=My Fantasy= [Yu Yu Hakusho] 25

Alright, numba 25!!! I'm moving along quite well.

Created by Wolfchic58 on Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"Who we fighting today?" Jess asked, hands rested at the back of her head. She wore urban camo baggy capris, teal blue bands tightening near the end around her mid-calf. Black sandles similiar to those ninja wear. A teal long-sleeved top hugging her curves, black short-sleeved tube top that would reveal her mid-driff if she wasn't wearing the other shirt under it. Her tail swaying lazily and boredly behind her, her amber eyes closed and ears perked, one twitching ever so often, detecting a new sound as Team Urameshi walked through the busy street, heading for the stadium. Ever since that fight against Reza, Jess was looked at by the audiance as a serious fighter instead of some hot neko-chick. It even boosted her teammates to fight more viscious and feirce, no holding back anymore.
"Speakng of which, where the fuck is Yusuke?" Ang suddenly asked, looking through the crowd to maybe spot the boy.
"The fuck should I know" Jess shrugged. "If he's not there we can have someone else take his place as a captain, if so I nominate Ang take my spot, I take Kurama-kun's and Kurama-kun be the captain" she confirmed.
"Why him, I was officially second captain so really I should take Urameshi's place" Kuwabara grumbled angerly.
"Well, no offense to you Kuwabara, demo... how should I put this..." she seemed to think about for a moment. "Kurama-kun is..."
"Less of an idoit" Ang confirmed.
"Ya, that's one way of putting plus, once being Youko, he should have some experience in leadership and more skills in it. He's also pretty smart and clever and knows who to place against who. The perfect nominee" Jess explained her reasons for choosing Kurama to replace Yusuke if he's not there.
"Hn. Face it Kuwabaka, if anyone should be captain it's the fox and you know it"
"Who the fuck's the fox?" Ang asked, looking to Hiei. The four looked at her-it was a look saying she should know- and blinked.
"Kurama-kun" Jess thrusted a thumb over her shoulder to the red-head. "Why?" Ang asked.
"Because he's a kitsune in a human-form" she curtly responded as they entered the stadium.

"Okay Ang, remember you may get a chance to fight since you're no longer an extra, but a mandatory fighter" Jess patted her friend's shoulder. Ang nodded her head vigorously, excited of the opportunity.
"It's about bloody time!" she thrusted a fist, now completely pumped as she punched at an imaginary target.
"Alright, save it for the opponents" Jess grabbed Ang's wrist lightly as she nodded and calmed down for a moment.
"WELCOME EVERYONE TO TODAY'S GRAND MATCH!" Jess glared weakly, along with Ang at Flay. They hated her guts, such an annoying demoness she was.
"When we win, I'm going to wish for her to fall over dead" Jess grumbled, Ang nodded.
"Are you sure they didn't just sit on them?" Ang mused, Jess laughed at the comment. They had to admit, they were quite large and not just in peportion, but they were giants too.
"He could have all of them against just one of us, we wouldn't even fit in the ring..." she dryly slurred out.
"YUKARU HAS DECIDED!" Flay announced as the giant demon stomped out of the ring and back to his team. "IT WILL BE A TAG-TEAM MATCH, 2VS 1. TWO FROM TEAM URAMESHI AND ONE OF HIS OWN TEAM PLAYERS!!" Team Urameshi blinked for a moment. Jess and Ang suddenly held a gleam in their eye, a smirk slithering across their lips and looking to eachother from the corner of their eyes.
"Tag-Team?" Jess simply spoke.
"Tag-Team" Ang confirmed, nodding. "Well, we'll handle this one Kurama-kun!" before the red-head could even speak, the two bolted and jumped. Jess doing a small and simple feline flip in the air, Ang starting for the ground of the ring as Jess went head first. Ang twisted in the air, now just hovering above Jess's back. Jess's hands out as she landed in a hand-stand, Ang's hand landing firmly on jess's back before pushing off. Simply flipping, she landed on her feet gracefully as Jess flipped, pushing off her hands and landing in a feline crouched position by Ang.
"IT APPEARS THE TWO HANYOU TEAM-MATES ARE UP FOR THE CHALLENGE. HOW WELL IS THEIR TEAM-WORK AND WILL IT PROVE TO BE THEIR VICTORY OR DOWN-FALL!?!?!" Flay announced, adding suspense to the atmosphere and also getting the crowd more pumped.
