7 minutes in heaven (sexy, long descriptions, girls)

message me if your a sexy guy :) if your a girl, enjoy.

Created by USAme on Sunday, September 23, 2007

So you are playing 7 minutes in heaven with a bunch of hot guys, some who you know and some who you don't. Your pretty freaked out. You pick a number, close your eyes, and call it out. someone goes into the closet and waits for you. You enter the closet leaving behind the wolf whistles, laughter and whispering. your number was:
You enter the closet and shut the door. leaning against it, your eyes start to adjust to the dark. One of the hotties is leaning against the wall oposite you. He has a pointed chin and shaggy brown hair. his body is thin and sexy. He is wearing a loose tank top and shorts, his feet are bare. his eyes roam your body as you walk towards him. he meets you in the center and presses his lips against yours immediatly. You pull back, startled and then smile and force your lips on his. He kisses you harder and harder and you force your tongue between his lips, not even asking for entrance. you both get excited. You grasp his chin and pull his face closer. his tongue wraps around yours. His hand brushes your butt. you french him hard and then soft. Running your tongue across the roof of his mouth. "your turning me on," he says smiling and touching his tongue to yours. "I know," you manage to gasp. You lick his lips, getting turned on yourself by his sexiness. He slides his tongue into your mouth and his hand on to your butt. You are connected by your lips and tongue and his hand on your butt. He quickly explores your mouth. You lightly suck on his tongue and his hand tightens on your butt. He squeezes it and his other hand joins it. He runs his tounge along your teeth and the inside of your lips. You kiss him rough and hard and break away. You both stare at eachother panting. He squeezes your butt one more time and you smile. The door opens, your time is up.
You walk in and push the door shut. You aproach the boy. The first thing you notice about him are his eyes. They are startling green and seem to glow out of the darkness. He has short curly hair and he has an average build but very muscled arms. He is hot as hell, in an understated way. He's wearing a t-shirt and jeans. As you aproach, his lips come into focus. You make yourself stop and focus on what's happening. "um" you say. "do you want to kiss me?" he says gently. You sudenly become bold and smiling say, "hell yeah." "okay go ahead" he says and shuts his eyes. You lean in, tilt your head and press your lips on his, he kisses back lightly. You become bolder and passionatly kiss him. He realizes what you want and sudenly kisses you rough, tongue sliding in and out of your mouth. He walks you backwards, and presses you against the closet door. He puts one hand on your shouldar and the other on the wall above you. He leans over you and smiles. You run your tongue across his lips, he opens his mouth wide, joking. you smile and thrust you tongue in, roaming and exploring, filling his mouth with it. In one jerking movement his hips shove you against the wall and his hands go one on your stoach and one on your back. You bite his lip. He roughly rubs your stomach and kisses you hard. rubbing your hips with his. He presses you harder against the wall, making a loud sound. you hear yelling outside but ignore it. You kiss him back rough and he gets rougher and rougher. pushing you against the wall as he pulls you against him. You both sigh and moan, being rough and sexy with eachother. You grab his chest. a minute later you hear footsteps and break apart, eying eachother. Later you talk.
you walk into the closet and glance around, terrified. Someone shuts the door. You turn around. One of the hot guys is standing there. You had noticed him earlier. He had soft gray eyes and long light hair. He was wearing a sweater and jeans, but he looked really sexy in it. you couldn't breathe. He walked up to you. You became more and more panicked. He put his hand on the side of your face, leaned in slowly, and kissed you softly, but fully, on the lips. He pulled back, searching your face, you smiled and he kissed you again. You felt his mouth firmly on yours and you slowly began to kiss back. He started kissing you a little quicker. His kisses were gently but oh so passionate. You kissed him back confidently. Your lips moved as one. your kisses became faster and uncontroled. It got hotter and hotter. you legs got weak and shaky. your hottie seemd to sense it and he eased you up so he was holding you. your legs slowly wrapped around his waist as you leaned over him and kissed him. His hands held your lower back, your hands were on his shoulders. you added a little tongue to the kiss and then ended it. Breathing hard, he stayed holding you for the rest of the time.
You walked quickly into the closet, closed and locked the door. You eyed your guy. He had spiky black hair and a hot face. He was gorgeous. He was wearing a loose long sleeve shirt and tight jeans. His legs were muscled and sexy. He walked up to you and stood there. You went for it. You walked so you were very close and stood there for a second, tempting him. Then your arms snaked around his neck. You kissed him firmly. Then you starting kissing him passionatly, startling him. You let him know that you thought he was sexy, through your kissing. You kissed him roughly and he finaly started kissing you back. You stopped and let him kiss you. He was soft and sexy. You attacked him again with your lips, almost frenching him but stopping just before, tempting him again. He ran his tongue across your lip. You accepted it greedily. You touched every part of his