Do you love me............Itachi?[Chapter 4]

(Naruto's POV)

Created by Axellover5467 on Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I was walking around Konoha looking for Sakura and Sasuke. I saw Sakura crying at KIA tombstone."Sakura-chan!"I ran over there to see what was wrong."Sakura-chan,are you ok?""No!Look a-at the K-KIA!"I looked at the name anger filled my body."Sasuke!"I looked at Sakura and hugged her.
clicky-->(Itachi's POV)
"I swear I heard Dobe call my name...Itachi nii-san?"Sasuke Asked me."Yes?"I questioned my foolish little brother.(I read the name on had to put it in!)"Where's Mitsuka nee-san?""In my bedroom packing still...I'll go get her..."I said walking away from him,before he got a chance to answer. I knocked on my door before turning the knob to see her not in the room."Mitsuka?..."I whispered to see my note I left her yesterday covered in fresh blood,dripping from it. I smashed my fist into the wall then I ventured out the door and ran to Leaders door."Leader!""Yes,Itachi?""Mit...suka is m-missing..."I said trying to catch my breath."W-What?""I don't repeat myself."I said catching my breath. He glared. I turned my Sharingan on. He backed down."I'll go get Sasuke and them."
"Right,I'll be waiting." I ran to find the others talking about Tailed beasts."Guys come,now!"I said dragging them all well except Deidara."Nii-san.Let.Go.Of.Me."I glared him. He glared back."Nows not the time,boys."Sukia said with no emotion. I walked up to Leaders door and pushed it open."Leader were here.""Right,did you tell them?""No sir."I said with a hint of sadness."Tell us,what Happened Itachi"Deidara said from behind me.
"Mitsuka was kinapped this morning...I felt a differrent chakra but Ignored it. I thought it was her,because her chakra changes during the night...I went to her room and the bed was covered in fresh blood..."I turned to glance at everybody. Sasuke looked down in sadness and Sukia was buring her head in Deidara's chest,crying her heart out. Deidara was looking at Sukia feeling so sorry for her to lose her Best friend twice."Do we have to find her at konoha? Leader?""Hai now go!"We left the door looking for my partner/Girlfriend.
Clicks--->(Mitsuka's POV)
--------->(Forgot to metion this in shippuden)
I woke up looking at where I was."Ow!"I said rubbing my shoulder."Don't push yourself,Mitsuka."A voice said next to me. I turned my head to see a woman with blonde hair."Wheres Itachi?"She closed her eyes and sighed."You're in Konoha and nowhere close to Akatsuki""I know that!"I said with stress marks appearing between us."Am I Interruting anything....hmm?""Deidara Hurry up!"Two voices said with irration in their voice."Itachi-kun?...""Hey give us back Mitsuka!"I turned my head towards the voices with hope in happiness."Deidara-san!Tell them not to worry...especially Itachi-kun!"I turned back to the person with anger in my eyes."Whats your name lady?""Tsunade,you may go if you want."She said with an smile. I smiled and got out of bed.(She has on the Akatsuki outfit on!)I jumped out the window and hoped on Deidara's clay bird."I missed all of you!"I said from above. All of them looked up and smiled/smirked. Once we got on the ground Sukia gave me a bear hug. Itachi gave me a slight smile and I couldn't giggle because of Sukia's hug. Sasuke glared at who was behind me."Teme!"Naruto shouted.
"Dobe...nice to see you again...hmmm who shall I kill...""Were not here for that Sasuke."Itachi said glaring at him."Hai,nii-san...""Nii-san?!"Naruto yelled."Oh nice to see you.""You Teme!You are here to capture me aren't you?!"Tsunade came out and heard that."WHAT?! AND I HEALED YOU,MITSUKA!!!""And that makes me,what now?"I questioned the hokage."Dobe,Dobe,Dobe...I'm going to kill you!"
