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Created by browneyedflicka on Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You're at a party and a guy walks up to you.

"Hey beautiful, you're too pretty to be alone here." he says, grabbing your hand.

You think he might be a little drunk because hes slurring, but you don't really mind. Whats a party without a few drinks?

After a few minutes of dancing and flirting, you're ahb-solutely sure he likes you.

"Hey babe, lets take this upstairs." he says, as he races up the stairs. You follow him into a bedroom that you have no ideas whose it is.

He locks the door behind you, and eyes your breasts hungrily. You are loving the attention, and got a bit horny while drinking and dancing. You moan in the middle of the room, signaling him to come closer. He does, and wraps his arms around your waist, as he slides his hands smoothly down to your ass. he squeezes it gently.

"Damn, girl. You have a sweet ass." he cooes softly.

Mm, you like this a lot. And hes so sweet!

You lean forward ever so lightly and he presses his lips against yours. After pulling yourself sexily away from his soft, sweet, full lips, you realize you have no idea what his name is.

"Whats your name?" you ask him seductively.

"Ben, you?"


"Cute.." He says, and smiles, bringing you into a full makeout. You slide your tounge into his mouth and transfer saliva. You love every second of is.

"What grade are you in hun?" He asks, still grabbing your waist and butt.

"Going into freshman, you?"

"Going into senior."

"Good. I like older boys." you say, and you wrap your arms around his strong tanned neck and wrap your legs around his torso.

"Whoa, I like what you're thinking." He says, eyes wide. He dips you down, and lets your legs go down to the ground so you're both standing.

Ben puts his hands down your shirt from the shoulders, and pulls it off gently. He slides it down to your waist, revealing your black lace bra. He crawls his hands to your back and unclasps the bra snap.

"Ooh, babe, keep going." You say, fully horny now. You aren't ready to stop at all.

He nods vigorously and whips your bra off and fingers your nipples and breasts.

You slide your hands down his back and pull his shirt off, and unbotton his jean shorts. He steps out of his shorts and lets you take them off along with his shirt.

He sits on the bed, and lets you take off his boxers, revealing his bare naked crevice in his hip along with the whole package. You cant wait to taste it.

He spreads his lets and smiles slyly, motions for you to come closer and closer til your bodies are touching. He slides your mini over your head and lets you sit on his neck.

You both crawl on the bed and sit on top of eachother, you over him. He licks your thong and slides it off, looking at your hair down there eagerly and licking your bare ass.

"Oral, normal, or anal?" You ask.

"All of them." he says.

Your stomach relaxes. So he wasn't so bad after all, he was a pro! Good.

You still have your heels on and decide to make it interesting. You stand up with his head under your naked butt and place your heel onto his six-pack, tanned. You crouch down on one leg and run your fingernail down his face.

He loves the view, and grabs your ass, causing you to collapse giggling backwards, and he slips your heels off.

He lets you get on top so you can control everything.

"Aww, thats sweet." you say out loud. So this isn't a plan to rape. It's vouluntary.

You place your body onto his and sit on his lower chest, towards his penis. You reach behind you and turn your whole body around, giving his the choice of leaving your pussy alone, or licking and fingering it.

As you hoped, he did the second option. His tounge felt good on your pussy, and you moved up and down with the rythym.

You groan and all you hear in response is slupring sounds.

Ben pulls you so youre kissing again, and makes out with you when you're both on your side. You frog leg eachother, playing footsie and pressing your privates together, but not in... yet.

He grabs your face with his hands and gently kisses your nosetip. He is so sweet and gentle, you don't even notice his feet securing yours. He licks your nipples and bites them playfully and sucks them. You love it and want more.

You turn onto him, and grab his penis. You shove it in your slippery pussy and moan. You have always loved how this feels and have had the luxury of doing it every night from various guys. But this was by far the best.

After hours and hours of doing this, the sun starts to rise. You're both still connected, and you cant tell where he ends and you begin. He wakes up and fingers your hair, and pulls his out of yours. He kisses you gently, and starts to get dressed, tucking you in.

You wake up minutes later with him making breakfast and the smell of pancakes awakens you more.

You widen your eyes. And suddenly realize that it was your BEST FRIENDS boyfriend Ben. You were so drunk you didn't even notice.

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