Another (!i!i!i!i!i!I!i) Neji (!i!i!i!i!i!i!I!i) Lemon

Requested by XNejiXStarNessX

Created by Wolf-Lady-18 on Monday, September 24, 2007


You were walking on a dirt road with your friends you passed some trees and stopped there you saw TenTen, Lee and Neji training you looked over at your friends as they kept walking on you went over to watch them train. Just then Mightly Gai said something making TenTen and Lee leave Neji was left to train again {I wander where they are going?} you asked yourself just then Neji disappeard you ran out from the bushes "Where did Neji go?" you said out loud looking around you then shrugged and went back on the dirt road as you turned around you bumb into someone you looked up "Neji!" you said he stared down at you he leans down he was close to your lips "What do you want?" he asked coldy you pushed him away and got up "Im gonna go!" you said s you felt something weird gonna go on. You ran on the dirt road you looked back and Neji was just standing there smirking you look up a head and spoted your friends you smiled "Hey!!!" you yelled out they stopped and looked back "Huh? Oh Star!" said one of your friend "Its getting late we better go home now" you nodded yeah and looked back again Neji was gone you sighed and went on home. It was dark out side now, you are walking to your home you felt sees on you this made you stop and look around but then shaked it off you made to your house you locked the door and went into your bed room and changed into your you turned your lights off and went to sleep, time had passed and you though you heard something you quickly woken up and looked around "Hello?" you asked no anwser you then went back and layed down you then felt hands on your arms you looked in the eyes of whiteshi purpley or blue eyes it was...NEJI! (Me: Duh!) "NEji!" you said in spurised voice he smirked "Hello Star" he leans in and kisses you on the lips he then pulled away some "What the hell are you doing Neji?" you asked Neji had a smirked on his face. Neji used his stars and pinned you down on the bed he then went and graped some rope and tied your hands to the bed Neji get his stars and puts them back in his pocket Neji sits on top of you he then rubs your sides moving them slowly up to your breasts he then slowly moves his hands back down he stops at your shirt and moves his hands up again inside your shirt you felt Nejis hands they were warm you whimperd as he got up to your breats again and your shirt is uncovering them the you felt the wind as it brushs by your nipples stick out Neji rubs them with his thumbs you looked away blushing [What the hell is going?] you asked yourself just then you felt something wet licking your breast you looked over as Neji liked your left he them moved to your right and biten you hard you cryed "Ahhh!" Neji smirked and did it to the other side again you cryed out "Oh! Star shut up" Neji said as he moved down he stared to lick your skin as he reached your stomach the feel of his tongue moving and wet Neji slides your shorts down an tosses them aside along with your underwaer Neji sreads your legs a part Neji uses his thumb and lightly rubs your clit and then licks you also lightly bit you. You hold back some tears "Ne-Neji why are you do-doing this?" you whimperd he stopped and leans up looking down at you with a smirk he then closed his eyes and use his hand and fingerd you "Will Star i just cant help myself. Plus Tenten and Lee are dating" he said without a care Neji fingers you deep you arched your back and hold back a moan Neji added another finger leans forward and kisses your lips rough sliding him tongue into your mouth and plays with your, you moan into the tongen playing kiss Neji pushs his finger deep and hard he pulls away some and you moan "Ahhh! God" Neji smriked he looks down as he fingers you were geeting wet "Hmmm, your so wet Star" Neji then stops and and rubs his penis tip on your clit you bit your bottom lips Neji slightly luaghed before he forced himself into you cryed out and wanted to graped something the pain went all over you body tears fall from your eyes "Ahhh! Fuck Neji!" you cryed as Neji keeps going into you final Neji stops and waits "Awww, poor, poor Star" he licked up your tears you closed yours eyes {Oh god i wish this was dream] you said to yorself and pryed it was a dream but when you felt bitting on your breast you now know it wasnt a dream Neji began to move down and in he left up your legs and put thme onver his shoulders and he stars to fuck you even harder you cryed and moan at the same time "Neji!!!" Neji smirks and keeps going he licks the side of your leg "God Star your sooo fucking good" Neji said in a graon you arched your back just then Neji stops and you stare down at him breathing hard Neji crawls up to your face he was kneeing down his dick in your face you blushed and looked away he used a finger and moved your head back to his dick "Suck me now" Neji order his tip was touching your lips you slowly opend your mouth and licked him Neji made a small moan you then take him whole Neji was liking it to much he thurst into your mouth making you gag and cough Neji moves his hand down to your wet pussy and fingers you again you mona at this time Neji moaned from your moan on his penis "Oooh Star!" Neji then stops and moved your head back off him he then lays down on top of you his face and st your wet pussy and his dick at you face again you again sucked him Neji licked your clit both of yous were moaning you then cum into him mouth Neji licks it up he leans up and the unties your hands he was about to cum Neji takes out a star and makes a mark on your stomach bleed slowly falls down Neji stopped you from scuking him he left you up and Neji leans down on the bed and he sats you on top of him, he forced you down hard on him Neji put his hands on your hips and you stared to ride him you put your hands on his chest you breathed hard as did Neji he was graoning "Oh god Neji! Ahhhh, oooh!" you moan he then went really hard and deepyou cryed now from the pain he was giving you Neji then cums inside you he pulls out and gets off Neji stared at the cum there was some blood in it he smirked "I guess i fucked you to hard" you gasped and fall ontop your bed and fallen alseep Neji got dressed and jumped out your window. Next moring you waken up and got dressed and went to out just then you stoped and rememberd about last night "Neji!?" you shouted and you felt pain you left up your shirt abit and saw a mark that had N.H.
Will i do hope you like!
If anyone wants something just message me, ok!

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