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Layout by MystifiedShadowsLayouts Whoo!!! first lemon!! hells yeah!!! enjoy! oh and WARNING! THIS LEMON CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE JUST STARTED READING THE FURUBA SERIES AND HAVE NOT YET MADE IT TO VOLUME 15! lmao!! i was listening to this song while i wrote this!!! lol

Created by bishie-addict on Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Character name: Michiru Tenchi (Chiru for short)
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Eyes: forest green
Hair: Blonde
Personality: tough loves fighting

Special quirks: always carries a sword
the guy and his series: Kyo Sohma from fruits basket

"Ok class, we have a new student today. Come on in." my new sensei said. As I opened the door, my long blue skirt moved slightly and I stepped to the front of the class. Everyone in the class gasped at my blonde hair, green eyes, and the sword resting against my shoulder.
"Not another Uotani!!" yelled two boys in the back of the class room. I quirked a brow at them and looked at the other students. Only three caught my attention. One I guessed was this 'Uotani' person. She had blonde hair and brown eyes that, at the moment, were wide with chock. The only way I could be sure that the second was a guy was because he had on the boys' uniform. His hair was a purplish-grey shade as were his eyes. Finally there was a boy with beautiful bright orange hair and matching eyes.
"Um, you know students aren't aloud to bring weapons to school." my sensei said from behind me.
"I have to bring it with me where ever I go. It's a rule that all members of my family must carry a weapon, so that if we ever come across any evil spirits we can seal them away immediately." I said partially lying. That rule had stopped taking affect around thirty-five years ago, but since it was still in the rule book I could still use it as an excuse.
"Whatever. I'm Mayuko. Class, this is Tenchi, Michiru. Now play nice." she said and went back to her magazine. 'Lazy ass teacher.' I thought. 'Oh well, just means less work for me.'
I spied an open seat in the back and walked over to it. Along both sides of the aisle, the other students were staring and flinching away as I passed. Here in Japan I towered over most of these girls. My seat was behind a very innocent looking girl with ribbons in her hair. She and four of the students sitting around her were the only ones who didn't flinch.
"Hello, my name is Honda, Touru!" (That's actually how you spell it in roomaji. The 'h' is just for English speakers. Same with Souma. The 'u' just makes the 'o' longer.)
"Nice to meet you." I said propping my sword against my desk.
"I don't know which is scarier; Uotani's iron pipe or the new girl's sword!" I heard one of the boys from before ask the other.
"Hell, my iron pipe pales in comparison to that bad ass sword! Dammit! Why can't I have a bad ass sword!!?" Uotani yelled.
"Because it would be inhumane to the rest of us if you did." the boy with the orange hair said, finally looking away from the window. "Eh... when did we get a new student?" he asked.
"She was just introduced, stupid cat."
"DON'T CALL ME STUPID, YOU DIRTY SEWER RAT!!" the orange haired boy yelled jumping from his seat.
"What did you just call me, you retarded feline?"
The other boy stood up and had a very menacing look to him. My battle senses started tingling as I watched.
"You heard me! Now what are you gonna do about it!?"
"DEATH MATCH!!" I shouted, jumping from my seat and looking at the two expectantly. "Come on. Fight!"
"What is this girl's name again?" the orange boy asked.
"Come on Kyon-Kyon, you should at least be able to remember that." said the other random classmate.
"'Kyon-Kyon'?" I asked looking at the boy.
"I told you to stop calling me that! It's Kyo! Not 'Kyon-Kyon' and not 'Kyonkichi'!!"
"Her name is Tenchi, Michiru-san." said a goth girl. She then stood and walked over to stand before me. "It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Hanajima, Saki. This is my friend Uotani, Arisa; you've already met Touru-kun."
"Nice meeting you too. Now are they going to fight or not?" I asked.
"No, we are not going to fight." said the purple haired he-she. "My name is Souma, Yuki, by the way. This is my cousin, Souma, Kyo." Yuki informed me.
"Pansy." I said. "If I were you, I would have duked it out right here and now!" I pouted to the side.
"Heh, like you could beat me." Kyo said.
"What was that ya cocky bastard?" I asked. Yuki sighed at this while Touru looked worried... or frightened -couldnt be sure which- from Kyo to me.
Wide eyed Uotani stated, "This chick is so part of our gang from now on!"
"Shut up Yankee!" Kyo said, turning back to me. "Fine then, you think you're so tough, let's have a match after school. No weapons, and come to my house so we won't be bothered by the authorities." Kyo said.
"I'm there. Just give me the directions and I'll kick your ass!"
"Yo, Prince Charming, tell your little blonde cousin to bring his video camera for this! I can't wait to see orangey get his ass kicked!" Uotani ordered.
"Kyo, can I speak with you out in the hall for a moment?" Yuki asked.
"What now?" Ignoring Kyo, Yuki grabbed his cousin by his collar and dragged him out.
"Family talk." he told the teacher as he passed her.
"What was that all about?"

