{---} Neji {----} Lemon (Girls)

This pic looks soooo cute! I love Neji!

Created by Wolf-Lady-18 on Wednesday, September 12, 2007


You where in the forest training when you felt eyes watching you stopped and looked around "Alright who is there?" you shout but then someone walks out you where suprised to see...Neji! He crossed his arms you stared at him "What do you want?" yo asked he walked over to you "Just watching thats all" Neji replyed "Mine if i train with you?" he added "Hmmm, i guess you can, Neji" you said you and he started to train again sweating and breathing hard. It was getting dark out and then it began to thunder and then it rains "Crap!" you yelled covering you head "Come on" Neji takes you hand rans into a cave it started to rain harder "Awww, this suck!" you said watching the rain "I agree" Neji replyed as he watched the rain and thunder you sighed Neji went off and sat on a rock you watched him "Neji" you asked he didnt say anything just a hm you went over to him and sat on a rock beside him "We havent talk to each other have we?" you said he shrugged "So, i have been training so i really dont care" you then stared at him "Why did you come to train with me?" he didnt awnser you "Geeez, Neji for onc-" you where cut by a kiss from Neji you pulled back and blushed and stared right into his eyes. Neji smirked at you "I like you but i was kinda scared to talk to you" Neji blushed lightly "Ummm, wow" you replyed the rain was getting hard and the thunder was getting bader you jumped Neji smirked again and wraps an arm around you "Its just rain and thunder" he said into your ear you get red "I-I-I know that...its just i hate the thunder thats all" you say Neji laughs abit and wraps his other arm around you and beings you closer to him you looked away "Neji maybe we can go back to the villa-" you where again cut off when you felt his lips on your neck he sucked and licked you bit your bottom lips and closed your eyes you opend your quickly when you felt his hand sliding up your skirt "Neji.." you said while blushing Neji smirked into your neck he risen his hand up more you quickly got up "Neji! Please stop!" Neji just watched your actions he then gets up and walks near you, you stepped back some the rain was getting even hard and the thunder was getting even bad. You where up against the rock wall Neji stared down at you he leans in and kisss you on the lips (Me:again!) as soon as another thunder strick you and Neji where both naked! Neji takes one of your legs and wraps it around him you felt his tip rubbing up against your clit Neji moves his mouth down and stopps at your breast he begans to suck and little bits them you looked at the dark part of the cave just then you felt something going up in you, making you cry out you bit your bottom lip Neji graon a little "Ne-Neji stop yo-your hurting me" you cryed Neji's dick was fully inside and you breathed hard time had passed and Neji starts to move out and then in again. Neji moved to your neck he moves a bit fast you wrapped our other leg around him to make him go in deeper you started to moan "Oooh Neji" Neji grined he went even more deeper and harder "Ahhhh oh god yes! Neji!" you maon again Nejji moved you away from the rocky wal and layed you down and smooth rockyou unwrapped you legs Neji puts them o nhis shoulders and held onto your hips as he thrust deeper down into you cover you mouth with your hand and hold back the moan Neji takes you hand way and lean in kissing you sliding his tongen into your mouth playing with yours moaning into the kiss Neji stops and made you lay on you stomach you risen you ass in the air a bit he forced his penis in you, you graped the rock hard Neji pushed you hand down and used his other hand and gripped you hair pulling it back some Neji moans and graons "Oooooh Neji!!!" you cryed and moaned both og yous where sweating Neji lets go of you hair and maoves his hand away from you face you lean up and kiss him Neji slide his hand down to your clit he rubbs it "Oooh, ~~~~~~" Neji moan you take his hand away and changed spots you where on top of him riding him Neji held into you hips and slamed you down "Oooh, god yes! Neji!" he even thrust up you put your hands on his cest and ride him more Neji gives on last thrust up and cums inside you and then you. You slwoly got of him and fall to the dirty ground breathing hard and sweating Neji then falls ontop of you staring down at you "~~~~~ i love you so much" he kissed you r lips "I love you to Neji" you replyed you wrapped your arms around hs neck and kissed him back both of yous went to sleep.
PLEASE tell me what you thin, ok?

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