"Sasuke!"I yelled."What!?""Fight me if you want Naruto!"I ran and protected naruto."You might not know my promise to the fourth...but I have to protect him! So do you Sukia!"She started to move towards me with her head down. She stood beside my with her Demon eyes. White chakra filled her body, Red chakra filled Naruto's, And Black Chakra filled mine. We all had Red eyes filled with hatred."Sasuke!!!"We all yelled."S-Suki-a..."Deidara whispered in shame. Itachi just closed his eyes and one tear rolled down his cheek."Mitsuka,Sukia I'll get Sasuke you get Itachi and Deidara...I'm sorry..."He said the last words with sadness. We nodded in response. We smirked evilly."Itachi-k-kun...S-save me..."I said trying to fight back from my curse."D-Deidara-k-kun!"Sukia also said trying fight back from her Demon."S-Sorry N-Naruto-kun..."I ran back to Itachi."Itachi-kun?""Mission success""Huh?"I asked him."Its nothing Mitsuka-chan..."My eyes widened."You've never called me that before..."I said as his lips came to my ear."Now I do..."He said as he stepped away from me."Itachi!!!!"My eyes widened at the person."Hatake Kakashi."Itachi said turning around and protecting me."Itachi-kun I can fight!"Kakashi's eyes widened looking at me as I came out from behind Itachi and Itachi pushed me back."Itachi Let the girl fight me.""Itachi-kun? Please?""Fine,make it quick,Mitsuka-chan.""Hai."I got out my katana and activated my Sharingan. Kakashi dropped to his knees after a second past."To easy...Oh no Sukia!""Daddy!"Sukia ran over to Kakashi looking for any serious wounds. There weren't any."S-Suki-a?""Yes Daddy?""Why?""Well I wanted to find my first crush and I found him! Dei-kun!"Deidara jumped down from his bird and came over."Deidara-kun meet my Daddy!"Sukia said with cheerfullness."You did? This guy is Deidara?""I a-am sir."Kakashi glared at Deidara but his eyes softened into a smile."Take care of my Daughter,Deidara""H-Hai."Sukia walked up to me and whispered something in my ear."Itachi-kun,I'm going to the KIA Stone ok?""I'll come too.""Ok..."Sukia looked at Deidara he was following too."Why are you going to The KIA Stone,Sukia nee-san?"Naruto asked. She forze and turned to look at him. She looked at him with a huge on her face."To see my family of course naruto-kun!"She anwsered cheerfully and turned back around to walk. Naruto followed them to the KIA stone also."Why are you following us Naruto-kun?"Sukia asked glancing back at him."I wanted to,thats why."He said not looking at them,but with his head down."Whatever..."I said not caring and we got there just looking at the stone.
"Why are you just looking-"Naruto stopped when a hand put on his mouth. The hand was takin away from his mouth and it was
Itachi."Itachi?!""Quiet."Itachi ordered Naruto."Arashi-sensei...."I said at loud."Me and
Sukia broke your promise...we're both Sorry!"I broke into tears but Sukia had fallin unconisous."Say hi,to Arashi-sensei Sukia nee-chan..."I said and lifted her off the ground. I handed Deidara Sukia and turned back to the KIA stone. Three names are the ones I stared at most:Arashi Uzumaki,Kikira Uchiha,and Obito Uchiha.(Kikira is her kaa-san)."I miss all of you...I knelt down next to Kikira Uchiha's name and whispered:"kaa-san...I love you,if you didn't die on that mission,I would of never of Betrayed the village...""Eh?Who's Kikira?"Naruto asked."She was my kaa-san."I said glaring at Naruto before falling unconisous with the same justu as Sukia.
