7 minutes in Heaven (for real,not some Nautro thingy)

Hey everyone!! Srry if this isn't good but its my first time doing a 7 minutes in heaven. PLEASE message and rate and let me know how to better improve it or if u like it. Thanks :D

Created by rebeldreamer on Thursday, October 11, 2007

So your best friend is having her sweet 16. She knows SO many hott guys, ur single,and her parents aren't there so u are SUPER excited to go. (ur bff is known for kissing games)
The night finally arrives and sure enough ur bff suggests 7 minutes in heaven. Ur up!! Pick a number :D

Two? U ask unsure of who it is u get.
A tall dark haired guy stands up. He has brown eyes,long hair,and a smile that makes u feel better about yourself.
"That's me" he says as he goes into the closet.
you follow him in unsure of what is going to happen.
"My names Brendan." he says happily.
U give him a shy/nervous smile.
he senses ur insecure and gives u a big smile.
He walks over and wraps his arms around ur waist pulling u closer to him. U look up into his eyes and know what he is about to do. He leans down and kisses u romantically. U pull away not expecting him to be such a A-mazing kisser.
He gives u a big smile and asks how u liked it. But before he could finish asking u,u had already pushed him against a wall and was back at it again. Ur friend opens the door and peaks in.
smiling at what ur doing she says
"Times up!! Srry to interrupt :D"
for the rest of the night no one could seperate u two. Brendan would not let go of u. And at about 2:00 u had fallen asleep w/ur head on his chest. Aww....

U reach into the hat and pull out #14. Yes, 14!! U say to urself. (That is ur favorite #)
Umm.... 14?? U practically scream.
A guy named Jake stands up and ur jaw drops. He is HOTT!!
He has long brown hair,brown eyes,and a GREAT set of abs.
U walk into the closet followed by Jake. As soon as u get in Jake has u against the wall. He grabs u around the waist and starts kissing u insanely. U two start making out and pretty soon u run out of breath and have to stop. U two step away from eachother panting. U two smile at eachother and the door opens. "Ok u two" ur friend says "Times up."
Jake and u end up falling asleep on the couch together and r shacken awake by ur friend who makes u two get up so ppl can set on the couch. U two start going out after that. Lucky u :D

U got 4.
And to ur shock it is one of ur best friends (who is hott btw)
He has long brown hair,green eyes,and has a great smile.
U walk into the closet kind of disappointed. U like him but u know he doesnt like u.
"Hey (ur name here)"
Hi,u say uncomfortably.
U look down at the ground and suddenly feel a hand grab urs.
U look up quickly and find urself lip to lip with Drake. Shocked u pull away unsure of what to do next. U suddenly start freaking out and Drake grabs ur hand.
"Thank u" he says as he pushes u against the wall. "I've always wanted that to happen." The next thing u know Drake is kissing u slowly and gently. The door opens and ur time is up.
Drake can't stop looking at u and after the party he walks u to ur house where he asks u out. U greatly accept.

U reach in and pull out 8.
8 you say hopefully.
A tall hott emo guy named Derek stands up and walks into the closet not saying a word.
(btw he has long black hair covering one eye and bright blue eyes)
U walk in not sure what to expect.
"Hey" he says quietly.
"Hi" u reply.
Look im srry but r we going to do anything.
"Sure" he says grabbing ur hand
"Ive had a crush on u for quite a while"
U smile as he kisses u forcefully yet gently at the same time. U two stop periodically to gaze into eachother's eyes. Then ur time is up.
He looks over at u nonstop trying not to make it obvious though.
When u walk outside to "get some air" he follows u and u two start making out under the stars. Aww....how romantic

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