Ninja Love: Kakashi Hatake part 9 ~~~LEMON NOT REQUIRED~~~~ (Kakashi, girls only)

enjoy! p.s. this is my first time doing a lemon, so if it ain't that good, my bad. But message me if you think its good.

Created by YamiBakura92 on Wednesday, August 01, 2007

You watch him fall sleep and pulled the covers up to his chin.
Knock knock.
"Hold on" you said as you pulled up your mask and walked over to the door.
Sakura looked up at you and smiled "is he okay?" she asked and let herself in, "uh, yeah, he's just sleeping" you replied. Sakura walked over to him and rolled her eyes with a smile. "Need something?" you asked, she was quite for a while. She started to blush and then said "no, not you think I can sit next to you at dinner?" "I can't see why not" you shrugged, "okay, that's all I need" she smiled and said bye as she left.
You sat next to Kakashi after closing the door, with a sighed and touch his cheek and smiled. A wandering hand was lonely as is went up your hip. "You ain't sleeping, are you?" you asked softly "not really" he smirked and sat up, "you are too noisey" he added. You pulled your's and his mask down and gave him a liile peck. He smiled and kissed you back as he rubbed your back. A few kissies later, the vests went off as the make-out session began. His hands were going everywhere on you as he held you in his kissy grip. You blushed and kissed his collar bone, he smiled and grabbed your bottom. You tried not to yelp loud at the grab but gave a just little yelp. A few kissies later the shirts went off.
You kissed his chest and moved up to kiss his lips, he kissed your neck as he tried to get the damn bra off. "Kakashi, we-we're going to be later for dinner" you mumbled. He grolwed as you sat up on him and looked for your shirt, "I almost had it off" he sighed as you fixed your bra and grabbed your shirt. "Is your wound okay?" you asked "just swore" he said when you got off him. You smiled and kissed his cheeks.
~At Dinner~
Naruto sat at the end, Sasuke at the window, Sakura next to you and you next to Kakashi.
Sakura kept talking to you and making jokes which were quite funny. Kakashi kept trying to touch your inner thigh but you pushed him away. He gave up and went back to reading his book. Naruto started to talk to Sakura but got shot down when she ingored him and kept talking to you.
As you held your soup and talked to Sakura, you felt a strong grip on your bottom, making you jump a foot spilling the soup all over you. "Ahhhh" you grolwed and stood, some of it got on Sakura and Kakashi but mostly on you. You growled and left the room.
Back in your room.!
You pulled off your soup covered clothes and got into the shower, dodge the hot water move!
You skin was sticky then wet then smooth/wet.
You leaned against the wall and relaxed as the soup washed away.
You felt a hand touch your back, you looked over your should to see Kakashi...naked.
You blushed and turned to face your body to him.
He smiled and got in the shower with you, he pushed up against the wall and kissed your neck. "You made me spill it on purpose did you?" you asked softly "maybe" he gave you an evil glare with a sweet smile, you kissed him and he gave you the tongue. His hands moved over your body and found your breast. You moaned when he grabbed it. You kissed his neck and felt something between your legs. You blushed and looked up at him, he looked down at you and asked "ready?" you nodded and said "I'm new at this" he kissed your neck as you felt the pressure. You wrapped your legs around him and your arms around his shoulders/neck.
He licked your neck and moved down too your breasts. You moaned a little and nibbled at his ear. He smirked and kissed your one breast and cupped the other. His other free hand played with your hair and touch your cheeks. You pulled his head up to you and kissed him deeply, his tongue got into another fight with yours and won, you noticed it was really hurting you down there but thought it was normal. You rest your head on his shoulder and felt more pressure, "god that hurts" you moaned and licked his neck, he smirked and forced you harder against the wall.
The water from the showered poured on both of you, making it all sweeter. His body was warm from the water and also hard to hold on too. But his grip on you was strong as he forced you even harder against the wall. Both of his hands cupped your breasts as he kissed your cheek.You placed you hands on his chest and felt his wound. He moaned at it a little so you moved your hands up towards his collar bone. You yelped loudly when you felt him bite your lower neck and moaned when you felt his tongue go over it. A few moments later you two begun moaning each others name slowly. The water shut off do to the shower time limit, "bed?" he asked as he lowered you to the ground. "Ow...maybe next time, I feel swore now" you replied as he backed away a little. You kissed him and felt another grip on your bottom. He smiled and tired to pushed back against the wall, you laughed and pushed him away "awwww" he moaned "next time" you kissed his nose. He smiled and moved in closer, you looked up at him but yelp when you felt his hand mess around with your business. "Kakashi you perv" you blushed and leaned against him as his fingures gained minds on their own. You moaned a little and blushed hard, his other hand was around your shoulder hold you close to him. You looked up at him and smiled. "Damn, I'm hurting now" you pushed his wandering hand away and got out of the shower. He followed and kept wrappinghis arms around you. "Kakashi" you moaned as he kissed your neck. It took forever for you to get your clothes on, Kakashi kept trying to get you to take them off, and he kept kissing you.
more in results!
In bed you felt his hands wander again and play with your breasts, you didn't mind so you let him, the room was dark except the light from the moon. You face him and slept against Kakashi's chest.
sorry if that wasn't good, but stand byfor part 10!

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