The Cloaked Schemer ~Ten~ Zexion love story

Hope you liked it, the last one. I was a little skeptical about writing it, but... Well, I don't really know what to say. Anyway, enjoy this one!

Created by GaaraSan on Saturday, October 20, 2007

Somewhat of a Lemon here, but you don't have to read it if you don't want to. You can skip down and read the story. Just know that a lemon did happen so you're not so confused.
Zexion held me tight and walked through the library doors. He took me to his bedroom. He gently placed me on his bed. "Zexion, what are-" I started. "Shh." He said laying next to me. "But I-" I started again. "I won't do anything you don't want me to do, but you're sleeping on this bed. I've watched you for the past few days, almost no sleep at all. Now what do you want to do?" Zexion said making me feel rather uncomfortable. "I... Well..." I started. "Yes or no?" He asked. "Um... Sure..." I said quietly. He pulled me close and placed his lips on mine. He started rubbing my back. This time his lips trailed down my neck and hit a soft spot on my neck. This sent a chill down my spine which he noticed, so he continued. My hand was on his back clenching his coat. My grip tightened when he started sucking on the spot. "Stop it Zexion." I moaned. He let out a small laugh and moved back to my lips. His hand trailed my back lightly and found it's way to the front where he started to unzip my coat. His hand made it's way into my shirt and he rubbed my shoulder. His hand roamed everywhere. He stopped and rested a second. I took this chance and repeated that letting my hand slip into his cloak. I took his off and kissed down his chest. "Zexion, are you sure-" I started. Zexion kissed me tenderly on the lips. "Vien, I'm a nobody without a heart. I can't feel. When I'm around you, I can. I have a chance to be happy, I'm going to jump at it. I'm sure." He said taking off my shirt. He kissed my stomach and worked his way up. I slightly moaned. He placed his hand on my cheek and kissed me softly. This time I asked permission. I wrestled with his tounge, but he came out on top and pinned my tounge down. He explored my mouth again, then let me explore his. Everything felt so right with him. His hair tickled my nose. I moved it out of the way. Our legs were wrapped around eachother and both our arms were pulling eachother closer. I was breathing heavy as was he. I gave him one last kiss before closing my eyes and falling into a peaceful sleep. I almost didn't want to, but I was completely exhausted. I was afraid that when I woke up, I would be on back in the corner of the library, only to find that it was a dream.
End somewhat lemon. I don't know if it's a lemon by your standards, but if it is, YAY! Oh well, story continue!
I slightly stirred and yawned. I slept really good last night. My smile turned into a frown when I realized I was completely dressed and sitting in a chair in the corner of Larxene's room. "How'd I get here?" I asked a stirring lump of a Larxene on the bed. "Hn? Didn't you climb into the chair last night?" Larxene asked. "I guess so." I said slightly dissapointed. "I heard you get up last night. I didn't bother stopping you, I was to tired. I woke up and you were asleep in the chair. Figured you were tired of the floor." Larxene had no clue, and to be honest, neither did I. "Oh, yea, right. I remember now, I must've been so tired that I didn't remember doing it. Wasn't completely awake." I didn't like lying, but it was better than trying to explain the night that didn't might not have happened. I stood up and stretched. Larxene stood up and walked over to me. She lightly touched my neck. It sent a chill down my spine. "You have a bruise looking spot here, what happened?" Larxene asked. I smiled a bit. That was where Zexion had been teasing me. "I don't know." I said erasing the smile before things got to fishy. "I'll be around somewhere." I said heading for the door. I walked outside and down the hall. I was right in front of the lab door when it swung open hitting me in the face knocking me over. "Vien!" Vexen cried. "Vexen!" I cried right back. Vexen helped me up. "I think I did it this time!" He cried dragging me into the lab. He set me on the table again. "What is it this time?" I asked not to excited. Zexion came busting in. "I heard you yell eachother's names, what happened?" Zexion said walking over to me. "He's going to fix my alergies this time Zexion." I said. "Again? That's what he said last time." Vexen, who wasn't to happy, defended himself. "Hey, I'm confident this time. The problem will be the solution!" Vexen took out a big lazer and a vile of glowing pale yellow stuff. "Drink this. It's a pain killer, but it also has some other things in it. When I shoot you with this, a shock will go through you and it'll activate those other ingrediants. I promise you it won't kill you." Vexen seemed happy handing me the vile. "Percentage?" I asked. "100%" "For what?" "That it won't kill you." "Then what's the percentage that flower boy won't give me the sneezes?" I asked not getting to hopeful. "20% chance it won't work. 50% chance it'll work perfectly no side effects. 30% chane it'll work, but will also have an unknown efect. Most likely occuring with one of your five senses. Taste, touch, smell, those." With that I almost was scared. I'd gone through a bit of torture, but now he was messing with my senses! I can't see already, what else was I going to lose??? "Will it be permanant?" Zexion asked seeing my fear. "Depends what it is. I can undo the affects of whatever happens." I sighed with relief. I took one look at Zexion before opening the lid. "Bottoms up." I said drinking it all. It was slimy and gritty. The second it hit my throat I began slightly choking. I needed to cough, but I resisted the urge. My nose was burning. "Lay back Vien." Vexen said pushing me down. "Hold her Zexion." he said starting up the machine. I cried out a bit in pain. my throut was on fire, but that was nothing compared to what happened next. I was hit with a lot of energy. This energy I couldn't focus on, therefor I had to suffer through it. I yelled out. Zexion pushed me down harder. For what seemed like forever, Zexion and Vexen held me down. I could feel something pulsing through me, in sharp agonizing waves. Then everything went numb. I couldn't move, and I blacked out.
Ok, I'm a lot happier with this one. It's longer than the last. ->
Yea, I know it sucked, deal with it. If you don't like, message me telling me why, or just don't read it. Thank you!

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