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Created by littlekuriboh on Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Name :Rebecca  ~~~~~(all your friends call you Becky or Bex though)(choose your own lastname for now till i think of 1 or i choose to let you choose ,i also might let you choose your own firstname)


Looks:light brown hair ,dark brown eyes and a very slim sexy curvy models body.

Personality:quiet ,shy but outgoing when wants to be ,loving ,caring ,kind ,your not naive.

Family:mum =Nicky , dad =Tony moved away after your parents divorced , brother =Ben 7, sister = Terri died in a plane crash when you were 4 so Ben didnt know he had another sister and you were so young that you didnt understand that your sister would never come back.

Dorm:when you get there you will be in Obelisk Blue.

Deck:very similar to nightshroud's Deck.

Likes:Dueling ,dancing , fighting ,sword fighting ,video games ,eating and being the follower of the group

Dislikes:people fighting over you (its happened before ,as you are friends with Yugi and the gang and dont leave Marik 'Malik' ,Ryou 'Bakura' ,Seto and Mokuba Kaiba out you are friends with them aswell which basically puts you in danger) and you hate singing.

Fave foods:sweets ,candy and very expensive foods

Least fave foods:cheap and smelly foods.

Pevious relationships:Aster Pheniex

Crush's:Atticus Rhodes and SETO KAIBA!!! (LK:wait this is a yugioh gx story why the hell are you here? SK:why the hell should i know its your story!)

Friends in and out of DA: OUT = yugi ,bakura ,ryou ,,joey ,tristan ,duke ,marik ,malik ,seto ,mokuba ,serenity ,mai and (these characters are my real friends in real life so dont cuss there names or i will have to FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!!) Manisha , Gurpreet ,Dimple ,Christina and Joey(this is a real life joey and he is practically identical to Joey Wheeler he is very funny and he also has joeys deck and has blond hair and brown and he is very cute)(Dimple:ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh someone likes Joey Keane and i thinks its Becky!!! LK:HEY SHUT IT I DONT LOVE JOEY KEANE I LOVE SETO KAIBA!!!! oopps...... SK:did someone call me? Christina:Yeah Becky says shes in love with you ,Joey Keane and Joey Wheeler. SK:HOW CAN YOU LOVE KEANE AND WHEELER THERE LOSERS I MEAN IM HOT AND THERE NOT IM A GOOD DUELIST AND THERE TERRIBLE!!!! LK:SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SK:o.k anything for you my little sugar puff........... LK + all friends:?O___O?)

IN = Jaden ,Syrus ,Atticus ,Alexis,Chazz ,Bastion ,
Zane (even though he has graduated you are still good friends with him), and Tyranno.You haven't seen aster in a long time it has been 3 years since you broke up with him cause you thought that he thought he cared more about dueling than he did about you . (but.you.were.wrong , stupid.girl.cant.spell.propoly , im.terrible.at.spelling.unlike.my.dueling.skills)

Enemies:Jasmine ,Mindy ,Missy and (here is my real life enemy) Jack.

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