Conversations Between a Boy and Girl

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Created by beautiful.disaster101 on Tuesday, October 09, 2007


hey so yeah i worked hard on these....i really hope you guys like them....and yes some of them are corney but hey what can you do? There's only four but they are quite long so i hope you like them and i worked hard on these so dont send me a message on how badly you hate them. Thanks :)
Love me forever....
I hate you....
Cry all your tears....
Girl: i feel like i want to die
Boy: what happened?
Girl: I have nothing to live for
Boy: how are you going to do it?
Girl: i'll jump off a cliff
Boy: how high?
Girl: 2000 feet. do you want me to die?
Boy: go ahead
Girl: what?
Boy: Because when you do i'll be at the bottom with arms wide open ready to catch you
Girl: do you love me?
Boy: yes of-course
Girl: are you sure?
Boy: yes, is there someting wrong?
Girl: I'm just making sure
Boy: just making sure of what?
Girl: if you really love me
Boy: well of-course I do.
Girl: are you sure?
Boy: whats wrong?
Girl: I dont want to lose you
Boy: you wont
Girl: i want to love you forever
Boy: trust me baby, forever isn't long enough
Boy: hey honey
Girl: hey
Boy: how was your day?
Girl: what's it to you?
Boy: did i do something wrong
Girl: no
Boy: then whats wrong
Girl: i hate you
Boy: ummmmmmm......why?
Girl: you never do anything wrong and i mess up all the time
Boy: thats why you hate me?
Girl: yes
Boy: well then i hate you because you are too pretty for me and your eyes are breath taking and any guy would be lucky to have you. So i hate you for choosing me.
Girl: u hate me?
Boy: no.....i love you
Girl: My family is moving
Boy: what? why?
Girl: my dad got a new job
Boy: this cant be happening
Girl: yeah i know
Boy: what are we going to do?
Girl: what can we do?
Boy: where are you moving?
Girl: New Jork
Boy: thats 2000 miles away
Girl: yeah i know
Boy: this cant be true
Girl: thats what i am trying to think
Boy: well then i guess we have to move on
Girl: i cant
Boy: we will move on to another state so we can be together
Girl: yeah right
Boy: then i will visit you every weekend, every holiday and any other day.
Girl: that wont work
Boy: why not?
Girl: because i'll still miss you
Boy: i'll give you shirts, stuffed animals, pictures anything you want so it will be like im there.
Girl: what if im crying?
Boy: then the rain will be me wiping away all your tears, so cry all your tears now, because the rain will wipe your pain away.

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