Short Story: (1) Bloody Mary [A Halloween Special]

Happy Halloween! :D

Created by x0Akumu0Kouhi0x on Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Bloody Mary"

Bloody Mary—this is the name of a woman whose ghost haunts many stories.
.......It is said that Mary was a widow who went mad, killing her children along with herself. Another story tells the opposite, that Mary's children were taken from her, driving her to suicide; and still another says she was wrongly accused of murdering her children then put to death.
.......Regardless of how the true story went, the fact remains that it left Mary a bitter, vengeful spirit: a spirit full of hate.
.......There are ways to summoning this apparition, multiple in fact. Such include chanting a hundred times at midnight, spinning around, rubbing one's eyes, running the water, or chanting her name thirteen times with a lit candle. If one believes the story in which Mary’s children were stolen, one might scream: "Bloody Mary, I killed your son!" or "I killed your baby." Each of these rituals are said to be effective...
.......What comes after is unknown.Some legends say, if summoned Bloody Mary would proceed to kill the summoner in an extremely violent way. Such as ripping his face off, scratching his eyes out, driving him insane or bringing him in to the mirror with her. Others legends say that if the summoner did not look at the phantom directly, Mary would show him the future.
.......Bloody Mary is a ghost whose death has many tales. This is a story about one of those many tales,a story of one girl who believed she could face death and live and of another girl who believed it nothing but a folktale. This is a tale of Bloody Mary...

......."I bet you're too afraid!" a small girl smugly smirked.
......."I am not!" her counterpart starkly whispered back.
......."Are too!"
......."Am not!"
......."Are too."
.......Lilly Anders smiled at the red face of her associate. Inwardly she laughed. She always enjoyed moments such as these; she considered them treasures and believed they should be protected as such. To her right, sitting poised at her desk, sat Naomi Snell, a model student for all middle school girls. She detested moments like these. To her, they were nothing more than juvenile conflicts that should be avoided.
.......It was the middle of class when Lilly mentioned her plan. She had thought it thrilling and dangerous; however, Naomi viewed it as immature and boring (and frightening, though she wouldn't admit it).
.......Halloween had descended on the town of Rivercreek and Lilly Anders wanted to do something that she would never forget. Everything had been premeditated. During the school's annual Halloween dance, Lilly and Naomi were to sneak off and enter one of the girl's bathrooms. Once there, they would proceed to turn out the lights, look straight into the mirror, and call out 'Bloody Mary' three times. It was the perfect ecstasy. What more fun could one possible have?
.......Naomi had downplayed Lilly's adventure, claiming that is was nothing more than a hoax some old Englishmen had created to scare people. She thought it silly to test something that had long since been proven wrong. It was ridiculous! No, she wouldn't do it.
.......Naomi and Lilly were girls who were dissimilar in every aspect.
.......Lilly was a trouble-making twelve-year-old girl with an impulsive agenda; Naomi was a rational arbitrator with a meticulous schedule: never was she without a plan. Lilly's onyx hair was cut short in a shelved fashion with bright red steaks. Naomi had shoulder-length auburn hair, which she pulled back into a high ponytail, her neatly cut bangs hanging free. Lilly's flamboyant green eyes sparkled with amusement and mischief; whereas Naomi's dark chocolate eyes flashed with unnatural maturity and logic.
.......Lilly was a punk, wearing blacks and other dark colors with chains and spikes. Her hobbies consisted of picking fights, eating candy, cults, and watching cartoons. She was a delinquent, a bully, a thief even; the world was her playground.
.......Naomi was a straight-A student who tenderly cared about her environment. She loved her earth-toned colors (brown in particular) and beads. The movies, jewelry making, shopping, and painting—these were her hobbies. Naomi liked to think of herself as sophisticated and gentle, which she was.
.......They were light and dark; good and bad; sun and moon; yin and yang; and yet they were best friends.
......."Are too," Lilly teased. "Just admit it, Naomi. You're a chicken." Naomi puffed out her reddened cheeks.