tongue with yours, kissing him hard. You put your tongue in his mouth and took control. Sudenly you jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist so he was holding you. He stumbled back and hit the wall. You put your hands on his chest and frenched him, squeezing your legs around his waist. He let out a moan and then turned bright red. you pulled away panting. He got a conscentrated look on his face. He leaned in and started frenching you slowly and very passionatly, his hands dropped onto your legs. You explored his chest with your hands. You slid you hands over his ripped legs. He moaned again. You thought he was so sexy when he moaned. You kissed him soft and bit his lip. He started frenching you hard and rubbing you legs. You moaned and he smiled. You pressed your hips and legs into him, moaning and rubbing. He smiled and you kissed eachother harder and harder, You both pulled away at the same time, panting. You spent the rest of the time grinning shyly and eyeing eachother's bodies.
You walked into the closet and sat down on the floor. Someone sat down next to you. He had flat light brown hair. He was your height and his whole body rippled with muscles. Your lips met. after 5 seconds you started frenching eachother. He moved closer, you faced eachother and kissed passionatly. You boldly climbed into his lap. he licked your lips. your legs moved around him. He put his hand on our hips and massaged them. You sighed and he licked your ear. You grabbed his face and frenched him fast and hard. He touched your legs and kissed you back harder. You pulled eachother down. You were both laying on your sides. You pulled his body against yours. Every part of his body touching yours. He grabbed your ass and pulled it towards him, so your hips pressed against his. you shreiked. He laughed and did it again, rubbing his hips against your and massaging your ass. You moaned softly and he kissed you. you layed on your back, catching your breathe and trying to control you attraction toward this sexy guy. He was on his back next to you, his hand still clutching your butt. You draped your torso over him and found his lips. you kissed him with more tongue than lips. you felt his muscles. As you felt them they tightened and became rock hard. He moaned loud as you touched his legs and his stomach and arms. you moved to his chest and felt it up as he started frenching you hard. There was a knock on the door. unfortunatly, times up.
When you got to the closet door, a hand reached from inside and pulled you in, shuting the door. You turned around and a guy walked into the moonlight faintly drifting in the tiny window. Your breathe caught, there was only one word to describe this guy: sexy. sooooo sexy. He was wearing a olive green wifebeater and low loose jeans. He was ripped. His 6-pack was defined and hot. His hair was dark brown and straight but curled at the ends. You just stared. OMG..... Suddenly he was right in front of you. without even realizing, you slowly reached out and touched his chest. He laughed and found your lips. He kissed you not hard or soft. His hand touched your hair, then neck, then shouldar. his other hand was holding your waist. You put both palms on his chest. You kissed him back, putting a little more pressure in the kiss He slid his tongue into your mouth and left it there. You kissed him hard and rubbed his chest. He pulled your hair out of a ponytail and ran his fingers through it, frenching you. He licked your tongue and the roof of your mouth. You sighed. You sucked on his tongue and felt his chest all over. He moaned very quietly. He touched your stomach and then slid his hands around to your back. Your lips stayed connected and moving as you groped his stomach and ran your fingers over his chest. His hands moved lower and lower untill they were resting on your butt. Your ass tightened and that turned him on. He touched your butt and rubbed it a little, exploring it and feeling it as you moaned a little too loud. He stopped and you attacked his mouth with your tongue and lips. You kissed him passionatly. Then you kissed his chest. You slipped your hands under his shirt and felt his stomach. His muscles tightened. you slid you hands up and down his chest and pressed your legs against his. He moaned and kept moaning. You pressed your chest against his and he squeezed your boob with one hand and your butt with the other. You both moaned and then frennched some more. Soon after, the door opened.
you walk very slowly into the closet, not sure what to expect. All you can make out of the guy standing their is his hair. It is bright blue, kind of a turn on. Something glints in his dark eye brow, a ring. his body is toned, but not too much. You walk up to eachother, introduce eachother and start to kiss. He gives you short sexy kisses on the lips. You kss him back, over and over, getting breathless. He kisses you more and holds your waist. You touch your tongue to his lips and he opens his mouth wide. You slip your tongue in and then out. He gives you a ton of short kisses, slipping his tongue in and out of your mouth and rubbing your waist. you kiss his neck and chest. He kisses your neck and you look at the ceiling and moan. He kisses all the way down your neck to your collarbone. You moan loud and start kissing him franticly. You kiss his chest more. You lick his neck. He bites your neck and you moan again and again, body going tense. You find eachothers lips again. Still giving eachother quick, hard, passionate kisses. He kisses your boob and you moan more. oyu touch his body and make him moan. The door opens early because people hear all the moaning...

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