~The Sasuke and Itachi love story~~Part 6~ ~You have a sister?~

Created by tarebearo3 on Friday, January 13, 2006


He cups your chin and kisses you softly. You caress the back of his neck as you kiss him back. You feel your hair move as Sasuke slides his fingers through it. You lean back as Sasuke pushes you away, softly. You get up and walk over to the edge of the waterfall, while Sasuke follows slowly...[ this is where we were...] Sasuke and you dive into the water and swim over to Sakura and Naruto, who is now flailing in the water. You surface and say, "You are now swimming bad, how come that doesn't suprise me?" Naruto starts to swim, slowly, and you swim past him. Sasuke follows and Naruto tries to swim faster, but fails. You swim to Naruto and poke him on the back and say, "Tag..." You swim away as Naruto swims after Sakura. 'Naruto is swimming good now, whats up with that?' You feel someone touch your back and you turn around. "Sasuke. what do you want." "I want to say *ahem*... tag." he pokes your shoulder and then you say, "Oh that was mean Sasuke. I'm going to get you back!" You swim fast all the way over to Sakura and tag her. You sense someone coming from the edge of the lake and swim that way. You get out and then you yell, "ITACHI'S HERE... I CAN SENSE IT!" You run behind a tree and change into your regular clothes: teal tube top and your baggy jeans[i think]
I don't remember what you were wearing... If it was wrong please imagine what you were really wearing...
"Where did this come from?" You ask yourself when you turn the picture around. There was something written on it, 'Desiree... I wanted to tell you this before you turned 15, you had a younger twin sister that was taken by a friend of yours when you were really young... I met him and you were always around him. If you ever see him again please try and find your sister.(turn picture around to see your twin sister)...' "I had a younger sister?" You ask and a tear comes to your eye. "What?" Sasuke asks you. "Look..." You say giving him the picture. "Whoa... She looks exactly like you. Except she has different eyes." "What?" You snatch the picture away and see that your sister had pure black eyes. You turn it back around and continue reading, 'Please... once you get your sister back, make sure that she doesn't get hurt anymore then she has. Please Desiree, her name is Daniella, find her before something happens to you. ~From your mom~' "Itachi... Your going to get it..." "Get what?" You hear someone ask from outside. You get up and run outside leaving your stuff out. "Itachi! Where is my sister?!?" "You mean Daniella? She's right here." You see that a young girl walks out from behind Itachi and she looks like she doesn't know you. "Daniella? Is that you?" You ask. She stares at you and backs up slowly. "It's me, Desiree, your older sister. You don't remember me we've been away to long, thats why." you say...['tb: Whoa...' 'Sasuke: What's going on here?' 'you: I have a sister? Itachi took her too?' 'tb: Itachi took your- wait I'm not going to ruin the story read the next part too please. And rate. If it isn't cool or good then let me know because I work very hard on these. Thanx...']
You see that Sasuke got out and then you hear the leaves move and some fall. You look at the last leaf as it hit the ground and you see a black boot crush it. "Itachi. What are you doing here now?" You yell and guard Sasuke. "I thought that you and I were supposed to battle together?" "We are... I don't want you to get hurt before hand." You whisper. You step forward and Itachi runs to you holding a kunai knife. Sasuke throws you into the air and you land on your feet. "Sasuke!" You yell as he gets stabbed in the arm and Itachi flinged him back. His head band got flung all the way into a tree and you see where it was. "No..." You whisper as your eyes go big. You run up to Sasuke and he was laying there with his eyes closed tightly next to the lake. "Your going to pay for this Itachi!" You yell as you clench your fist. You run to your pack quickly after giving Itachi a shadow clone to battle. You grab a few banages and run back to Sasuke quickly. His arm was gravely injured and you started to put a bandage around it. You hear him groan as you tightened it a little bit. You let him rest against the tree you were at and Itachi and the shadow clone were still fighting. The shadow clone vanished and you started to walk toward Itachi slowly.
"Your going to pay Itachi... No matter how or if your going to go to hell with me, you going to die." 'I can't believe that I just cussed.' You beat yourself. Itachi runs to you and you dodge all of his attacks quickly. You do a few kicks and you hit him about 5 times, hard, in the stomach. He gets sent back into a tree and got knocked unconsious. "You deserve that, Itachi!" You yell. You hit him in the face and he started to bleed a lot. "I hope that he will be out until sunrise." You say as you walk back to Sasuke. "How are you feeling?" "Better, thanks for helping me." He says as he cups your chin. "Not now Sasuke." You say and point over to Sakura who was still playing tag with Naruto and didn't notice a thing. "I don't care, I'll always be there for you, no matter what." He says and kisses you softly, yet passionately. You break the kiss as you remember about Sasuke's headband. "I'll be right back." You say and jump into a tree. You jump back and forth to finally see Sasuke's headband. You grab it and jump out of the tree, landing in front of Sasuke. "Here you go, now where were we?" You ask as Sasuke fastens his headband back in his hair. You sit down next to him and turn your head toward him. He cups your chin and kisses you softly, making up for the time that you were gone. You caress his neck and he caresses your cheek. You hear the waves of the lake as Naruto cannonballs in after Sakura tagged him.
sorry about the cuss word...