......."I am not chicken. The idea is simply illogical."
......."No, it's not," the onyx-haired girl retorted with a look. "You're just tryin' to hide the fact that you're scared."
.......The two adolescents have been engaged in this argument for the past five minutes. Naomi would toss in a few 'smart' words every once and a while, but the overall argument was several 'are to's, followed by an 'am not'. It was quite childish. However, that was all they were, children.
.......A loud noise erupted throughout the small classroom. Naomi jumped at the sudden disturbance. Lilly simply looked up, an aggravated look on her features; she never liked being disturbed.
......."Miss Anders, Miss Snell, do I need to separate the two of you?" a grungy voice inquired, a hidden sense of malice in the tone. In front of the girls desks stood Mrs. Stavisky, their English teacher. She was an elder lady with a piercing stare and strict rules. Her near-gray hair was pulled back into a tight bun; her brown eyes still held the blaze she had when she was at her prime: never would those eyes fade. Atop her parrot-like nose a pair of black-rimmed glasses perched. Her slim form was adorned in nothing more than a white peasant blouse, which fit slightly snug on her figure; a knee-length four-gored blue skirt; and a pair of black baby doll shoes with white socks.
......."No, Ma'am," the more contained of the two spoke, "we’re fine. "
......."We are well, Miss Snell," the older women corrected. Naomi turned down, a blush on her cheeks. "No more chitter-chatter amongst the two of you. I will not tolerate it in my English class." With a sharp turn, the women walked back to her post and continued with her lecture.
.......Lilly scoffed. What good was correct grammar anyway? She was positive she would never use it in her life. It was so boring too. There were much more interesting things to do with life than live in textbooks.
......."After school," Lilly whispered, turning back to her friend (the warning meant nothing to her), "we'll talk more then."

.......The small town of Rivercreek was old. Its houses, hospitals, stores, and schools had been built in the 1800s: not one new building was present. A few had modern systems installed, but nothing more. They needed not modern architecture; it was perfect the way it was.
.......Each town member loved this look: the look of a homely village with a cheerful glow. It had the appearance of some poverty-stricken land; but in actual truth was quite prosperous and sanitary. It was a friendly place where everyone knew each other by first name.
.......Fall's crisp weather froze over. Its chilling winds rolled over buildings, sending yellow, brown, and red leaves into a whirling frenzy. The late afternoon’s sun had already started to set. Hues of yellows to reds bleed onto the canvas of the sky, painting the perfect picture for this special day.
.......The town was covered with decorations for one of the most anticipated holidays of the year-- Halloween. Yes, October 31 had finally arrived. Skeletons, pumpkins, witches, scarecrows, and ghosts and ghouls of every shape and size garnished the village from top to bottom; not one yard or store was left untouched.
.......There was only one place at the moment that held an extensive bustling of life—the school. Today's sessions had ended and more than half the student body stood outside their school's ground. Each with their own group, girls and boys discussed future events for the night. The school dance enraptured every student's attention year after year; and this year was no different.
.......While students vivaciously spoke of the dance in front of the schools, the back of the school hosteda singlelonely figure. Swaying back and forth on a swing in the school’s playground, Naomi Snell dragged her feet across the mulch, turning it up to reveal a darker underside.
.......The icy wind bit relentlessly at her exposed face, turning her nose and cheeks a light shade of red. Her orange tights barley kept out the intruding drafts from her boney legs. She thanked her mother for forcing her to wear a giant coat and gloves; it was getting colder with each passing second.
.......Naomi sighed. She was never going to win with that girl, was she? She knew Lilly would never give in. But she also wanted to standunyielding inher beliefs. She was determined...but was it worthall the rouble?
.......Naomi contemplated this as she sat waiting for her friend.
......."Yo, snail!" The brunette groaned; she hated that nickname.