>>Kyo's P.O.V.< <
"What the hell do you want, you damn rat?!" I yelled.
"Shut up. Do you have any idea what you've just agreed to?"
"Huh?" I asked confused.
"Think about it, if she in any way puts her arms around you in that fight, you'll transform and then everyone there will know our secret."
"W-well it's not like I can call if off now!" I shouted, blushed with the embarrassment of not realizing these complications sooner.
"And why not?" Yuki asked threateningly.
"Because that would mean I lose to that arrogant, bratty girl!"
"Fine, I'll just call Hatori so he can suppress everyone's memories when it's done." he said and walked back into the classroom.

>>FF-Michiru's P.O.V.< <
After class I got the directions to the Souma house from Touru-kun. I found it odd that she should live there with Yuki, Kyo and their apparently perverted cousin. But I didn't say any thing. As I walked home quickly, I thought about the best clothes for this and decided on just some nice comfy sweats. As soon as I got home and changed, I ran off to the Souma house hold. When I got there I saw Touru-kun, Kyo, Yuki, Hana-chan, and Uo-chan standing with four new faces. One wore a kimono and had a very weird look about him, next to him stood a man with an emo hair cut and a doctor's coat. Then there were the two younger ones. The youngest looked like he was in grade school or maybe middle school. His hair was the same color as mine, only a brighter yellow. The other looked around my age and he had some of the coolest hair I had ever seen. It was nearly pure white with black roots. This guy was covered with accessories and his shirt was showing most of his chest.
"Ah! This must be Chiru-chan! It's about time someone other than Yuki-kun beats Kyo-kun!" said the guy in the kimono. "Oh, that's right, I'm Souma, Shigure, this is Souma, Hatori," he said indicating the doctor. "Souma, Hatsuharu," the cool dude. "And Souma, Momiji."
"Oh! Are you German too!?" Momiji asked.
"No, my mother was British." I told the little kid.
"Enough pleasantries! Let's get this fight over with." Kyo called from the lawn.
"You're on!" I said and strode out to meet him.
"I'll be the judge. When I say go, go. When I see a winner I'll say stop and announce them." Yuki said. "Go!" I hadn't done hand-to-hand combat in a while, even though I should practice it regularly. Kyo ran at me and kicked at my side, I blocked him and grabbed his leg, using it to spin him around and throw him. He sprung up on his hands and landed on his feet again, facing me. 'Agile aren't ya?' I thought. He came at me again with a barrage of punches. I blocked most of them, but got a few to my stomach. 'That's it!' The next punch I caught, I held and grabbed his forearm. I flipped him over my shoulder and pulled him into a headlock. I heard sever al gasps from around us and saw the shocked look on Kyo's face. It was like he was waiting for something to happen.
"Yeah! You go Chiru-chan! Beat his ass!" Uo-chan yelled from the sidelines.
"T-tenchi-san is the winner!" Yuki called out quickly.
I released Kyo and offered my hand to help him up. I was about to walk over to Uo-chan when he grabbed my wrist. He had a serious look on his face as he asked, "What are you?"
I looked at him funny and asked back, "What do you mean?"
"Kyo, come over here real quick." Shigure called. Kyo released my wrist and slowly turned to his cousins. I shrugged it off and ran over to Uo-chan and the other girls.

