Romeo and Juliet~Zexion~5(lemon alert!!!!!

Created by nobody14 on Sunday, December 30, 2007


Hikari's POV:
when I woke up the next morning I saw zexion still asleep his face barely an inch from mine.I gave him a little peck on the lips to see if he'd wake up.Nothing happened,he didn't even twitch.I decided to give him more of a kiss.Still nothing.'You sleep too much' I thought.I slightly bit his bottom lip and see if that would do anything.Sure enough he groaned slightly.I giggled silently.I bit his lip again to see if he'd finally wake up.
Zexion:nnnn.....not yet......
Hikari:*whispers*Jerk.*bits lip again and follows with a kiss.*
Hikari:About time.
Zexion:Aww but I was having the greatest dream about you.
Hikari:Oh really?What about?
Zexion:*whispers in ear*If I tell you it'll never happen.
Hikari:But if you tell me I can possibly make it come true.
Zexion:*chuckle*You're so pretty when you're clueless.
Hikari:*sits up*And what's that suppose to mean?
Zexion:Pulls Hikari back down*You find out one day.
Zexion wrapped hi arms gracefully around m waist.I honestly wished I was still asleep.I let out a slight giggle due to the dream I had of him.
Zexion:What's so funny?
Hikari:Nothing special.
Zexion:Speaking of special Yuzuki's got surprise for everyone to get their minds off everything bad that's happened.
We both got up and Zexion took a portal to his room to get dressed.When we both were finished getting ready we walked together to the kitchen.I made myself some waffles with loads of maple syrup and Zexion made a bowl of cereal.We finished breakfast quicky and searched for everyone else.The were in the main hall.
Yuzuki:There you are!I was about to tell them without you!
Zexion:Well here we are.So get it over with.
Yuzuki:Okay,Today we are going to.......A MASQUERADE PARTY!
It seemed doable.Yuzuki had costumes for us already.Mine was simple.Black,purple,and blue.Top black,sleeves and skirt turquoise blue,and the sash was purple.Then she said there would be another little detail,other people would be there.We all seemed okay with the idea.We all went to Twilight Town into the square where it was being held.Alot f people were there then immediatley Zexion and I were separated.Then the music began to play.In 2 minutes Some random guy came up to dance with me.He had the strange scent of flowers.Then it hit me.
Hikari:Hello Marluxia.
Marluxia:Oh hikari,hey!I didn't know it was you.
Hikari:It's okay let's just have fun.
I danced with several guys and not one of them was Zexion.I decided to go off to the side.I was pretty tired.Then there he was at the punch bowl.I decided I wasn't that tired.
Hikari:Excuse me sir but may I ave this dance? thanks I'm sorta looking for someone.
Hikari:Oh really?Is she your girlfriend could say that.
Hikari:She must be a jerk to leave you alone like this.
Zexion:Well she's worth it.
Hikari:I am?I mean ooops blew my cover.....hehe
Zexion:Hikari?!?!?!?You look......*ahem* I mean...uh...*blush*
Hikari:*giggle and blush*Well are we just gonna stand here or are we gonna dance?
Zexion:*offers arm*Let us go.
He escorted me onto the dancefloor so smoothly.Almost as if he was taught etiquette.I grabbed his hnd and laid my other hand on his shoulder as he laid his on my waist.The music began at the perfect moment.I saw Yuzuki and Axel dancing together.They were'nt too hard to miss due to their bright red hair.Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Axel kiss her.Then I looked back into Zexion's eye's.They peirce straight through me.I blushed and looked down.
Zexion:What's wrong?Did I do something wrong?
Hikari:No everythings perfect.
I peered back up at him.He did look a little worried the from behind me I heard someone say,"The organization!!!!!!!"I gasped and spun around.The spikey hair,duck,and dog gave it all away.
Hikari:We need to leave now!!!
Zexion:Stay in front of me.
Before we knew it people scrambled to where only everyone in the organization was left standing.Most of them already vanished.I saw Axel grab Yuzuki and run.
Zexion:Hikari stay with me!
Then he opened a portal and we jumped through.I noticed Xigbar didn't leave.Before the portal closed I yelled.
I saw him look at me and smiled.At that moment i knew what was goind down.
Zexion tried to calm me down but this was just to much.He hugged me close.I was crying hysterically.
Hikari:Not Xigbar.....
Zexion:It's okay.
Hikari:Now I know My dream will come true!
Zexion:No it won't.I won't let it!
I buried my face into his chest.He took off our masks.He carefully wiped the tears of my face.
Zexion:Hikari nothings gonna happen to me or you.I promise.
I stopped crying and we went back home.When we got there we passed by Yuzuki's room and we heard her in there crying.Axel was with her as well.I was pretty worried.Zexion walked me to my room and I opened the door.He followed me in instinctivley.He carefully closed the door behind him.
Hikari:Why......why Xigbar?
Zexion:I don't know.
Hikari:Why am I even crying?!?!?!?!I;m not supposed to have emotions!!!!*badup**gasp*
Zexion:Hikari?What's wrong?
Hikari:*grabs chest*I...I.....I don't know....*badup*
Hikari:Feel for yourself!!*grabs Zexion's hand and places it on her heart**badup,badup,badup*
Zexion:That's...that's impossible!!!!
Hikari:What's wrong with me?!?!?!
Zexion:There's no logical way......
Hikari:What's wrong?!?!?!?!
Zexion:Your hearts coming back!
Hikari:*wide eyed*Wha...what?
Zexion:Your heart's coming back...
He seemed worried and releived.I was terrified.I didn't want to be a somebody while he's still a nobody!
Hikari:But...what about you?!?!?!?
Zexion:I...I've felt the same thing....
Hikari:What does this mean?
Zexion:I...I don't know.This shouldn't even be possible! was supposed to happen....
Zexion:I'm not sure....
I looked up at Zexion.He looked worried.I didn't like that look.So,I grabbed his face and turned him towards me.
Hikari:Well,I don't care how it happened.Now I can back up that I really do love you!*kisses Zexion*
I kissed Zexion with as much force as I could.He was tunned by my sudden actions but he realxed and wrapped his arms around me.Yuzuki's room was next door and we heard "ALOT" going on in there.
Hikari:What do we do about them?
Zexion:*stands up and wlks to the door*Drown them out of course.*smirks and locks the door.*
Hikari:((might as well take advantage of a heart while I have one.))*stands up and takes off sash*

