:11: (-Kidnapped By a Vampire Who So Happens To Be My Ex Boyfriend!-) :11:

Created by BabyGirl124 on Friday, August 17, 2007

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"Alright break it up!" Leo barked causing me to jump. What on Earth has gotten into him? Letting go of Carlos, I give him a reasuring smile. Returning it, he walks back over to one of the beds, his eyes full of worry.

"Come on Piper." Grabing onto my arm, he leads me out of the room. The whole time, I was wondering what is up with the sudden change of mood. I mean earlier he was joking around with me!

Giving him a questioningly look, he slams the door shut. "Leo, what's wrong?" I finally ask after gaining enough courage to do so.

Sighing, he runs a hand through his hair, his eyes unreadable. "Nothing." He mutters, shifting his body weight. Right, sure.


"Leo! What are you doing out here talking to little miss slave?" Chris's voice came across the room. Leaning against the wall, his head resting with a disaproving look planted on his face.

"Just freshing up on some rules I believe you didn't tell her yet." Leo says this quickly, giving me a nervous glance. "Pip, go to your room. I'll be there to finish them."

Nodding my head, I quickly walk out of the room. Sighing, I look over my shoulder for the last time at the two men. Shaking my head, wondering what the heck is going on.

Why am I always asked to leave the room?

Sorry this took awhile! I was busy working and going to school and rarely had time for myself, I know it is short but the next one will be longer I promise!

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