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Created by Volleyball-Sasuke on Thursday, October 18, 2007


Alright, this One-Shot is dedicated to GlitteringMoonlight, cuz she requested it! Yays!
Also, I hope all you other Sasuke fans enjoy this!
Oh yeah, I also dedicate this to moi, cuz I'm cool like that, and Sasuke is part of my username: Volleyball-Sasuke
And by the way... it's my longest One-Shot yet... ^-^
On with the wonderful goodness! ---> ♥♥
Name: Yuuki Tanakashima (first, last; first name means courage)

Age: 17
Rank: ANBU Black Ops
Location (village): Konohagakure
"Are you in position?"
"Are you ready to infiltrate the premises?"
"I'm leaving you now."
"Good. The sooner you stop talking, the faster I'll kill him."
"Whatever, just do it quick."

You turned off your radio communicator, stashing it in a scroll. Yes, you were an ANBU Black Ops. You completed dangerous missions, and you never let anyone die. Never. You were highest in your ninja class, you being the best. How had you become this strong? Simple: through lots of training. Back when you were a kid, you worked so hard, swearing to avenge the death of your older brother, Yuukan.
Your jutsus were among the many: fire, wind, shadow. You had a kekke genkai that allowed you to infiltrate other jutsus, and perfect them; although you did this on rare occasions. You're weapons? Scrolls. You turned every weapon you had into a scroll, which was placed onto a scroll belt you wore around your waist. You're title? Simple: the deadliest ninja of Konohagakure, village hidden in the leaves.
Today was your day to prove yourself to your village. Today was the day you were going to bring back Uchiha Sasuke, dead or alive. It didn't matter. You had a grudge against him, and you were to make him pay for the pain he had caused you. Which pain, you ask? Well, here's the story:
When you were a child, your parents always fought. Your father was a strong ninja, who trained your brother. Your brother, 15 at the time, was always away on missions, and your mother was so depressed that you didn't bother to hang around her.
Before you knew it, you were entering the Academy of Konoha, hoping to become a great ninja like your father and older brother. You made friends there, among which were Hinata Hyuuga, Shikamaru Nara, and of course, Sasuke Uchiha.
All the girls were jealous of you; you being so close to the village heart-throb, Sasuke. But you and him were only friends... until...
As you graduated from the Academy, Sasuke and yourself felt a strong bond between yourselves. And before you knew it, you had fallen for your best friend. Despite himself, Sasuke fell in love with you, and you were the perfect couple. But then, a year later, Sasuke left Konoha to gain power from Orochimaru. He left you heartbroken, and your pain truly never left you.
And that's why you're here today. To retrieve Sasuke Uchiha, and make him pay for leaving you behind.
You slowly krept down the dark hallways of the empty building. Sasuke was rumoured to be here, and after tracking him down, you were ready to see him again. You had seen him a total of five times since he left.
You turned a corner, into a dark, shadowy room. You stopped in a shadow, being consumed by it's powerful obscurity. You listened intently as you heard four voices speaking, one being familiar as Sasuke's.
"They know we're here, Sasuke."
"That doesn't matter. I think she might be here already." It was Sasuke speaking.
"So, what are we going to do?"
You heard someone turn around, and you saw two red sharingan eyes looking straight at you.
"We're going to fight, right Yuuki?"
You gulped. So much for being undercover...
Sasuke stood before you, his hand on his sword, ready to pull it out. You desperately didn't want to fight him; the truth was... You still had feelings for the guy. And even though you showed as if you didn't care about him, you really missed him, and you wanted him to love you. It was true: your one weakness was your heart.
"Juugo, Karin, Suigetsu; leave. I don't want you to witness this fight. Head to the other hideout, I'll join you shortly." Sasuke said, pulling you out of your thoughts.
You saw the three people nod, then vanish into thin air. Now, it was only you and Sasuke. You pulled out a scroll, wishing you wouldn't have to use it. You started unraveling it, then stopped when Sasuke let go of his sword. You looked at him confused, when he smiled.
"It's been a long time since we've been alone together."
"What do you mean?" you asked, still confused.
Sasuke sighed, looking you straight in the eyes. You could tell something was up.
"I... still love you, my dear Yuuki."
You froze. Was it true? Or was it a trap? You didn't care, you put your scroll away. It was as if your body was moving on its own. You slowly walked up to Sasuke, taking every preccaution. As you reached him, you set your hands on his chest, feeling his bare skin. You sighed, closing your eyes as Sasuke's arms wrapped around your waist. You were finally with your love...
You stood in silence for a long time. Your head was resting on Sasuke's chest, and you couldn't help but wonder... Is this why he had sent the others away? You guessed so, but you didn't care. Finally, after such a long time, you were being held by the man you loved.
"Yuuki, you know that I never wanted to cause you pain."