Lemo start:

Zexion began kissing me again.Only more passionate than normal.He bit my bottom lip causing me to gasp and give him entrance to my mouth.I softly let out a few moans.
Zexion:Are you truley ready?
Hikari:*huff* as ready as I can be...
He kissed me again and led me to the bed.He slowly untied the back of my dress.He carefully slipped it off me as I took off his tie and jacket.Then I unbuttoned his shirt as he took off my underdress.That left me in only my bra and underwear while he was still mostly dressed.
Hikari:I really don't find this fair...*moan*
He went straight for my neck as I took off his shirt.We quickly took off our shoes.I moaned as quietly as I could,but it was no use.Zexion found a weak spot and sucked very hard.I unbuttoned his pants the best I could without being to shakey.He helped me along by slipping them off for me.
Zexion:You know the pantyhose get in th way...
Hikari:*smirk*What do you want me to do about it?
He got off me and went to my feet and pulled one of the legs of the panty hose and pulled them down halfway.Them he used his teeth to take them the rest of the way off.He finally came back up to my face and started kissing me again.He unhooked my bra so easily and tossed it off me.
Zexion:I guess I have a new book to read.
Hikari:So I'm a book?
Zexion:Yes,but this book I'll NEVER get sick of.
Hikari:Well,better get to reading.
He kissed me softly and slowly and then moved to my chin.He slowly went down sending shivers up and down my spine.He kissed my stomach,down to my waist,then got to my underwear.He looked up at me with a smirk.He grabbed my uderwear with his teeth and pulled them down slowly.I knew he was try to torture me so I decided to outsmart him.As soon as my panties hit the floor I stood up and walked of the bed.Zexion watched me confused.He started walking towards me as I at down on a chair.My moans stopped him in his tracks.I was pleasuring my self and all without him.By the erection I saw he was really hard.I started just rubbing my clit and then I inserted a finger which made me moan badly.It hurt just a bit.Zexion noticed this and walked slowly over to me.He started kissing me and took my hand away and carried me to the bed.He laid me down.
Zexion:Let me handle that.
He started rubbing my clit making me moan.He began to make out with me again knowing I'd moan badly again.He gently inserted a finger in me and moved in and out.Than he added another making moan worse than before.He stretched his fingers while pupming in and out of me.
Zexion:Shhh its okay.Your just to tense relax.
I decided to relax like he said and slowly pleasure flew through my body.I moaned in his mouth and he smirked in acheivment.He then added another finger and strectched them again but it wasn't as bad.He then removed his finger and lost touch with my lips.He slowly moved down my body and got right at my cilt and shoved his entire tounge inside.I moaned his name as soft as I could and surprisingly Yuziki and axel were drowning Us out.He explored inside of me with his tounge and I climaxed in his mouth.He removed his boxers and got into position.
Zexion:Are you sure your ready?
Hikari:Baby,don't ruin the know I am.
He nodded and entered me slowly.I think Axel and Zexion entered at the same time cause Yuzuki and I yelped together.But Zexion caught my mouth before I got loud.He slowly pumped in me and paused every now again to let me get use to it.When there was more pleasure than pain I wrapped my legs around him and whispered for him to go faster.He went so much deeper then out of nowhere he hit my g-spot.I moaned in his mouth again.He hit it perfectly everytime after that.I was getting close to my climax and he sensed this.
Zexion:The books finaly reaching its climactic ending?
Hikari:*huff*...uh huh....*moan*
Zexion:Although I highly doubt it,but If I do get you pregnant,I want you to know,I'll always be here for both of matter what.
Hikari:*moan*I trust you....*moan*
With that he got in as deep as he could and made me climax first.And he hit deeper a few more times and shot inside me.He pulled me on top of him and kissed my forehead.And wrapped his arms around me.
Zexion:No one can take me from you now.Not even Sora.My sweet juliet.
~End of Lemo and # 5~~
That was so hard but it needed to fit the title.If I never did It'd haunt me for a while.-_-'
yup #5

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