~*~Sasuke lemon~*~(hey fangirls over here!!!)

Created by angelbud17 on Thursday, July 05, 2007


"No way am I going to have a mission with that jerk!" you yelled as you tapped her desk.
Tsunade raised an eyebrow. "Do you want to go back to the academy & be a student or do you want to work with Sasuke?" she asked in a threatening way.
"I'd rather-," you got interrupted as the door opened.
Tsunade's & your head turned towards the direction of the door.
"Ohayo Tsunade-sama," it was Sasuke, he entered the office while scratching the back of his head. "Sorry to be late."
"It doesn't matter," Tsunade shook her hand. "Anyways, this is an A-rank mission so that means this has a bigger salary."
Bigger...Salary? You thought & then imagined what you could buy with the money.
"I'll take the mission but I was wondering if I'm going alone?" Sasuke asked.
Before Tsunade could reply, you immediately interrupted her.
"Of course you're not going alone!" you bellowed. "You can't survive alone!"
"So that means...you're going with me, right?" Sasuke reconfirmed.

~*~The next Night on the mission~*~

When I opened my eyes I looked at Sasuke and he had fallen asleep.I then smile and look up at the moon and wait for morning to come.
In the morning I got bored so I decided to wake him up.So to wake him up i went and jumped on top of him and started to tickle him soon he was trying to push me off him in displeasure.


Then Sasuke smriked and said "How about we have some fun?" then I blush and say "Only if you can control me." I say with the same smirk across my lips.Then Sasuke starts to kiss my neck and I let out a soft moan.Then my hand starts to twicth and he then nips at my ear, then he picks me up and opens his bedroom door.Then he lies me down on the bed and gets on top of me and kisses my neck some more.Then he smirks as I remove all of his clothing but his boxers.Then he removes my bra and sucks on one of my breasts and rubs the other.Then I moan lightly and then bit my lip trying to keep them down.Then he smirks more as he does the sme to my other breast, then I flip him over and say "You are such a tease." "So I have been told." smirks Sasuke as I kissed his neck lightly.Then I remove his boxers and stare at his manhood."Do you like what you see?" then I look up to him and smirk sweetly.Then I put some of his manhood in my mouth and start to suck on it earning a moan from Sasuke.Then I take the whole thing in my mouth and keep sucking onit til he released and I then move back up to his lips once I swallowed his fluids, and kissed him deeply.
Then he flips me over and removes my panties and then kissed my neck lightly."Are you sure you want to do this Hoshi?" "Y-yes." I say between pants.Then he postions him self right in front of me and then thrusts himself inside of me.I then moan loudly and the pain turned to pleasure.Then he slowly thrust into me and then I whisper "Faster." then he thrust faster as I put my arms around his neck and then start to strach his back leaving marks on his back.Then I moan and whisper "Harder." and by now I noticed that he was turned on and coudn't control him self any longer.
Then I bit my lips to surpress a moan and then he moans and I then get closer to reaching my climax and I could tell Sasuke was too.Then after hard and fast thrust I reach my climax and moan "SASAUKE!" and he then reachs his climax too and release his seed into me and moaning "Hoshi." then he lies down on my chest and says "I love you Hoshi." "I love you too Sasuke." then he pulls the blankets over us and wraps his arms around my waist and then gets off of me and takes his manhood out.Then I put my head on his chest and close my eyes.Then I quickly fall asleep knowing I was safe.

~*~The End~*~

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