You put your arms around Sasuke and you both gasp for breath when you feel water get on you. You move and sit on his lap and you puts his arms around your waist pulling you closer to him. You relax as he kisses you again. "NARUTO! THAT WAS SO MEAN... YOU SON OF A GUN! MAN! I'M GOING TO GET YOU FOR THAT......" You hear Sakura yell as you back up and look into Sasuke's eyes. "Should we go-" You get cut off by Sasuke's kiss and you start to caress the back of his neck again. Sakura stops yelling and then sees you. "Whoa..." she starts to burst out laughing and Naruto stays there trying to get the hang of swimming. You get embarrassed and look at Sasuke then you pull back. you look at Sasuke's bandaged arm and say, "You look better alread-" You gasp as you feel yourself getting shoved forward. You quickly bend yourself in a diving position as you hit the water. You see that Sasuke was sitting there taking the bandages off. You pull him in and he gasped as he hit the water this time. You stick out your tongue and you swim away from Sakura and Naruto. You feel Sakura touch your back and say, "Tag!" You swim toward Sasuke and you tag him.
You go under water and Sasuke follows. You look up and see a shadow above you. You point to Sasuke and he pulls you lower. you lose all of your breath as you see Kakashi make a tsunami, when he enters the lake that is. you surface quickly with Sasuke by your side. You see that Naruto was swimming for Kakashi and he pokes him on the shoulder, "tag." He says kiddingly. "When did you learn how to swim?" Kakashi jokes around. Sasuke pulls youcloser to him and you turn to him. He hugs you and whispers in your ear, "I'm glad that I'm here with you." He kisses you neck and you put your arms around his neck. He kisses your cheek and you let go of him. You swim away from him and go to the edge of the lake. You get out and Itachi is still knocked unconsious. You go to your pack and you grab a few bandages with your clothes. You put your clothes on and look at Itachi. You walk over to him and you put some aound the cuts that were still bleeding and you feel him grab your wrist. "I'm helping you Itachi, don't try to get up either." You warn him. He whimpers in pain because his left shoulder was out of place. You yell, "Sasuke, I don't know why I'm doing this but, I have to take your bother to the hospital and he has to get treated." "I'll go with you!" "I can't risk that Sasuke. I have to go alone, If you come he can attack without you knowing." You yell back to him. He nods and you walk off with Itachi's right arm over your shoulder. "I'm only helping you because you were my first, real, friend." You continue walking until you get to a village. You see a hospital and you walk up to it. "This person has a dislocated arm." you say to the clerk. She points you to an open room and you lay Itachi on the bed there. "The girl is here... She is in Itachi's prepared room." The clerk said as you walked off to Itachi's room. 'I wonder how they had a room already prepared. Maybe he planned this. He would never do that.' You think to yourself. You sense something coming and you see a ninja come out from the vent above you. You do 8 hand seals and you say, "Shadow clone jutsu." 8 clones poped out in front of you and you ran forward to get out of the hospital, "Maybe he would. That son of a gun... I'll get him for this." You say under your breath as you get back to camp.
You run back to the lake and you see that Sasuke was sitting on the edge of the lake and Kakashi left. Naruto was getting drowned by Sakura and he was trying to get some air. Once Sakura saw you she stopped drowning. Sasuke stared at you and asked, "How was the trip." "Your brother is an as- ahem... rude person." You say stopping yourself from cussing. You sit down from the trip and you gasp for breath. Sasuke puts his arm around you just when you were going to fall over the other way[not facing him] and onto the ground. You put your arms around his shoulders and then put your head to his chest, listening to the faint heartbeat of the one you loved. You look at Sasuke face and he looks at you. He pulls you even closer and kisses you again. Sakura and Naruto got out of the lake and went back to the camp. "Let's go too...Wait." You say getting up, then you walk onto the water, slowly going onto the middle of the lake. "There is something right here." You say as you get to the middle of the lake. You take one more step and then your eyes get all big when you got shocked by something. You fall backward and Sasuke gasped. He ran out toward you and then went underwater so he could get you surfaced quick as you fell deep into the water. He surfaced and then swam quickly to shore.
what happened?