"Did you put me on this Justu Sukia?-"I stopped when a person hugged me."Ara-shi-sensei?""Yes?"He anwsered."Why did you hug me?""And why are you in an Akatsuki cloak,same to you Sukia?!""Well,we both broke two promises..."I said not looking at him."The Protecting Naruto and The Not Betraying the Village,Those two are the ones we broke..."Sukia said quietly. I felt my self being picked up."Put me DOWN!!"I yelled causing people to stare."I don't take orders from you,Mitsuka-chan."The voice said with a giggle."Itachi-kun?""Nope!""Leader-sama?!""Nope!""I give up.."I said giving up."My name starts with an K and ends with an A!""K-kaa-san?!""Finally!"She let me go and I crashed to the ground with a thud."Ow..."My mom helped me up."Whos is Leader?"Kikira asked me.(Her mom remember that)."Erm...The Leader of Akatsuki...""Where's Inoana?"(Sukia's mom)Sukia asked Kikira."hmmm...follow me or ask Obito.""Obito? He's here?!"I asked excited."Yes,I'll lead you-""Kikira nee-san!"A voice yelled running up to her. She turned and was greeted by a hug."Obito? What's wrong?""Nothing-Ah!"I hugged him from behind."Obito-nii-san! I missed you!""Mitsuka? You're taller than me! No fair!"I giggled letting go of Obito."Well I'm not dead,either!Heehee...heh...use The justu on Itachi,Sukia! Please,I can't live without him!"Kikira and Obito looked at me with a visable question mark over their heads."My boyfriend! Sheesh both of you know him too...""Fine! I'll get Sasori-sama here too!"
(Itachi's POV)
I felt falling into oblivion."Deidara take care of my body including the rest""Itachi-san!/Itachi!"I heard Naruto and Deidara say at the same time. I woke up to find myself laying next to Sasori,who was waking up at the same time."Hello,Sasori-san...SUKIA!!!BAD TIME!!!"I yelled with people going into their heaven houses'. Sasori sweatdropped but stood up and walked around.
(My POV)
I heard Itachi yell and giggled."Sukia..."I said trying to clam down my giggles."Who was that?"Arashi asked."Itachi Uchiha.""oh...Can I come with you Nee-san?""Sure Obito,but keep up!See ya guys laters!"I ran away from Arashi-sensei,but he followed."Itachi-kun!!"
(Itachi's POV)
"Itachi-kun!!"I heard a voice say and I looked up."Huh?"I asked as I saw a girl hug me."Get away-"I relised the girl was Mitsuka crying on me."Shhh...Its ok...SUKIA!"I yelled angry."I wanted you to Itachi-kun...not Sukia..."Mitsuka whispered to me. I looked at her with a evil stare but it softened. I looked up seeing Obito,Arashi,Kikira and Inoana walking up."Inoana is here Sukia..."I said towards her."Huh?-kaa-san!"She ran like a little child to her mom."Sukia!"Inoana yelled in happiness. I looked back at Mitsuka and kissed her then I broke it whispering something in her ear. I had my Sharingan on and I smirked."It worked..."I whispered in her ear.
(My POV)
"It worked..."I stared at him confused then it hit me..."I'm-""Yes you are..."He whispered to me again and nibbled on my earlobe."What about the others?"I asked glancing at them. Itachi leaned back and looked at them too. I sighed and he sighed too."Come on, Before We wake up for down there."I said and speed off towards Arashi."Arashi-sensei...We're both sorry...Me and Sukia...""Don't worry about it...I'm Naruto's gaurdian angel,sounds chessei as it is,but I forgive both of you!"He grinned and gave us a hug. We both giggled of the hug he gave us and he mouthed something.'Goodbye'
I woke up on the ground around a campfire."Your awake,un..first one to get up..heh."Deidara said smiling. Sukia woke up after deidara said that."Hello*Yawn*Dei-kun..."Sukia said at him with a smile and looked at me."Where's Itachi?""Sleeping."Deidara said pointing where he was just waking up."Where's Sasuke nii-san?""Over here."Sasuke said next to Deidara."Aa..."
(Hey,Ummm cliffy I guess,Next time:The Ambush/Sukia's BEEN WHAT?!(Deidara Calm down!))
I'm trying my best here people so please rate and message! Sorry it was late!

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