There's Nowhere To Run & Hide, When You're Living To Die [[ Matt Shadows ]] Chapter ( 0 0 1 )

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Created by SUPERRraddx on Friday, October 19, 2007

My name is Megan. Meg, for short. I hated my life, but I loved it so much at the same time. I had great friends, that gave me all the support in the world.

But a shitty family, who gave me nothing, and did nothing for me, besides hurt me. Back when I was young, my mom, she was an alcoholic, still is, but back then, she used to beat me. She didn't treat me like part of the family. My brother & sister were treated like gold, but I, I didn't get treated like that. I had an old army cot in the basement where I slept. I wasn't allowed to eat with the family, nor did I eat very often. It was scarce that I seen food in front of my face back then.

Now, I'm all grown up. 25 years old, living on my own. I was working in a tattoo shop called Miami Ink. I worked hard for where I am now. If you haven't been to it, or heard of the shop, it's a TV show too. And I swear, if I had known the things that would happen to me during the days of my work there, I would've started much earlier, but left alot earlier too. It made no sense, I loved the place, I love the enviroment, tattooing is what I did best. But at the same time, the one person that came in, well. You'll find out.

"Hey Meg, can you tat this chick up? Here's what she wants." Ami asked me. I smiled. It was a picture of Synyster Gates & M. Shadows standing side by side. Yeah, you guessed it, favorite band. I was really good with portraits, so of course Ami would ask me.

"Yeah, for sure, I'll do it. I'm gonna draw this up real quick on some stencil paper, and I'll hook you up." I said to the chick standing there at the counter. She nodded and smiled as I went toward my desk area. I began drawing it up, tracing the areas needed, so I could get it as close as possible to what they actually look like, and what the picture looked like.

"Hey, I'm finished." I said walking back up to the counter. "Is this good?" I asked her, holding out the stencil. She smiled.

"Oh my fucking god! Yes, it's perfect!" She squealed, I laughed.

"Alright well come this way, and we'll start on it." I said ushering her to the table. She wanted it on her left arm, on her bicep. I put some deoderant on her bicep, and she scrunched up her nose.

"Isn't there something else you're supposed to use?" She asked.

"Yeah, but this works better." I laughed. She chuckled.

"Nice. So what's your name?" She asked as I started the needle in her arm.

"Meg, you?" I asked her.

So after about an hour, we took a break, we went out and smoked a cigarette. So what I had found out so far, is that her name was Alicia, she loved Avenged Sevenfold, and she was getting it because Synyster Gates was her hero, & M Shadows, because she loved that picture. We became close friends within the last hour.

Soon, we went back in and started up with the tattooing again. This was the toughest girl I knew, besides me. She didn't wince in pain, she didn't whine, or cry about it. She just took it like it was. As I was finishing up the last of it, and cleaning it off, guess who fucking walked in the shop?


M. motherfucker Shadows, & Zacky Vengeance. I stopped wiping the ink away, and she stopped talking. We both stared with our jaws dropped. Syn walked over and was looking at what I was doing to her.

"Nice tat. Hey Shads, come look at this." He said smiling and inspecting it.

"Hey, shit son. That's hot. You should totally send a picture of that into A7X Inked." Shadows said. My breath caught in my throat, and I'm assuming hers too.

"Hey I like your style, can you do one on me?" Syn asked. Again, I choked. I couldn't say anything.

"I'm assuming your a fan?" Shadows asked chuckling. All I could do was nod with my wide eyes. Syn laughed.

"That would explain Zacky's head popping out from your shirt." He said pulling it back a little. I finally choked out some words, for once.

"Yeah, it's a portrait of the whole band." I smiled. I finally got up the balls to continue wiping up the rest of the ink on her bicep.

"That's awesome Meg! I wanna see!" Alicia smiled widely. I smiled.

"Yeah, but then I'd have to flash anyone in front of me." I chuckled.

"That is fineeee by me!" Ami said jumping in front of me. I laughed.

"Yeah, come on, let us see it." Shadows whined, with puppy dog eyes.

Oh my God, did he just make that face with me? I asked myself in my head.

"UGHHH. Whatever." I said giggling. I lifted up my shirt and turned around.

"Holy shit, who did that? That is so bad ass." Syn said touching it. Shadows rubbed his face on the tat.

"That's amazing." He then traced it. I shivered and an amazing firey feeling shot through my body.

"Thanks." I mumbled pulling my shirt back down quickly. That was amazing. All he did was touch me and it sent shivers through my body. He's amazing. If I had any thought right now, it would be... a;sldkfjal;sdfj.

"So, what do you want Mr. Gates?" I asked him all professional like. He chuckled.

"Well, I was thinking something along the lines of this. My friend Billy designed it." He said handing over the picture.

"Billy Martin from GC, I assume. This is his style." I smiled. I loved the way it looked. "Where at?" I asked. He pointed to a spot, and I started putting the drawing down on stencil paper.

"Whoa whoa whoa. Meg, you gonna finish me up here?" Alicia asked. I laughed, I'd forgotten about her.

"Sorry chicka. For sure. You did check it out in the mirror right?" I asked her.

"Yuuuusss. And I love it, thank you mucho." She pulled me into a hug. I laughed.

"Hey, here's my number, call me sometime, we'll hang." I told her, tearing off a little piece of paper from Syn's tattoo design.

"HEY!" He shrieked. I chuckled.

"It'll be fine." I smiled.

"Cool, so I'll call you tomorrow or something, here's mine." She said, doing the same thing I did.

"WHAT THE HELL!" He screamed again, but laughing this time. I chuckled.

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Yeah yeah yeah. Sexy pictures now. I <3 M. Shadows, he's so fucking hawt. Oh, the things I would do to that man. asd;lfkasldfj;asdf

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