......."Don't call me that," Naomi cried out, pulling the collar of her brown parka higher to cover the flustered blush she had. A young boy stopped in front of the girl and laughed. He held a boyish charm, with his somewhat muscular build, short cut hair, and baby blue eyes that danced with delight. He was naturally blonde, but his hair had been dyed green for this special day. He was dressed in black jeans; a dark green windbreaker, which was open to reveal a maroon t-shirt; and black vans.
......."Sure thing. You gunna strap a shell to your back for Halloween?" he continued to tease with a toothy smirk.
.......Naomi sighed again. She should be use to those kinds of jokes by now. For years children have made fun of her last name—Snell—which was a close pronounce to snail. They would say things such as "Don't eat salt! You'll dry up and wither away!" and "So that’s why you like bugs so much..." It was all quite irritating, butNaomi kept her temper under control. She wouldn't want to be like a certain someone she knew.
......."Shut up, Fran-Fran," a distant voice tauntingly shouted, ”like your name is any better."
.......Fran-Fran’ twitched, turning to his right. There, a very satisfied Lilly walked towards the duo, a large smirk on her face. Naomi jumped off the swing and watched.
......."I told you all to call me Mar," the green-haired boy stated bleakly. Lilly pretended to think.
......."Nah, I think I like Fran-Fran better. It's very macho." The pre-teen gave the thug a look. He hated his name. Of all the names to pick in the world and his parents gave him this: Francis Marie Rutherford. He preferred to be call Mar—pronounced "m-air" and is the first three letters of his second name—for reasons you can understand.
......."It's anything but and you know it," the boy grumbled under his breath. Lilly smiled wide. Yeah, she knew it. Naomi stood at the boy's left and smiled. Francis can be annoying from time to time, but overall he was a good friend. The brunette then turned to Lilly, who stood at her right, and frowned. Something caught her eye.
......."Lilly," she called to her friend, "where did you get that lollipop?" The brown-eyed girl gestured to the candy in the punk-rocker's mouth. Lilly stuffed a hand in the pocket of her chesterfield and with the other removed the sweet treat from her mouth.
......."It's Halloween, Naomi. There's bound to be candy somewhere."
......."Not at this school. The comity had decided that we would wait until the dance tonight. I know; I'm on the team."
......."So your mom band you from eating anymore hardcady for the next two months because of that irresponsible prank you pulled at old man Guster’s store and the only the grades that aren't attending the dance have candy: that includes first grade through fourth grade."
......."Well if you know everything then you know where I got it, right?" Lilly strolled up to the blue-eyed boy on her left who stood quiet, a devious smirk on her face. Before he could run away, she took Francis's head under her arm and gave him a noogie. It was her way of saying hi.
......."I can't believe you would steal candy from a seven-year-old," Naomi stated, disgusted.
......."Yeah, well, you get what you take". Lilly waved off. "Oi, Fran-Fran, what are you going as for the dance?" She wanted to change the subject. Naomi always got on her back whenever she would do something irresponsible (which was often). It irritated the hell out of her; it would be best to avoid the situationas a whole.
.......Naomi wished she could say she was surprised at Lilly's flippant attitude. Sadly, a thing such as robbing a poor child of his candy was an everyday thing for her.
......."A goblin!" the blonde excitedly answered, ignoring Lilly’s further use of his unwanted name. He pulled his head away from the punk's arms and brushed his hair.
......."You don't have to dress up for that." Lilly moved her lollipop around.
......."Ha ha, what an original," Francis sarcastically emphasized.The green-eyed girl shot back a dirty look.
......."What about your brother, Mar?" Naomi spoke up, breaking the tension. She knew where this was going. Francis and Lilly would get into a fight and then Francis would end up crying.
......."Vlad?" the blonde questioned, relieved (he was happy Naomi had used the name he wanted). "Well I think her said he was--"
......."A vampire."
.......Francis let out a loud squeal at the smooth voice. He spun around to come face-to-face with none other than his twin brother, Vladimir Remey Rutherford. The blonde sighed, but only in half relief. He was glad it was someone he knew and not a ghost (as he was a believer in the supernatural), but his sibling may be worse than any ghoul he could imagine.