"But Sasuke... You did. And now, our song is fading."
"What so-"
Sasuke fell silent. Had he remembered? You had told him, when you were kids, that when he was lonely, the birds, or the wind, was you, telling him you were there with him.
You felt Sasuke's arms tighten around you. You lifted up your head, only to see love and longing in the Uchiha's eyes. You closed your eyes as Sasuke slowly bent down his head, placing his lips delicately on yours.
Sasuke's kiss started to become more viscious, passionate... lustfull. You returned the kiss, begging for more. It felt so good; so warm. Sasuke gently bit your lower lip, begging for entrance. You parted your lips, granting his wish. His warm tongue slipped into your mouth, exploring every cavity, every corner, until every inch of your mouth had a trace of Sasuke in it. Sasuke slowly pulled away, much to your displeasure.
"Come with me. I... want to show you how much I love you..."
You nodded, following the Uchiha. Sasuke led you down a dark hallway. There were torches running down the length of the walls, which cast a ghostly look to the place. You tightened your grip on Sasuke's hand, and he looked at you, smiling gently. You smiled back, getting a notion to what he had in mind. You were ready... And you couldn't wait.
Sasuke stopped infront of a door, taking out a key. He unlocked it, then gently pushed you inside. He had a cold exterior, but you knew that he had a soft, warm spot in his heart for you; he loved you. You looked around the room, noticing a few dressers, a closet, a desk, and a bed. This was a bedroom, and guessing from the symbol on the wall, it was Sasuke's. You looked at Sasuke's king sized bed; yeah, you knew exactly what he had in mind.
You felt Sasuke's strong arms wrap around you, and his soft warm lips kiss your neck. You slowly laid down on the bed, Sasuke coming down ontop of you. Sasuke nibbled slightly on a sensitive part of your collarbone, making you moan in pleasure. Yup, it was great being finally with Sasuke, and you were going to do something you had been longing for for a long time...
You felt Sasuke's hand slip up your shirt as his other hand went to undo your pants. Sasuke surprisingly unclasped your bra with one hand. He removed your pants and scroll belt, then set to remove your shirt. You pushed him away playfully.
"That's not fair. You're still fully clothed."
Sasuke smirked and removed his sword, then his shirt. He smirked again as he saw your eyes travelling up and down his toned chest and abs. Man, was he sexy!
"Like what you see?" Sasuke asked in a lustful tone.
You nodded, and Sasuke removed your shirt. He took off his pants, leaving him in his boxers. Now, you were both in your underwear. Sasuke gently placed his lips on yours, removing your bra at the same time. You felt heat rush to your face, and you closed your eyes. You hoped Sasuke wouldn't judge you... You hoped he still thought you were beautiful.
Your body was somewhat scarred from battle. You had a large scar that criss-crossed across your side. You felt two hands lovingly caress your skin, and you opened your eyes to see Sasuke with a content look on his face.
"You're beautiful, Yuuki."
You blushed some more. Sasuke snuck his fingers down your underwear, slowly pulling them off your body. You had an athletic figure, which seemed to make Sasuke quite happy.
Sasuke looked at you, smirked, then thrust two of his fingers into you. You gasped at the sudden feeling, but soon you entered complete bliss. You moaned, almost reaching the point of cumming. Sasuke pulled his fingers out of you, leaving you begging for more.
"Gotta save some of that." Sasuke said dully, standing up off the bed.
He took off his boxers, and you gasped at his size. Sasuke smirked again, placing himself ontop of you. He kissed your jawline, tracing sweet kisses down your neck to your collarbone. He smiled as he sucked on your skin, and soon he pulled away. His eyes were different now; happy, worried, caring.
"Are you ready now?" he said, his tone soft and sweet.
You nodded your head, and Sasuke positioned himself at your entrance. As he thrust in for the first time, his lips crashed to yours, muffling your scream. A few tears ran down your cheek from the pain, and your hands gripped Sasuke's back. Sasuke started thrusting in and out of you slowly, and he started picking up the pace. You ran your fingers through Sasuke's raven-black hair, and you moaned as Sasuke kissed your shoulder.
Sasuke smirked, and started thrusting faster. You shut your eyes tight, trying to hold in the need to scream out in pleasure. You felt yourself reaching your peak, and before you knew it, you had come. Sasuke's seed spilled into you, an he collapsed beside you, tired and sweaty. He pulled the covers of his bed over the two of you, cuddling into you and holding you tight. You sighed as you felt yourself drifting off to sleep.
"Don't ever leave me, Sasuke."
"I promise, I won't."
You opened your eyes to see Sasuke, sound asleep beside you. You smiled, moving closer to him. His eyes opened slowly, and when he saw you, a really happy smile crossed his face. You nuzzled into him again, and he closed his eyes. You did the same, knowing one thing:
Sasuke was going to be with you forever...
Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it!♥♥

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