>>Kyo's P.O.V.< <
I walked over to my family in a daze of confusion. 'Why didn't I transform? What could have stopped it?'
"Kyo! You didn't turn into a kitty!" Momiji yelled in a hushed voice.
"What is that girl that the curse didn't affect you when she hugged you?" asked Shigure.
"How the hell should I know! She just started school today!"
"Calm down Kyo." Hatori said. "Akito would probably be interested in this. Keep the girl here until the other two leave and I'll ask Akito what to do."
"Fine. Just don't invite him here." I said and went to deal with the girl who had just beaten me.

>>Hatori's P.O.V.< <
I walked into Shigure's house to call Akito. This was probably the first time a zodiac member hadn't been affected by the embrace of a member of the opposite sex.
"Hello?" answered a maid on the other end of the phone.
"Hello, it's Hatori. I need to speak with Akito right away."
"One moment please." A few seconds later I heard the voice of my god.
"What is it Hatori?" she asked gruffly.
"Kyo was hugged by a girl."
"So erase her memories and those of all the people who saw."
"That's not what this is about. He was hugged, but he didn't transform."
"What!? How is that possible!?" she yelled.
"I don't know."
"Well find out! No matter what it takes. Even if you have to tell her about the curse."
"I under stand Akito."
"Good." she said and hung up.

>>Michiru's P.O.V.< <
For the next couple of hours we played some random card games and I learned that Shigure was the author of some very naughty books. Hana-chan informed me that those books were actually very good, which earned her some seriously odd looks from all of us. Through out this time I kept glancing toward Kyo and the other Souma's to see them look away quickly. 'Did they really not expect me to beat Kyo or something?
After a few hours, Uo-chan left, followed by Hana-chan shortly after. Once they were gone there was a very awkward silence.
"S-so, what's your family like? You said they were spiritualists or something?" Touru-kun asked.
"Well I never knew my parents, they died when I was very young. But yeah, in the old days we would go around slaying demons, doing exorcisms, stuff like that." I told her, thankful for the conversation.
"So did they have any powers or curses, by any chance?" asked Shigure.
"I don't think they had any powers or anything. But I do remember my grandmother telling me something about curses." I stated. They all leaned in to listen but for Hatsuharu and Hatori.
"Go on." urged Shigure. I found this a little too weird, so I decided to find out why they wanted to know so badly.
"I can't really remember. Why do you want to know? Do you need a curse removed or something?" I joked, hoping to get something out of them. They started spazzing out a little at this. "Hmph." I smirked. "I guess you do. I don't know if my grandparents remember anything from their training years ago but-"
"Our curse can't be broken. At least not by normal means." Hatori interrupted.
"And what part of breaking a curse do you define as normal?" I asked.
"Ah, she's got you there, Hatori." Shigure said.
"*sigh* Momiji, if you will please."
"Ja!" Momiji yelled and glommed Touru. In a poof of pink smoke, Momiji disappeared and was replaced by a little yellow rabbit with brown tipped ears. I stared wide eyed at the bunny in Touru's arms.
"You see, the Souma family is cursed to turn into the twelve animals of the zodiac and the cat. This only happens to some of us and it occurs when ever we're physically week or, for some reason, we're hugged by a member of the opposite sex." Hatori explained. "Today when you put Kyo in a headlock he didn't transform. We were wondering why that is."
"Now I get that whole 'stupid cat, stupid rat' thing! So Kyo is the cat and Yuki is the rat?"
"Then what are you guys?"
"Hatsuharu is the ox, Shigure is the dog, Hatori is the dragon and as you can see, Momiji is the Rabbit." Yuki said.
"You turn into a dragon!?" I asked Hatori. This sent Shigure into a fit of laughter. "What?"
"Hatori doesn't turn into a dragon, per say."
"Shigure, shut your mouth now or I swear, I'll tell everyone in the publishing industry every horrid thing you've done since you were an infant."
"I'm sorry Chiru-chan, but my lips are sealed."
"Ok, well my grandmother told me that about a hundred years ago or so, our family was blessed with the protection of the God of the West, Byakko. So now no curse can be placed on any one with our blood and any one else's curses don't pertain to us. I never really believed her until now." I said wistfully.
"Well Kyo, how was your first hug?" Hatsuharu asked.
"Shut up!"
"I think Chiru-chan should stay here for the night. We still need to find out what Akito wants to do." Hatori said, standing. "Come one Haru, Momiji. It's time to go."
"But I can't stay here. I've got nothing to wear and I would just be putting Shigure-san out."
"Nonsense! You can borrow some of Kyo's clothes! Touru's are probably too small for you."
"WHAT!? She ain't borrowing nothing of mine!"
"Shut up cat." Yuki said.
It was decided that I would borrow come of Kyo's clothes and that I would also get his bedroom. Kyo was to sleep on the couch or on the roof.
"Thanks for letting me use your room."
"It's not like I had a choice." he said as he walked out the door. A blank look on my face, I walked next to him quickly and flicked his ear.
"Ow! What the hell was that for!"
"For being a jerk!" I said, getting in his face. We glared at each other like that for a minute. That was when I realized how extremely got he was. The whole day I hadn't really been paying attention. I was just fixated on fighting, so now that I actually took in his features, I was embarrassed to be this close to him. Lucky me, I don't blush easily! But for some reason, he did.
"Go to sleep." he said and turned. I walked back into his room and thought to myself, 'Oh my god is he hot! How could I not notice all day!?' I changed into his clothes and crawled into his bed. 'And now I'm wearing his clothes and sleeping in his bed! Either I'm the luckiest girl in Japan or I'm going to die soon.