.......Vladimir's voice sounded like that of a young adult. Not deep, but rich with little hitch. He, like his brother, had dyed his hair for the event; onlywith a different color. Francis's hair was short and green; whereas Vladimir’s hair was black and shoulder-length.
.......They may be twins, but Francis and Vladimir held almost nothing in common. Vladimir was pessimistic and often wore his hair long. Francis kept his hair short, spiked, and was optimistic. They shared the same eyes, yes, but Vladimir's eyes held no emotion, ever. They were a pair that could easily be distinguishable; Francis had a boyish charm and lumberjack-like facade while Vladimir held a slight androgynous appearance.
.......Vladimir's hands were stuffed into the pockets of the black trench coat he wore. A large black and white scarf snuggly wrapped around his neck, partly concealing his pretty face. His icy blue eyes undemonstratively scanned over the occupants of the playground.
......." look like a vampire naturally." Lilly's eye twitched slightly. She never knew why, but whenever she got around this young man, a creeping chill would crawl up her spine. He himself could scare away all spirits.
......."That's what mom said," Francis cut in. The group stared at the boy's blank face.
......."Ok...Lolli, what are you going as?" Francis broke the silence knowing Vladimir would say nothing more.
.......Lilly perked up at the sound of her nickname. It was a name given to her by her older brother before he moved away. One could easily guess where it came from. "Well, I was going to be a vampire too, just because they're friggin' awesome!"
......."A troll would be better suiting." Lilly turned her head, a sharp look stabbing Francis right in the face. The smirk he wore faltered and he ran behind his brother for shelter.
......."'re just as bad a chicken-girl here," Lilly taunted, pointing at Naomi.
......."How many timesmust I tell you?" the other girl wailed. "It's illogical. There is no substantial proof to your fairy tale." Naomi dug her head into her collar. The cold was becoming quite bothersome. Lilly rolled her eyes.
......."Come on. If you do it, you'll have your proof. And its folklore, thank you."
......."Same thing."
......."Woah, what going on?" Francis cut in. Being left out of the loop was something he didn't like. If there was any kind of action going on he needed to be there.
......."You have a hybrid on your hands," the punk smirked. "A chicken-snail." Francis burst into a fit of laughter. Lilly chuckled. Naomi turned beat red. Vladimir...stood like stone.
......."I'll do it!" Naomi hotly screamed. She had had enough; she lost her edge. "However. I'm only in it for the scientific value; nothing more and nothing less. So don't be disappointed when I prove you wrong!"
.......Francis backed up, a rattled look in his face. The sound of Naomi's high-pitched shriek had sent him off balance. She neverscreamed like that, and to see her do so made her seem even scarier than Lolli. The boy choked down his nervousness by staying closer to his brother, who didn’t even blink.
.......Lilly looked surprised. She didn't intend to push Naomi this far (though it was amusing, in her opinion). "Ok, ok, calm down, Naomi." She waved her hand, her lips pressed together. "There's no need to yell."
.......Naomi suddenly felt embarrassed; this was not she. She was supposed to set an example to other students. Yelling on school grounds was not a good example. "Sorry," she quietly apologized. Stealing a glance from her right, she could see Vladimir looking at her. Now she felt even more foolish. Her crush had seen her ugly side; the side she wanted to keep hidden.
......."So it's settled. We'll do it at midnight," Lilly smirked; she had won, just as she planned.
......."Fine," Naomi muttered, pushing her hands in her pockets.
......."No one’s told me what's going on."

.......The school dance had been quite festive. Boys and girls--dressed as pirates, ghosts, zombies, and other creature of the night--danced on the floor. The sides of the large gymnasium were littered with tired partiers and tables, which held punch and other delights.