The ground rumbled, Jess stood next to Ang with a blank expression. "He certainly is a big fellow" she simply commented as the two watched their opponent walk into the ring. He stood 10'11", one yellow eye in the middle of his pear-shaped head. Two large white fangs sprouting from his bottom gums, poking out upwards like tusks. His skin a light peacock blue, he wore a brown deer fur cave-man styled outfit and carried a giant wooden mallot barbed in giant metal spikes that retracted inside the mallot head for now.
"We can take him!" Ang thrusted a fist as jess smirked and nodded, completely agreeing in sheer determination.
"Hahahaha, you two think you'll last long..." his voice rumbled the stadium, deep and low. Something expected from him. "I eat demons bigger than you and more powerful for breakfest!" he went into action, his mallot crashing to where it appeared Jess and Ang stood. Jess continued doing cartwheels backwards as Ang was still airborn until they landed safely away from him.
"Well, he isn't that fast so if we do this right, taking him down will be easy" Jess commented as Ang blinked and looked to Jess before nodding.
"I'll evade and travel by shadows-"
"I'll go by wind" Ang smirked as Jess nodded. "You got it" the two felt the ground vibrate under them and watched as he charged towards them, mallot raised. Jess crouched ever so slightly, muscles tense as Ang started focusing, energy faintly senced swirling in the air around her and making an unnoticed wind.
"I'll crush you like bugs!!" his mallot swung down with full force. A bubble of wind lifted Ang safely away from harm, allowing her to levitate in the air.
"IT APPEARS ANG USED AIR TO BLOW HER INTO SAFETY BUT JESS SEEMS TO HAVE FACED THE DOOM OF TRO-" Flay stopped. "IT APPEARS ANG IS LOWERING HERSELF TO THE GROUND! WHAT IS THIS KITSUNE THINKING FOLKS!?!" Ang hovered just a feet from the ground, a shadow on the ground. Soon, a familiar figure rose out of the shadow and the black figure became realistic, revealing the completely unharmed Jess who smirked with her arms crossed.
"IT APPEARS JESS MANAGED TO ESCAPE USING THE SHADOWS AS HER TELEPORTATION, HOW DID SHE DO IT!?!?!" Jess shoke her head, it was kinda only one way of doing it. Fusing with the shadow of the oncoming mallot as it harmlessly crashed into the ground.
"Alright Ang, time to show him what we're really made of!" Ang nodded, harmlessly and safely dropping herself from the short distance onto her feet, standing by her friend. Both determined and ready.
"I'll hit high-"
"I'll hit low" they smirked before charging, Ang flying fast with the now gusting wind as Jess glided across the arena floor, a pathway of ice suddenly forming infront of her by a few inches. He growled and glared, swining wildly at Ang who moved around him quickly, easily evaidng the attacks.
"You're not but a pesky fly!" Ang gasped out as the mallot hit her head on and she came torpedding to the ring. Aimed for a particular person, Ang flew right into Jess and sent both of the two back. Hitting the ground with such force, the sound of impact was great as a smoke cloud rose.
"IT LOOKS LIKE TROY KNOCKED OUT TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE, A VERY POWERFUL AND FATIL BLOW IT WAS!!. IT WOULD BE A MIRACLE IF THE TWO COULD WALK AFTER THAT!" Flay announcd, the three boys now watched closer, the girls, Koenma and Daichi at the end of their seats waiting for the cloud to clear.
*Cough* *Cough*
"Itai..." no one could hear the small hiss. "You okay Ang?"
"Y-Ya, you basically broke my fall, thank god for shadows, eh?" the smoke cloud cleared, the two were there, in piece. Jess sat with Ang almost on her, both pitch black and just mere shadows. Jess was rubbing her head.
"You better be damn thankfully for that, now come on" she rose to her feet, her and Ang's shadow both going back to the floor and flat once more as Jess offered a hand. Hoisting Ang to her feet the two looked over at Troy, their opponent.
"Don't you know it's rude to hit a lady!" Jess scowled, hand son her hips as she glared with a bemused smirk. Ang also with that smirk seeing Troy's flabberghausted expression.
"Alright, we'll do this a bit different;y, Ang you get a good wind going for me" Ang nodded and concentration her Spirit Energy. Soon, a wind breeze started going. After awhile it got stronger and stronger, Jess smirked.
