sesshomaru and kagome

this popped into my head wen i was bored earlier so here i am ill try to spell correctly and and not leave nething out and sry about the POV changes oh and he has both arms in my story cuz thinking of the lump a detached leaves yea it freaks

Created by rory2420 on Monday, July 30, 2007

Kagome: "look Sango a hot spring perfect"
Sango: "yea this is exactly wat we need after THAT demon"
they begin undressing eager to get in
Kagome: "yea i..." kaome trails off as she hears a splash in the water from behing the rock
she walks around and sees Sesshomaru leaning against the rock with his eyes closed
when he hears her walk up he opens his eyes and just looks at her wondering y Jaken wasnt doing his job
then he glances around to see Jaken asleep his eyes narrowing as Sango aproaches [Sango] "what is it Kagome"
Sango looks to where kagome is looking and sees Sesshomaru
"oh ummm sesshomaru..." Sango looks down dissapointed "and i really wanted a bath too..."
while shes talking sessomaru is looking at them seeing that Sango is only wearing a towel and Kagome is only in her underwear
Kagome: "yea i... hmm Sesshomau? may we join u?"
Sesshomaru grunts in reply Kagome, taking that as a yes, continues to remove her clothes, Sesshomaru staring at the full moon, Sango hesitates but does the same
Sango looks back into the woods telling Kilala [did i mention she was with them sry bout that] to look out for demons since Inuyasha, Shippo, and Miroku had gone into town in search of food
after a while of sitting there in silence Sesshomaru turns to them "so Inuyasha is not with u?"
Sango looks at Kagome not sure if thats something they should be saring with a demon, Inuyashas brother or not
Kagome doesnt see her look and says "no he and Miroku went into town for dinner"
Sesshomaru: "hmmm they shouldent leave 2 girls and a demon cat by themselves in these woods Jaken saw a demon eating a young girl just this morning"
Kagome and Sango look at him wide eyed he just looks for a moment then he looks behind them just as Kilala transforms [sry idk if this has a proper name or nething...] growling at something in the darkness of the forest
Sango gets up "wat is it Kilala?" puts her kimono on as she says "ill go check it out"
"ill come too" Kagome offers but Sango and Kilala are already gone
she turns to Sesshomaru and hes looking at the moon again
Kagome sighs closing her eyes not seeing that Sesshomaru was now looking at her through the corner of his eye
he turns facing her feeling something odd
like he needs to be closer to her
he moves forward just as she opens her eyes to his intense ones saring at her unblinking
he reaches his hand out standing his full height the water reaching just below his hips
she looks at him seeing the 2 matching demon marking that were on his face were also on his hips
his body was perfect
she couldent help losing her breath and reaching for his hand and pulling him down to her
there Sesshomaru leaned against her wondering why he was feeling this way for a human
she put one hand on his chest and the other tangled in his hair and kisses him
he stops minutes later on her neck and looks up just as Sango, Miroku, and Inuyasha walk
Sesshomaru leans back keeping his hands on her hips and looks at them
they all stop when they realize how close Kagome and Sesshomaru are
"oh um sorry i didnt know where u were so i..."
Sango trails off as Inuyasha begins to speak
"wat the hell is going on here?"
"um we were... um..." kagome wasnt sure how to answer that

yea veryy abrubt ending but thats just how my brain works [dirrttyyyy.] ;]
rate and tell me how u liked it

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