.......In the south corner, a secluded area near the doors, four figures stood. One was dressed in a tattered black dress with a white corset and knee-high boots. Another wore a leather trench coat, decorated in silver spikes and chains, and tight leather pants with commando boots. Beside him, a boy with a large mask of an ugly man atop his head was dressed in a green turtle neck, brown peasant pants, and store-bought moccasins. The last figure sported a blue plaid dress with a blouse underneath and red slippers.
......."It's time," Lilly sung cynically, white teeth vivid in contrast to her black lips. She was pumped, her adrenaline had kick in and she was more than ready to go. Nervousness? What was that? She shook with excitement, not fear.
.......Naomi apprehensively pulled at one of her braids. Now that she was here, it didn't seem like asuch a grandidea. Her hands shook, her breath was short. It took all her self-control to stay sane. She could always back out, but she wouldn’t; Lilly wouldn't hear of it.
......."Come on."
.......Naomi never realized how empty and eerie the halls could be. Lilly never realized how thrilling and bone-chillingly cool the school could be. Lilly lived for horror; Naomi did not.
......."And this is as far as we go," Francis stated, halting in front of the door. Giving the girls a toothy smile, the boy put his thumb up for good luck. He made an attempt to play the cool guy, but out of the four he was scared the most. He tried to hide his quivering voice and shaky figure; however the anxiety was growing too much for him. Vladimir stood quiet, his hand in the pockets of his leather coat. His emotions were incomprehensible, as always.
......."Right," Naomi breathed, rubbing her bare arms. "We're here, doing this ridiculous thing." Her stomach uncomfortably churned inside her.
......."I'll go first if it makes you feel better."
......."It does, actually."
......."Fine." Lilly opened the white door and entered. Just before closing it, she popped her head out and said,"Don't run away, Naomi, I will find you. And Fran-Fran? Try not to wet your pants too bad." Francis groaned. He hid his nervousness. yet Lilly still noticed it. She loved this; he knew it. Lilly laughed, letting the door swing shut.
.......Naomi stared at the door and took a shaky breath. She couldn't believe herself. Was she really going to do this? Fear, anxiety, remorse—these and many other emotions were jumbled inside her. Truthfully, she wasn't sure whether she should be scared or not. 'It's just a fairy tale,' she kept telling herself repeatedly; yet, somehow, that didn't help the query feeling she had. She turned to the Rutherford twins and smiled, asking, "Why does she get to me?"
......."I don't know," Francis sharply replied with a pout. "She gets to all of us." The sweet girl giggled. Knowing that postponing any longer would result in further conflict with her crazy friend, the brown-eyed girl opened to gate to what she was certain was her doom.Suddenly, a strong grasp clenched Naomi's arm and pulled her back out before she could fully step in. She stumbled back with a small screamas a soft sensation was pressed against her lips. It wasn't clear what had happened until she was let go. Naomi stood there dumbfounded—Vladimir Rutherford, her life-long crush, had kissed her.
.......Vladimir removed his hands fromNaomi's arms to shove them back into his pockets. His face, she noticed. Was there the slightest smirk? Or maybe the mixture between the dark hallway and the fear had confused her. Naomi concluded that it was nothing. Though she wished there was emotion behind the action, she knew quite well that he had his own secret reasons that he would never reveal, not to her or anyone else. That was the type of person he was...and what attracted her the most; he was mysterious.
.......Francis gave his brother a baffled look. He's never seen his brother do anything of the sort. Back and forth heturned his head fromthem as they stared. Naomi blinked and Vladimir...did nothing.
......."Well...I'll see you guys later...hopefully," the young girl smiled, disappearing behind the door.
......."Seriously...what was that?" Francis asked, turning to his brother. "Ok, what's up with you, huh? You're really freaking me out." Vladimir smiled eerily, staring at the girl's bathroom. He did nothing more...merely smiled and stared... "Please stop that...please..." Francis was genuinely scared. The hairs on that back of his neck stood up like quills on a porcupine, his breath came short, and his stomach squirmed.