"Now, try and make that into a tornado for me" Jess, with that said bit down on her thumb and let a small pool of blood seep to the surface. She smirked before summoning a ice dagger and cutting a simple wound across her palm. The warm liquid started to escape through the opening.
"Distract him for a moment" Ang nodded and sent blades of wind flying to him, this had him distracted from Jess as she ran to the tornado. None had noticed Jess enter the eye of the tornado.
"Blazing Ring" Jess drew a ring with her blood around her before suddenly it blazed into flames. The fire licking at the side of the tornado, Jess had trouble focusing with the blarring wind in her ears, hair wildly blew around her but soon, the tornado went up into flames.
"ANG NOW!" Ang felt the great heat and looked seieng the blazing tornado and soon nodded. It started making it's path along the ring before aiming straight for Troy. Jess managed to break free from it before it got close to Troy. He swung his mallot, in hopes of diminishing the tornado with the force but to no luck. The flames licked at his blue skin as the tornado engulfed him completely.
"Score one for the half-breeds!" the two high-fived but soon heard something. Looking over, they watched as the tornado diminished and revealing a scorched Troy. Some of his skin was missing, melted away and he was severely burnt.
"I'm not through with you two hit" Jess glared, growling lowly annoyingly.
"Doesn't hew know when to give it up?" she snorted.
"I don't think so" Ang replied before Jess smirked. "Than, allow us to finish him off!" with that Jess bolted towards him. Ang quickly following suit. He let out a battle cry, metal spikes erupting out of the surface of the mallot as it crashed down. Jess jumped, skillfully landing inbetween the spikes as Ang went airborn. Jess ran up his arm, dry ice hovering like mist around her entire hand before a ice dagger formed in her hand, blades of wind flew straight to him on Ang's command.
"Isicle Slash!" Jess went aiborn, lashing the dagger numerous times. Blades of ice forming at each swing before going right to him, meeting with Ang's wind blades and the two combo attacks hit him dead on.
His eyes rolled back as he fell backwards. Limply, he hit the ground in resulting it to quake. Jess and Ang seemed rather proud of themselves as they high-fived in congratulations.
"We can't be beat!" Ang beamed, Jess giggled as the two casually made their way off the ring, letting many demons clear it of the large body.
"I JUST HAD A WORD WITH YUKARU, HE WISHES FOR ONE-ON-ONE MATCHES!" Flay anounced, Jess's amber eyes flashed.
"Once he seen what we can do as a team, he now decides to have us go one on one..." Jess commented. "Coward" Ang confirmed confidently. Ang felt she could take on anyone, what with the adrenaline still pumping through her veins from the first match but she knew Kurama wouldn't let her fight right after this match. Unless.... her gaze fell onto her neko companion who situated herself comfortably.
"Pssst, Jess..." she 'lightly' poked Jess's side, she groaned lightly but gave her friend some attention. "Distract Kurama for me for a moment" Jess blinked and looked at her friend for awhile.
"Nande?" Ang though didn't know what the word meant, reacted as if she did. "No time for questions, just do it, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?" she held her hands infront of her beggingly.
"Thank you!" Ang grasped Jess's wrist and pulled her before letting go and sending her to stumble into the red-head.
"G-Gomen, I guess I'm feeling alittle weak and tired from my match" Jess apologized, hugging onto his arm as so to make it more believable. Ang snickered under her breath but slowly slinked away from the scene.
"IT APPEARS ANG WAS SENT OUT AGAIN FOR HER FIRST MATCH ALONE!" Kurama and Jess blinked as they looked over seeing Ang rounding her shoulder, hand placed at the base as her opponent started for the ring.
"So that's why..." Jess slurred blankly, a lame expression on her face as Kurama heaved a sigh. She still need to recover from her first match, after being swatted away by that mallot, one would assume she's alittle sore. The adrenaline isn't a good thing to work off of for energy.
"Alright Ang, send him 6 feet under!" Jess cheered anyways, though worried held faith and support for her friend. This was her first match, real match. Jess can only hope it goes well.
Sorry, ending it here.
Rate and Message for number 26. Thank you CursedChaos for the messages and support, same goes for FlowerBunny. Sorry this took so long I've been busy with school lately and all that stuff.

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