A Naruto High School StoryPart1:The First Day

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Created by FightingDreamer23 on Thursday, August 16, 2007


There was an annoying ringing in my ear. I woke up and it was 8:01! *Great! Late for the first day of schoolagain* I got up and changed into my skirt and shirt tucked in, brushed me teeth and hair. I grabbed my back pack and head out the door. I ran to school as fast as I could. *Yes! I made it! Not late!*
Aki, over here! Kiku said waving her arm. I ran over to her and my other friends.
Hey guys! I said tired from running so much.
Look its the first time that youre not late for the first day. Youre so troublesome! An annoyed Shikamaru said.
Haha, very funny Shikamaru. Ive been late only a couple times, cant blame me! I said annoyed.
AKI!!!! A high pitched voice said. And I was caught in a hug. I sighed.
Its good to see you to Naruto, now get off me! I said making him release me.
Wow! Youre not late. Sakura said amazed.
Why is everyone saying that now?! Well its good to see you guys, its been like forever! I said happy to see everyone.
Where are Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Ino, Chouji, Shyaku, Meena, Yumi, Rip, Riji, Ame, Reina, Moka, Yukiku, and Kohana? I asked looking for everyone else.
Theyre probably inside wait for us. Except for Kohanashes probably with her ducks. Sasuke said.
That is the usually herself. Shell be here in a couple days. I sighed in relief.
Well we dont want to be late! I said while walking to the main entrance.
Dont you mean you dont want to be late? Shikamaru said. I stopped and punched him in the arm(extra hard too).
No and can we go its 8:10(School starts at 8:15) and we dont want to be late! I said walking into the entrance and headed towards my locker. I opened it and shoved all my school crap and grabbed my math binder and headed off to homeroom(Math is right after).

I opened the door to homeroom and headed to the seat in the very back(so I can doodle). The bell rang and Iruka-sensei came in and started to call roll.
Okay when I call your name either same here or present. Iruka-sensei said grabbing the list of students names.
Aki. Wait shes probably late again.
Why is everyone saying that? And here.
He just rolled his eyes and went on calling roll. I was one row behind Shyaku, so I wrote on a piece of paper:
Whats up with everyone saying Im late? I throw it at the back of her head and she looked back at me and I mouthed read it so she read it and throw it back at me.
Maybe bc youre always late And she throw it back at me.
Okay maybe Im late sometimes. First period is sooo boring! ZZZZZZ! And I throw it back. And she started to laugh.
Shyaku is their something that funny you want to disuse with the class? He asked tired of wasting class time(reminds me of my science teacher).
No Iruka-sensei. She said innocent. Then wrote back:
Damn it Aki! Dont make me laugh. Well class is almost over, so Ill talk to at lunch!
I read the note and she was right it was almost time for math class. *Just 15 more minutes of homeroom!* I thought to myself. So I started to doodle. And the bell rang!
Finally! Next class is with Kakashi-sensei! Math! And who else is in it? YeahYumi, Reina, Moka and Sasuke! I said while walking to the next class.
Math Class!!!
Okay class open your books to page 5 and do 1-30 and turn it in tomorrow. He said walking around the room checking on us. I got my stuff out and started working till I felt a tap on my shoulder.
What? I asked annoyed toSasuke.
Do you have a sheet of paper I can borrow? He asked stupidly.
Sure. I said handing him three or four pieces of paper.
Thanks, I own you one. He said taking the paper from my hand. Then I started to work again. By the end of class I finished the work!
P.E. Class!
I changed into my gym shorts and headed to the gym.
Okay students, today well be playing dodgeball. Line up to be picked for teams. He said with his you better do your best voice.
Who wants to be team caption? Lets see Yumi and Naruto. Yumi you go first. He said kindly to Yumi.
UmmNeji. She said blushing. *Damn! She always picks him and I think hes getting mad about it too.* I thought to myself.
I wantummAki! Naruto said happily because Im one of the best players.
*Wow, so soon!* I thought to myself. And I walked over to Naruto sides.
Lets see Kiba. Yumi said picking another one of the best players.
I want SakSasuke. He said right before I punched him. And Sasuke walk over to Narutos team.
Sakura! Yumi said with a cheerful voice.
Kiku, I guess. Naruto said annoyed of me. And Kiku walked over to me.
Yumi you pick two now to hurry this up. Gai-sensei said annoyed.
Ino and Shikamaru. Yumi said with a lower voice(softer).
So we get Gaara and Hinata. I said in a whisper.
Sorry end of chpt1 see u in chapter2 First DayPART2. Aki-kun

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