After that he ran back to the camp taking your pack with him. He got there about 5 minutes later and set you down on your bed in the tent. You had wounds and blood all over your left arm and right leg. Your jeans were torn up a lot and you were short of breath. About 3 hours of you being out, Sasuke looked at you and he tried to put bandages on your arm. When he touched your wounds you groaned and he took his hand away. "How do I help her?" He asked himself. "How... about you let... me do it?" You ask slowly as you open your eyes. "Your OK." He says and smiles. "Yeah, I can't believe that that happened to me. That shouldn't've happened. I can..." You trail off as you feel more pain in your leg. You sit up and look at your arm. You touch your arm with two of your fingers. "Don't tell anyone this, Sasuke. Not even Kakashi." "OK..." You press the wounds harder and then they disappeared. "My arm is fine now." You say smiling. "Now my knee... this will hurt." You sigh. You put your two fingers from your right hand and press the wounds. You grunt as you feel a lot of pain, then... the pain was gone. Those wounds disappeared now. "You promise, not to tell anyone? Not even Kakashi?" "I-I-I- That was weird." "Will you promise or not?" You ask, irritated. "Oh-I promise." He says smiling. You get up and say, "I'm going to the lake to bathe." You take your pack and your towel, then you leave. Since you still have your bathing suit on under you take your shirt and jeans off. You go into the lake and scrub the blood off your arm and leg, then you throughly scrub your hair. After that you change into a red tank top and a black pair of baggy jeans. "There I feel so much better." You say as you brush your hair. You walk back to the camp and go into the tent. "Hey Sasuke..." You say, tiredly. You see that Sasuke was laying on his bed looking at the ceiling and you layed down next to him. "Are you OK?" He asks you. "Yeah, I'm fine." He sits up and stares at you. "What, is there something on my face?" "Oh... No. It's perfect." "Sasuke..." You say and hug him.
He hugs you back and he whispers, "I'm so glad that you are OK..." "Thanks Sasuke, just to hear it from you helps..." You whisper and feel him nuzzle your neck. He pulls back and look into your eyes. You caress the back of his neck as he pulls you into a kiss. Air comes in need for a few seconds and then you hug him. He hugs you back and then you get up, moving away from him. You walk outside to feel the rain against your skin. "Sasuke, it's raining. Oh my gosh... I love the rain." Sasuke comes out of the tent and says, "Rain... great..." "You have to love the rain." You say as you spin around. You see Sasuke walk back into the tent and you follow, drenched in water. You take your towel and dry your hair. Sasuke turns away from you and says, "Go ahead and change, I'm not going to look." You look at him confused but you take out a blue yukata that has a dark violet color obi[sash]. You change quickly and then you say, "I'm done Sasuke..." 'I can't believe that I changed with a guy in my tent... that was weird.' You walk over to him and you sit down next to him. "Are you OK?" He asks. "Yeah I'm fine. Since it's raining, I'm going to go see what Sakura and Naruto are doing." You say walking over to your pack and pulling out an umbrella. You walk outside and then to Sakura's tent. You walk in and Sakura was staring at the ceiling and Naruto was trying to sleep. "Do you want to come to our tent? I think that you guys would want fun." You say unsurely. They both look at you and get up. You walk back to your tent leading the way and they follow, getting drenched in water. You quickly go into the tent and they both dry off. Naruto falls down as a pillow hits him. Sakura and you start to laugh and he yells, "WHO THREW THAT?!?"
... I hope that I did...
You raise your hand and smile. Naruto takes a pillow and throws it at you, you jump over it and it hits Sasuke instead. The laughing stops as the pillow falls off of Sasuke's face. Naruto looked scared about what Sasuke might do to him. Sasuke takes a pillow out of no where and throws it at Naruto but hits Sakura when Naruto ran out of the way. Sakura threw it at Naruto and it hit you instead. "Sasuke, guard me." You yell and run behind him. Sakura says the same to Naruto and hides behind him. Now the boys are in a pillow fight, to the death...[not really] Sasuke gets hit by a pillow and Naruto shouts. "Sasuke, no..." You say and walk in front of him. "Me... and Sakura." You say. Sakura steps out and she takes her headband off. You take yours off if you still have it on too. You throw a futon[pillow, cushion] at Sakura when she least expects it and she gets hit in the stomach. She grabs a jelly donut from your bag and throws it at you, but Naruto scares her so it ends up hitting Sasuke in the face. "I think that we should stop now... Are you OK Sasuke?" You ask as you walk over to him. He wipes off the jelly donut and Sakura starts to burst out laughing. You hand him a towel and he cleans his face off. You take a jelly donut from your pack and throw it at Naruto. He sees it and says, "DONUT!" You see some light appear from outside. You walk outside and then you look up. "... No more rain..." You say. Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto walk out, Naruto is eating the jelly donut. The sky was getting darker by the second and you walk inside, getting ready to sleep. Sasuke walks in after you and Sakura and Naruto walk back to there tent. You get into your pack and try to find your wallet. You pull out some clothes, a cell phone, a CD player, batteries, and many other things until you find your wallet. You open it and you see a picture when you were 12, with your dad, mom, and someone that looked a lot like you but younger.
sister? twins?
sorry that they are so long ^^'... please rate and I promise to make more story... thanx people.

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