.......The androgynous boy turned to his brother, chuckling. He thenspun to walk down the hall, the grin never leaving his face. With the addition of the moonlight streaming in from the windows, he truly looked like a demon.
.......Francis stared at his brother's back...he got the feeling something ghastly was going to happen...his brother never smiled.

Behind the dreaded door was a standard bathroom. Wooden stalls, white-marbled sinks with mirrors above them, creamy walls and no windows. Naomi's shoes made a soft patting sound on the tile floors, which echoed slightly.
......."Lilly?" she called out.
.......No answer.
......."Lilly, come on..."
.......Naomi's breath turned labored as she tightly gripped her blue dress. Tears started to form in her eyes and she tried again, "Lilly!"
......."Boo!" A pair of lanky arms wrapped themselves around Naomi's neck and waist. She screamed, violently trashing about for that's what her instincts had instructed her to do. The attacker released the girl, ducking underneath her arms, and stumbled backwards, laughing.
......."Lilly!" Naomi scolded. "Don't do that!!"
......."Aw, you know I couldn't help myself," she grinned. Naomi glared, her heart still racing and breath still lost. "Ready?" Lilly smirked, walking over to the switch on the wall. Naomi nodded. She wasn't ready. Lilly grinned and turned off the lights. The only senses the girls had now were their hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Soft flesh came in contact with Naomi's hand. Her natural instinct was to take it back, so she tried; but the hand held fast. She would have screamed had it not been for one voice. "It's onlyme, Naomi." Lilly's voice brought comfort to her, but not for long. "Come on, the mirrors are over here." Lilly dragged her best friend over to the basins. Her eyes had easily adjusted to the darkness, making it easier to maneuver. She set Naomi's hands on the cold sink in front of her. "Ok, we have to say it together." Naomi nodded, but then remembered Lilly couldn't see her.
......."Yeah." Her voice was small. The query feeling had grown tenfold; she wasn't sure she could last much longer.
......."Bloody Mary."
.......Naomi almost screamed.
......."Come on, Naomi, say it." Lilly was growing aggravated. If she wasn't going to do it she mine as well leave.
......."Bloody Mary." There, she said it, but not without its faults. Her heart beat wildly against her chest, ready to burst at any moment. She could no longer breathe; talking was a hard, almost impossible task. Her body shook like jello and her teeth clattered like a telegraph. It's all make-believe. It's all make-believe, Naomi told herself over and over again.
......."Look straight at the mirror," Lilly instructed. She couldn't wipe the smile from her face. This was all so exciting. It was a story she wished to tell to future generations...maybe the kindergartners would be free tomorrow...
......."One," Lilly started.
......."Two," a weak voice followed.
......."Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary" they called in unison.
.......A moment passed where nothing happened: not a whisper, not a glow, not a touch; nothing. Lilly frowned, disappointed. She had wished with all her heart for something to happen. Naomi sighed in relief. It felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from her shoulders. She had proven herself right.
......."See? It's nothing more than a fairy tale."
......."Where are you, huh?!" Naomi jumped. Lilly's loud boom had come as a startle for her.
......."Lilly..." she softly mumbled.
......."You too scared to come out, Bloody Mary?! Is that it?! I bet you're weak! Yeah, I bet that's it! Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary!" Lilly screamed highly, frustrated. She didn't get it! Why wouldn't it work?
......."Lilly!" Naomi cried and stepped forward, wrapping her arms around Lilly's waist. "Come on, it's over stop it!"
......."No it's not! She's just weak! I bet you were too weak to help your children too, weren't cha?!" Lilly laughed in a sadistic manner. All self-control had melted away and was refilled with childish expectations of a poltergeist sighting. She was drunk on this hope; even more so than the lollipops she had eaten earlier.
......."Lilly, please, calm down! It--" she stopped.
.......The floor began to quake, rattling the mirrors, sinks, and stalls. It shook only slightly, soft almost, like a mother rocking her child to sleep, and lasted no more than half a minute. It stopped just as quickly as it came. Silence fell soon after. Naomi held on tighter to her friend, the sense of fear returning.
