11 | Keep Your Head High Gorgeous | Ryan Sheckler


Created by fadingloveletter. on Friday, September 14, 2007

I got to go first so I picked Ryan.
"Ryan. Truth or Dare?" I asked him
"Dare." He said.
I started thinking of all the things I could do to him.
"I dare you to let me give you a makeover." I said smirking. He frowned at me.
"What! You cant do that!" He protested.
"I can and I did." I said walking up to my room to get all of make up.
I came back down and took out some eyeliner.
"Okay. look up and open your eyes wide." I said holding up the eyeliner.
So I put on the eyeliner with a lot of protests from Ryan. I put on mascara, curling his eyelashes first of course, which took a long time. Then I put on some lip gloss, eye shadow, and blush and held up a mirror before taking a couple pictures with the guys holding down Ryan before he came to kill me. So after running around like a crazy person for like an hour and helping Ryan take off all of the make up and everything, it was Ryan's turn
"Nick. Truth or Dare?" Ryan asked
"Truth." He answered.
"Fine. Um. Do you have a crush on Nancy?" Ryan asked with a smirk.
Nick blushed and looked down at his shoes socks.
"Yes." he mumbled.
"What was that?" Jesse asked smirking as well.
"Yes" He said a bit louder.
"Huh? Sorry couldnt hear you" Ryan said.
"YES! OHKAY YES!" he said getting fed up.
"Awe! You guys stop being mean to my Nicky-poo!" I said.
Nick started fake crying and came to hug me. It was so funny just goofing off like that. We sat there hugging for a minute or so. All of a sudden we broke apart like nothing happened.
"Whawetalkinbout?" I said really fast.
Nick and me burst out laughing at their faces. It was priceless. We calmed down and then it was Nicks turn.
"Jesse. Truth or Dare?" Nick asked.
"Truth." He answered.
"Alright. Are you a virgin?" he asked.
"Oh great! The awkward are you a virgin question." I said flailing my arms. The guys just looked at me like I was crazy.
"Well duh. We're only like 15 and 16." Jesse answered.
"Oh yeah, true." Nick said.
"Alright Jesse, your turn." I said.
"Okay. Polly. Truth or Dare?" Jesse asked me.
"Dare." I said proudly.
"Kay. I dare you to kiss Ryan." He said smirking at Nick who had an evil smile on his face.
I bet they planned this
"Okay. I NEVER turn down a dare." I said smirking and getting closer to Ryan. Thats also what made me so fun. I never turned down dares. Even when we werent playing Truth or Dare.
Slowly our faces started getting closer. Our faces just centimetres apart. I closed my eyes and in just seconds our lips crashed together. I felt sparks and chemistry.
Ive never kissed anyone like this before. OMG!
I think I love like Ryan!
Our lips parted and I was begging for more. We both smiled at each other. Nick and Jesse had devious smiles on their faces. I was going to kill yet thank them. So there were a few moments of silence until.
"COOKIES!!!" I yelled putting one of the bowls we used on top of my head, striking a Superman pose, and headed off to get cookies still striking my pose. The guys shook their heads and laughed.

---♥RYANS POV♥---

That kiss was AMAZING. Ive never felt like this for anyone before. I felt sparks even before our lips touched. The guys planned this obviously. I was going to kill yet thank them. All of a sudden out of nowhere Belle decided to break the silence with her randomness.
"COOKIES!!!" she yelled taking one of our used bowls, putting it on her head, striking a Superman pose, and heading towards the kitchen still in her pose.
I shook my head with the guys laughing. I couldnt stop smiling until the guys snapped me out of it.
what is this girl doing to me?
"Dude. You SO like her!" Nick shouted but not loud enough so that Polly could here.
"So what if I do?" I asked smiling while thinking about her.

The guys high-fived each other.
"Mission complete." the said in unison.
"And she so like you too!" Jesse exclaimed.
"No she doesnt. Shes too good for me. Shed never like me." I said thinking about it.
"Dude. Dont beat yourself up. We know these things. She likes you." Nick said.
"Yeah whatever." I quickly said before Hayden came back into the room, of course with a big jar of cookies with her.

---♥NORMAL POV♥---

I came back into the room with a big jar of cookies and saw Nick and Jesse smiling at each other. Damn bastards. I made the guys get changed into their PJs but making them wear a shirt. Cause I know that they dont wear a shirt to bed.
Wow. That sounded uber stalkerish.
I also changed into my PJs, which consisted of short short boy-cut shorts and a tank top. We all got onto the sofa after putting in Eragon. I was practically in Ryans lap and beside Nick while Jesse was on the other side of Ryan. Now everyone else might not think so. I dunno what you think. But I think that Eragon and Murtagh are HOT. But mainly Murtagh. ANYWAY I kept my comment to myself and I got up to the part where Murtagh got taken away by the Varden before I fell asleep in the crook of Ryans neck. I woke up to someone squirming beside me. I opened my eyes, blinked a few times, and looked at Nick who kept squirming to get away from my death grip. I laughed because no one can get away from my death grip. Believe me. My friends have tried. Keyword: tried.
I let go of Nick and he breathed a sigh of relief. I just laughed at him. Nick and me decided to go get some Lucky Charms for breakfast so I tried getting up. Keyword: tried.
I find out that I'm stuck in Ryans death grip. Yay me! notice the sarcasm? Nick just started laughing at me like I did to him when he was in my death grip.


After many useless pushing and pulling I was still stuck. So I decided to tickle him. I started tickling him in the armpit. AHAHAH ARMPIT!!! ohkay sorry. Ill be calm. IT WORKED! I was FREE!!!!
So Nick and me left toward the kitchen to get some breaky. I got out two bowls, two spoons, milk, and the Lucky Charms and poured us each a bowl. We decided to go check on Ryan and Jesse so we brought our bowls to the entertainment room and sat at the bar while we watched Jesse and Ryan sleep.
From Across The Room He Stares


- Vhairi

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