\\You& Edward Elric\\6\\Lemon\\

Created by symphonia on Saturday, July 21, 2007


Chapter:Six Lemon
This is my first lemon. I all was have my friend rite the lemon but right now Im lazy to ask her.-_-
Any ways here is your lemon.
***Lemon Time***
Coming in to your room. You lay down on your bed. And started to fall asleep slowly. An hour later you woke up with an nightmare. About that guy that wanted your heart.
~You~ Damn it.
You got up and went out from your room. Looking out it was dark and quiet.
~You~ I wonder if Edward is still awake?
You walk over to his room and knock on his door.
~Edward~ Yes come in.
You came in and sat on the bed next to Edward.
~Edward~ What wrong Elyon?
~You~ I had a nightmare about that guy from yesterday.
~Edward~ Dont worry he wont get you. Ill kill him if he even touchs you.
~You~ Edward.
After that you move closer to him.
~Edward~ Do you what to sleep with me tonight?
~You~ Yes.
With that you and him went to sleep. Laying next to Edward he raps his arms around you. And starts to kiss you on your forehead. Slowly moving down he kiss you on the lips. Then kiss down your neck.
~Edward~ Are you ready?
~You~ Y-yes.
After that he went on top of you and started to kiss your chest. You giggle as he kiss lower.
~Edward~ Whats funny?
~You~ N-nothing.
Edward then pulls off his boxers. And he slowly takes off your Pjs then over to your
Underwear. As he moved down you soon felled him pulling your legs apart enough for him to rest himself in between them. Moving your hips along with him you began to moan out his name as well as him moaning yours. Edward then pull you in to his arms
And began to thrusts in to you. You once again moan out his name. He lay you on top of him and you began to also thrusts in to him. He moan out your name. And kiss your hand as you move down. You began to kiss his lower part. He moan even louder. Then he move back up to you. Running his hands up your back he hear you let out a small moan and began to feel around your sides and down to you lower part. He then began to kiss lower and lower and you moan even louder. Laying back down on to the bed. Edward pull you in to his arms.
~Edward~ I love you Elyon.
~You~ I love you to.
After that you and him when to sleep. The next morning you got up and got dress. Coming down stares you saw Edward out side with Alphonse. Winry comes walking over to you.
~Winry ~ So did you have fun with Edward last night?
~You~ W-what!
You walk back blushing.
~Winry~ I knew it! So when is the baby coming?
~You~ Baby?
~Winry~ *Whispers in your ear*You and him did do it right?
~You~ Y-yes.
~Winry~ And where do babys come from?
~You~ Holy crap! 0_o
~Winry~ Your going to be a mother soon.
~You~ B-but I cant.
~Winry~ Dont worry some times it doesnt work. But you have to be careful if you really have a baby. Okay?
~You~ Okay.
Edward and Alphonse come walking in side. Edward puts his arms around you.
~Edward~ Good morning Elyon.
~You~ G-good morning to you to Edward.////
~Winry~ So when is the baby coming Edward?
~Edward~ What!
~You~ Um.
Edward looks at you with*What is she talking about face*
~You~ I think Im mite be having a baby Edward.
Edward walks back as you look at him.
~Edward~ Are you sure?
~You~ Yeah.///
~Edward~ Great.
~You~ Sorry.
~Edward~ Its not your fault Elyon.
~You~ Right. Sorry.
~Winry~ I cant wait! I wonder what if its going to be a girl or a boy!
~You~ Yeah.Great.-_-
~Edward~ Are you tired?
~You~ A little bit.
~Edward~ You should get some rest then. Ill wake you up in an hour okay?
~You~ Yeah thanks Edward.
After that you went back up stares and went in to your room and went to sleep. You were to tired to get dress in to your Pjs. So you just lay there thinking about what just happen. And slowly went to sleep.
Hope you all like it. :3

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