A Student-Teacher Affair (Chapter 2)

okay so this is the first time I've written an online story so please give me some feedback ... oh bye the way my spelling sucks so sorry if i misspell stuff...

Created by rollarock on Saturday, September 08, 2007

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As the alarm clock went off, you hopped out of bed. It was the first day of your sophomore year at Jerico High School. You took a quick shower and put on your clothes. "Okay boys time to go out," You said to the two dogs looking up at you."Blitz, Blaze COME!" you said,as you noticed the two dogs slinking off to go back to sleep."Good boys," you said as the dogs came. "now then outside."you said pointing. The dogs did as you told them. While you was putting food and water out for the dogs you saw the landlady look out the window."Is it the beginning of the school year already?" asked the lady sleepily. "Yep." you said happily. "Well make sure that that gate is locked ... god knows what will happen if someone sees that wolf of yours roaming around the neighborhood." She said, with a little chuckle. "Yes ma'am Ms.Johnston." You said, as you walked over to check the gate."Well, then have fun at school." Said Ms.Johnston as she closed the window. "I'm sure I will." You said, more to yourself than her.

'Wow,' You thought looking at the clock.'I had better get moving if I want to get to school on time. Now where did I put those car keys?' You had about 15 minutes to get to the school by the time you got in the car. "I wonder what classes I will have this year.I hope I have some cool teachers." You said to yourself as you parked your car 'I hope I have a cute one too.' you thought. Ever since you were in 7th grade you had wanted a cute teacher, you weren't quiet sure why, but you really really wanted one...

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