I think i luv that breeding boy (a patrick breeding story) 10

Created by bryans-lil-mama on Sunday, July 29, 2007

d: dont cry, he didnt deserve you ne way
t: i know but i loved him
d: i know u did but..........um can i talk to u for a minute?
t: ok..........what's up dustin?
d: ..............

t: dustin what is it?
d: *wipes the rest of her tears away* ok look i dont know how to say this but instead imma show you.
t: what r u talkin- gco
*dustin kisses her for like 30 seconds*
t: wow
d: yea so i just wanted to- gco
t: i know i feel the same way. i didnt even know why i was with patick
d: so will u be my girl?
t: yes
*they kiss n dustin goes off somwhere patrick sees them kiss n walks over*
p: wth taylor?
t: wat do u want?
p: why u cheatin on me wit mah bother?
t: n!99@ back up. wat u mean im cheatin on u?
p: i saw u kissin dustin.
t: sooo....... ur point?
p: i will get u back. if i cant have u no one can
t: u know what? stay the H3!! AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!! u ruined it with me when u decited to cheated on me with that hoe so interfer (sp?) with me , dustin, our happiness n trust i will hurt u so try me. you'll just come up missin.
p: u know what? wateva
*patrick walks away n dustin comes back*
t: wat u wanna do now?
d: *mumbles* i go a couple of thangs in mind.
t: what?
d: nuffin. lets go n chill @ ur house
d: ok
* so they go to taylor's house n when they see...........*
t: not AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok thats all for now. bye yallz


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