The Adventures Of Frack Man and Frick Boy (Nick Carter and Brian Littrell): Episode 1: The Evil Mustard Man

Warning: This is probably the most retarded super hero story you will ever read in your life. Turn back now. . . lol.

Created by LaurenCarter on Friday, January 13, 2006

Here is the color code:
Nick a.k.a. Frack Man
Brian a.k.a Frick Boy
As you may have guess, this story is not about Batman and Robin, or Spiderman, OR Superman. This story, is about a pair of Super Heros who rely on nothing but thier wits which most of the time, is a very, VERY, BAD THING. Yep, you guessed it. THIS story is about Nick Carter and Brian Littrell, a.k.a. Frack Man and Frick Boy.
*Nick steps on the scene* *Brian stomps on the scene*
Brian: Why does he get to be 'Frack MAN'? How come he can't be 'Frack BOY'? I'm older!!!
Nick: Because you're not blond and hot!
Brian *rolls eyes*: Whatever. Can we just get on with the story?
Sure *giggles* Frick Boy.
Brian: grrr
Anyway, our heroes were sitting in the FrackandFrick - adome, bored out of their minds, wondering what they should do today.
Nick: Man, I'm bored out of mind, wondering what we should do today. Any ideas, Bri?
Brian: Yeah. Changing my name to Frick MAN.
Nick: I mean something that will actually happen.
Brian: Nope.
*the two think*
Nick *standing up so suddenly that the couch flips over and Brian falls*: I GOT IT!!!!!
Brian *massaging his backside*: What?
Nick: Let's go do some superhero duties!
Brian: Do I have a choice?
Nick: Nope!
Brian: Then let's go.
*The two change into their super hero outfits. Picture Eminem's 'Without Me' video outfit.*
Our heros arrive at the beach looking for a heroic deed to do.
Nick *looking in the water*: Brian! That fish is drowning!
Brian: Fish can't down. Dufo.
*Nick ignores Brian and pulls the fish of the water. The fish dies.*
Brian: Looks like you've killed it.
Nick *throws the fish*: Oh well. Let's go get something to eat. TO THE FRACK MOBILE!
Brian *throws up his hands*: AGAIN WITH THE "FRACK MOBILE"!!!!
Our heroes pull into the drive through window of Burger King.
Voice In The Burger King Order Box: Welcome to Burger King! How may I help you?
Nick: Yeah. Can I get three cheeseburgers, two medium fries and . . . what do you want Brian?
Brian * rolling his eyes*: Just a medium fry and a vanilla milkshake.
Nick: What he said.
Voice In The Burger King Box: Pull up to window three please.
*Nick pulls up to window three. He sees Kevin Richardson with the bags.*
Nick: DUDE! You work at Burger King?
Kevin: It's only until they find a replacement.
Nick: How's the goofy hat feel, Kev?
*Kevin rips Burger King off and hands Nick his food. He notices the superhero costume.*
Kevin: You know Nick, Halloween is over.
Nick: Then take over the face mask, Kev.
Kevin: You little -
Nick: Buh-bye!
*Nick pulls off and parks the car in the parking lot.*
Nick *stuffing his face*: Man this is good.
Brian *rolls eyes*: pig.
Nick: Whatever.
Suddenly, our heroes heard a rather larger noise in the parking lot. The ground began to shake.
Nick: What the -
*Nick and Brian got out the car.*
Nick: Oh shitoki mushrooms!
Before the two stood a large robotic machine, controlled by none-other than Kevin.
Kevin: This'll teach you to insult my face!
Brian: You had to insult his face, Nick.
*Kevin hits a button and two large cannons come out the robot's arms.*
Nick *mouth drops open*: Wow.
*Kevin hits another button and one of the cannons blasts out mustard.*
Brian: Move Nick!
*Brian tackles Nick out of the way.*
Nick: Now what?
Brian: We find a way to defeat this thing.
Nick: I got another idea . . . . RUN!!!!
*Nick hides behind his car.*
Brian (to the Announcer): And he's the Super Hero?!!!!
*Kevin fires at Nick's car. It gets covered in mustard.*
Nick *comes out from behind the car*: Hey! This car costs a lot of FRICKIN MONEY!!!
Brian: Literally! I paid for it!
*Kevin pushes the button. Brian ducks, but, Nick gets soaked in mustard.*
Nick: Eewww!!!!!
*Brian pulls Nick behind the car.*
Nick: How do we destroy an evil, mustard - spewing, robot?
Brian: We deactivate it.
Nick: With what?
Brian: Its got to have a plug or a button or -
Nick: would that button work?
*Nick points to a large red button that says "Do Not Push'*
Brian: Nick you're a geni - nevermind.
Nick: How do we get to the button?
Brian *thinking*: I GOT IT!
*Brians grabs a rock and throws it at the button. It hits it, and a recorded voice comes on.*
Annoying Recorded Voice: Self-destruct button activated. Robot will self destrcut in ten . . . nine . . . eight . . . seven . . . six . . . five . . . four . . . three . . . two . . . one . . . ZERO.
Kevin: Uh-oh.
*Robots explodes and sends Kevin flying.*
Kevin: I'll get you two! I'll get you!
*Disappears like Team Rocket from Pokemon.*
Nick: Well, that was . . . interesting.
Tune in next time for another episode of The Adventures Of Frack Man and Frick Boy!!!!
*Nick walks on stage again.*
Nick: I wanna thank all of YOU for reading! Also, I wanna thank my costume designer for making such a kicka$$ superhero outfit! And, last but not least, I wanna thank the beautiful and talented writer/announcer for creating this series!
Thank you!
Nick: No problem!
NOT gonna happen!

The End!!!!!
. . .
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Extreme Dorks. Lol.
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