Fated Love for a Dog Demon Lord (Sesshomaru Story) Part 70

Created by PurplePlayboyBunny on Sunday, September 16, 2007


Inuyasha and Koga were so engrossed in the shouting match that they didn't sense Sesshomaru at all. Behind Inuyasha stood Kagome and Shippo, both looking very irritated. "Kagome!" you called over the shouting, trying to get her attention. She looked over in your direction and her face lit up. "Liane!" she squealed, running over to you. Sesshomaru let you down so you were standing close to him, in case you fell or he needed to lift you up quickly to protect you. You wrapped your arms around Kagome in a rib-crushing hug. When Kagome finally pulled away, she examined you. "What happened to you?! You're so much paler and skinnier that when you left!" she said, worry crossing her face. "I was wounded by one of Sesshomaru's...soldiers...but it's fine now, I'm healing," you said carefully before smiling cheerfully. "So what are you doing here?" she asked curiously. "I should be asking you the same thing," you said with a smirk. "Oh...Inuyasha is trying to get Koga's jewel shards so we'll be closer to completing the jewel, but he's not being cooperative," she explained. "You mean the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls?" you asked, vaguely remembering hearing Sesshomaru and Jiro talk about it. Kagome nodded and looked back over at them, sighing. Sesshomaru waited, starting to look very irritated. "I don't think they're going to stop anytime soon," Kagome said to him. Sesshomaru growled before moving in a flash over to them. He grabbed Inuyasha by the back of his collar, flinging him into the nearest wall, rendering him unconscious. "Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed, running over to him. You burst out laughing as Sesshomaru walked back over to you, smirking. "He was starting to annoy me," he said simply. Koga looked from Inuyasha to Sesshomaru in awe before also bursting out in laughter. A few of the wolves were nearly in tears from laughing as well. "That was great!" Koga said, trying to suppress his chuckles. "I know," Sesshomaru said, his smirk widening. "I could have done it myself, but that was funnier," Koga said cheerfully. Sesshomaru rolled his eyes before turning immediately serious. "I need to speak with you privately," he said. Koga frowned in confusion before nodded, motioning for Sesshomaru to follow him. Koga walked out of the cave before jumping up the mountain from cliff to cliff. Sesshomaru easily followed, staying close behind Koga. You clung to Sesshomaru, eyes squeezed closed. When your felt him stop, you peeked open your eyes. The three of you were standing on a secluded cliff very high up the mountain. Koga sat down cross-legged, as did Sesshomaru. You snuggled on Sesshomaru lap, staying quiet. "What is it you wanted to discuss?" Koga asked seriously. "The war with Naraku," Sesshomaru answered. Koga growled angrily at the mention of his name. "What about it?" he asked through gritted teeth. "I understand that you have been tricked and attacked by Naraku, correct?" Sesshomaru asked. "He killed a lot of my pack. I plan to get revenge on him," Koga answered. "And how do you expect to defeat him with so much of your pack gone?" Sesshomaru asked with a smirk. "Why should I discuss my battle plans with you? It's none of your business," Koga growled. "It will be if you agree to my offer," Sesshomaru answered. "And what would your offer be?" Koga asked. "Your wolves join my army. We can defeat Naraku as a united force," Sesshomaru said, though he didn't look to happy about it. Koga snorted, rolling his eyes. "Yeah right," he said sarcastically. "Do you refuse my offer?" Sesshomaru asked, looking insulted. "I already have to put up with one mutt. I don't think I can stomach another one," Koga answered with a smirk. Sesshomaru stood, sitting you back down and glared at Koga, his eyes red. "You dare insult me?" he asked, his hand glowing green. Koga also stood. "Like you can beat me," he said proudly. In a flash, Sesshomaru had lifted Koga off his feet, his green hand wrapped around his neck. "Sesshomaru!" you yelled, running over to him. "Either accept my offer or die!" he growled. "Sesshomaru stop!" you yelled, grabbing his arm and pulling at it. Sesshomaru looked from Koga to you then back to Koga before sighing and loosening his grip. Koga slipped from his grasp to the ground, gasping for breath. You kneeled down in front of Koga, smiling. "I'm sorry...he has a temper...just like Inuyasha does..." you said kindly, examining his neck. "I noticed..." Koga said in a hoarse voice. "But you must understand, Koga. As we speak, Naraku is getting even stronger. If we don't work together to defeat him, he'll kill us all off one by one. We would be so much more powerful together," you explained softly. Both men went quiet, thinking about what you said. "Fine..." Koga finally said. "So you'll help us in the war?" you asked, smiling brightly. "Yes, but Sesshomaru can't be leading my wolves. I'm their leader," Koga said, shooting a glare at him. "Good...then I will be sending you battle plans soon," Sesshomaru said before sweeping you back up in his arms. "You're leaving already?" Koga asked, looking surprised. "We must go meet with the Lord and Lady of the Western Lands," Sesshomaru answered. "Okay then. See ya," Koga said before he disappeared in a tornado. Sesshomaru then went to the edge of the cliff and jumped, landing gracefully and continued his way down. You sighed contently, snuggled against him and waiting to reach the North Castle.
This one is longer. Happy?
This is all I'm gonna do for today cause I have to get my homework done. I promised I would update though, so I hope this is enough for now. See ya!

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