damn you Sasuke...." you said before falling asleep.

Hey bunny gimme your eggs! *bunny ingnors* Damn it! *pulls out bazoca* *bunny ditches eggs and runs for it* Haha my eggs.....even though it's July.....
Okay so your not happy but it was a good lemon! LATER! $_$

True....bye bye!
Hope ya liked the lemon! Trust me more lemons are coming soon! Heres that picture of you! Later! $_$

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