......."Come on, Lilly, let's go. There's--"
.......Naomi froze. That voice...belonged to neither Lilly's...nor her. Her body tensed so hard she could be mistaken as a statue. She breathed no longer and her insides screamed in pain.
.......Lilly looked straight ahead, the biggest beam she ever had plaster on her face. She knew she would come. She was numb...she could hear nothing, feeling nothing; she could only see the dim blue glow that emanated from the mirror ahead.
.......Naomi and Lilly were girls who were dissimilar in every aspect. Lilly looked into the mirror and smiled; Naomi looked into the mirror...and screamed.

.......Francis watched the backs of police uniforms in misery. The sounds of people talking and sirens wailing had long faded into nothingness; he heard nothing more than Naomi's scream as it replayed over and over in his head until it became unbearable. It was horrible.
.......Someone came out from to school's entrance: two men carrying a bloody white bag. He knew what was in it: he had seen it. It was a sight no one could forget. The image had been burned into his mind: the scene of a faceless Naomi drowning in a pool of her own blood. The scent of blood filling his lungs, the literally dead silence, the taste of puke from his queerness -- all of these were still fresh in his mind, and he feared that would stay that way for a long time.
.......Vladimir sat next to his brother. He had also heard the scream and was the first to the prospect. He did not retchas his brother did. On the contrary, he smiled. He was a boy of no emotion, so why smile? And at a time like this... The twisted boy watched as the police moved the body bag into a car and grinned. It was a small smile, joyous and carefree. Every move they made, he watched...and smiled. A policeman came over to stand in front of the boys.
......."Francis...Vladimir...I'm sorry you were the ones who found her...I know you were close friends," he sympathized, his dark green eyes shining with kindness. Francis looked up as tearsran down his face. Vladimir remind silent, the emotionless expression found its way back to him. "Can you tell me what happened?"
......."Yes," the heavy-hearted boy squeaked, his voice high-pitched. Francis did not wish to speak (especially if it involved tonight’s catastrophe), but he knew they'd get their answers sooner or later. It was better to do it so he wouldn't have more to worry about.
.......For the next ten minutes Francis answered questions for the investigator. The man jotted down each answer carefully on his clipboard. After all, these are the notes he would be using to solve the case.
......."Thank you, Francis. You've been very helpful." The man ruffed up the boy's hair. "I’ll go call your mom."
......."Mr. Nelson," Francis called out. "You-you found Naomi, but...where's Lilly?" The policeman held a distraught look. He was uncertain whether he should tell Francis or not, but he came to the conclusion that both he and his brother deserved the truth.
......."I’m not sure...her body wasn't found, but one of her shoes was. I'm sorry. I can't tell you more than that." The man turned his back and walked to his car where he proceeded to make calls.
......."Why are you smiling?" the hysterical boy cried towards his brother. Francis was highly concerned for Vladimir. He chooses now, a time like this, to show emotion? And it wasn’t sorrow or fear he it was...happiness...
.......Vladimir turned to his brother, the smile still there. He pushed himself off the ground and stood. The moon’s light cast shadows around the boy, which gave him an eerie glow. Francis jumped, grabbing on to his twin's hand.
......."Answer me," he demanded. His voice was stern, deep, and held a bit of hatred. Vladimir turned back to him, a glint shining in his dangerous blue eyes.
......."Happy Halloween," he told him. He then removed his brother's hands and started home. Francis' body fell out under him. He dropped hard to his knees, pounding his fist into the ground, crying. He felt so helpless, so useless. His best friends were dead...and he could do nothing for them. He knew that he should have forced them to stop when he saw Vladimir smile...he knew it, but he did nothing...Francis Rutherford could do nothing more then watch the fading back of his brother as it was drowned in the moonlight.

.......Thus ends the story of the small town of Rivercreek and the two girls who cried out in the darkness......

Bloody Mary...

The End

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