You have to do what i say (Neji lemon) (Forced)

Created by Pervertandproud on Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Name: Rika
Age: 17 (Neji: 18)
Apperence: Long blue hair (Pic in results)
You and Ten Ten have been training for 6 hours stright. Ten Ten was panting heavily while you weren't the least bit tired. "How *pant* can you *pant* not *pant* be *pant* tired? *pant*" Ten Ten said trying to catch her breath. "No clue!" you said happily. Ten Ten sweatdropped. You laughed and she did too. You guys were best friends and always will be. "You know....we have only been training for 6 hours...." you said crossing your arms infront of your chest looking to the side with a stright face. "Did you just say ONLY 6 hours?!?!" Ten Ten shoted getting you to look back at her. You smiled warmly and she returned it. "6 hours.....don't you think thats rather long....." someone said coming out of the bushes. Your warm smile turned into a frown and your bright blue eyes turned into a harsh glare. "Go away Neji!" you yelled blocking Ten Ten from him as if he was an enime. He smiled. "Don't worry i'm only here for one reason....." he said still smiling. "What part of 'GO AWAY' don't you understand?!" you snapped at him. He smirked with a smile. "The 'go away' part." he said grinning slightly. You getting pissed off clenched your fist to get your anger out. You soon calmed down and grinned evily. He gave you a 'what are you gonna do?' look. You grinned slightly more and dissapered. Then you reappered behind him. He quickly turned around and then you kicked him in the jaw making him fly up. You grabbed Ten Ten and you both walked to the Ramen Bar. Then Neji came crashing down. You and her laughed your heads off. "Come on Ten Ten! Theres a Ramen Contest at the Ramen Bar today and i want to win!" you said happily. "But can barly eat 2 bowls in 5 minutes what makes you think your gonna win?" Ten Ten said. "Well....i'll go up aganist someone easy...." you said as you walked to the Ramen Bar. You were suprised that it wasn't crowed and what suprised you more was that Naruto wasn't there! "Hey! Wheres Naruto?" you asked the nice old man. He chuckled. "Oh....he was here earlier.....he ate WAY to much ramen....37 bowls to be exact...." "WOW!" you and Ten Ten said at the same time looking at each other. The four other people that were there left leaving only you and Ten Ten. "Darnet! I wanted to challenge someone!" you said as you slumped over in your chair. "I'll challenge you..." said a voice behind you. You turned around to see Neji. "HA! I could beat you easily!" you said smiling. "Oh really.....but i want to make a bet...." Neji said sitting down. "A bet........SURE!" you said liking the idea of a bet. He smiled. "Okay.....this should be fun........loser has to do whatever the winner says for 24 hours....okay?" Neji said grinning. "Yup!" you said cheerfully. "Sir can you please bring out 3 bowls each?" Neji asked nicely. "3 bowls?" asked the nice man. "Trust me....thats all we need to beat her...." he smiled and the old man laughed. "Hey!" you said crossing your arms. The old man cooked the ramen and servered it to you guys. "Okay.....ready....set....GO!" the old man shouted and you both started eating.
Sadly Neji won and you lost.....he ate all 3 bowls while you ate 2 bowls. "Haha.....that was to easy...." Neji said tipping his chair back a little. You glared at him. Then you kinda perked up and said "Who wants to watch a movie at my house?!" you asked to i guess Ten Ten and Neji. "Yeah!" "Sure..." Ten Ten said the first one and Neji said the second one. You guys walked to your house and when you got there you said "Lets watch a scary movie! I'm in the mood for a laugh!" "A laugh?" Neji wondered. You smiled and got the soda and popcorn. You sat down and placed the food on the table and put in the scary movie. You turned off the lights making it REALLY dark. The movie started and you sat in the middle. Neji then put his arm around your shoulder. "Hey! What the!" "You have to do whatever i say and i say to live with it...." he smiled. You glared. You kept on watching the movie laughing your head off. "Run little girl! RUN!" you yelled as the little girl screamed. You laughed your head off delighted at her scream. They both looked at you weirdly. You just laughed. Ten Ten looked at her watch and said "Oh shit! Gotta go! Later!" she said hugging you and running out the door. You yawned and turned off the T.V. " like......cheese...?" he sweatdropped. "Um....yeah...." he said still sweatdropping. "'s kinda you should go..." you said to him being nicer than usual. "Um...actually can....i have a....snack...?" he asked slightly. Your face brightened up. "Sure!" you said and got out of Neji's grasp (his arm was over your shoulder still). You made cracker....and CHEESE! X3 You gave it to him and he thanked you. He grabbed one and walked over to your room and leaned on the doorway. "You need to go home night...." you said turning off the lights and slipping past him. He smirked and followed you in and closed the door....locking it...."What are you doing?" you asked. "You lost the bet right?" "Yeah...." "And now you have to do whatever i say for the next 24 hours right?" "Yeeeaaahhh......" you said not liking where this was going. " take off your shirt."
EXCUSE ME?!?! (me: Thats excactly what your gonna say!)
"EXCUSE ME?!?!" you yelled. "Take off your i need to speak louder for you..." he said taking 2 steps closer as you take 2 steps back. He then charges at you slamming you into the wall. "I will make you" he put his hand on your waist. "....take off your shirt....." you glared and took off your shirt and quickly covered your breast because you weren't wearing a bra (me: who wears a bra to bed?). "Oh come on.......put your arms down...." you shook your head. He frowned. He grabbed your arms and yanked your arms down. "Eep!" escaped your mouth. He just stood there and stared at your breast. "Never knew you were a perv Neji...." you said STILL glaring at him. He smirked and started sucking your right nipple. "ARGH! What are you doing?!" you yelped. He said nothing. All he did was go to the next nipple once the right one was rock hard. He kept on sucking making you wince in pain. This would be pleasure if you wanted this but you didn't. Once the left one was rock hard. He put his hands on your waist and pushed you on the bed and got on top of you. "OFF ME!" you screamed at him. He grinned. He took off his shirt and massaged your breast. "Stop...." you yell came out in a whisper. He licked down your stomach. He got right to the rim of your pants and slowly took them off with his tounge. "Stop!" you yell came out stronger. He held your body down with one arm and with your pants off he took off your panties as well. "STOP! NEJI!" you screamed getting him to stop and look down at you. "Yes?" he asked smirking. "I said to stop!" you yelled in his face. His smirk grew bigger. "To bad....I've wanted to do this to you longer than you know......" he licked your womenhood and then in your clit. "Stop it!" you yelled. He just stuck his tounge in your hole and you gripped the bed sheets. He went in deeper and deeper until he touched your virgenty wall. " must be a virgin.....or that.." he poked your virgenty wall with his tounge making you wince "...wouldn't be there...." he grinned mischeviously (sp?) and took his tounge out and licked his lips. " taste GREAT......" he said taking off his shirt and pants. He then took off his boxers and then got on top of you again. "Now.....what shall we do now....?" he said smirking down at your exposed once again.
He put his penis to your face and shoved in your mouth. He grabbed the back of your head moving it back and forth VERY fast. "Ohhh.....god...rika.....mmmmmm" he said as he spilled his seeds in you. Neji touched somewhere on your neck making you swallow. You glared at him. "You wouldn't do it unless i did that..." Neji said getting above you with his penis above your womenhood. You were well aware of what was gonna happen. "NEJI! STO-! AHHHHH!" you screamed in pain as his penis entered your womenhood. "Does it hurt THAT much....?" he asked questionitly. "Yes...." you said wincing. "I'm sorry...." he said kissing your neck. "Look....the least you can do is enjoy it....well actually..." he got closer to your ear. " already like it it's just you don't want to show it....right...?....please...?" he said smirking at you. You looked away. His smirk grew bigger. "Fine....lets begin..." he said pumping in and out of you slowly. It was mind dazzling pleasure. He then got faster and faster and FASTER! Was this posable to go this fast?! "Oh god! Rika! Y-Your so damn.....tight!" he yelled out in bettween moans. A small moan escaped your lips. "Now your enjoying it. With that he went EVEN FASTER! "Oh god...Ne-Neji....." you moaned. "Feel good...." he asked and you nodded your head.
You helped out by bucking your hips. You two moaned each others names for what seemed like forever. When you both finally climaxed you both lay there very close to each other panting. He put his hand on your cheek. "Rika...." "Yes..?" you asked not looking at him also not smiling. "Are you....mad...?" when he asked this you looked at him. You shook your head. "Do you hate me..?" he asked another qusetion. You shook your head once again. Then he asked "Do you love me...?" and kissed you lightly on the lips. You finally smiled and said "Yes....of course.." he smiled at your answer and then said "Oh yeah...don't worry....your not pregnet..." "How do you know..?" "Oh! I used glove and...let me used protection....right..?" "DUH!" you yelled to him laughing. "Then you already know...." he kissed you once again on the lips and said "I love you.......and you love you go out with me..?" he asked blushing ALOT. You laughed and said "That rymes!.....and....yes.......DUH!" you said laughing. "Thank god..." he said lightly kissing you on the lips as you guys went to sleep. With you in his arms. <3
SO CUTE! (me: EW! I LOVE Naruto! He's MY hero! *heart eyes*)
This is what you look like! And don't worry your not pregnet! $_$

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