>>Kyo's P.O.V.< <
As Michiru and I glared at each other, I realized how different she was from every one else I had met... ok she's not that different from Uotani, but still. She actually kept my attention. 'No! I can't like this bratty girl!' I yelled in my mind. 'I just met her and she's so annoying!' then for some reason, a voice that sounded eerily like Shigure, spoke to me.
'Kyo, you don't transform when she jugs you. Think of the possibilities.' And I did. And I was ashamed and embarrassed. I felt a hot blush cross my cheeks. I turned quickly and walking up the hall, said, "Go to sleep." I was heading up to the roof so that no one would bother me.

>>FF- 2 Months-Michiru's P.O.V.< <
After spending that night at the Souma house, I had been informed that I was to live with them from now on. Of course this was by the head of their family, so I had to finagle my grandparents into letting me move out. I told them that the Souma family had a major spirit problem that required daily treatment. So I now shared a room with Touru-kun. And I had completely fallen in love with Kyo. He was the only guy who would spar with me. And the day after I moved in, he accidentally bumped into Touru-kun. I had the pleasure of walking in just as he transformed back. And damn is that boy hot! We had begun training together daily and were at the Hanare (A detached building, separate from the main building in classical Japanese homes and shrines.) at the Tenchi Temple right now. Whenever I got to choose our training area, I picked here because then I got to be alone with Kyo.
We were both panting from our current fight so I held up a hand. "How about we go in and rest for a bit?" I asked.
"Fine." I walked to the door of the Hanare and stepped into the nice air conditioned building.
"I'm gonna get something to drink. You want anything?"
"Water." I strolled into the kitchen and opened the freezer to grab some ice. I stuck my head in and sighed with pleasure. I think I might have dozed off like that because the next thing I knew, Kyo was shaking my shoulder, saying, "Dammit Michiru, wake up!"
"What the hell?"
"You took to long coming back so I came to find you and you were like that." Kyo told me, looking away.
"What, were you worried I some how drowned my self?" I asked.
"N-no!" he blushed and stormed to the cup cabinet.
"*gasp* You were worried! Haha! Cute!" I said aloud. Realizing what I just said, I slapped my hands over my mouth. Kyo turned to me, astonished.
"D-did you just call me.. 'cute'?"
"No! Shut up!" I yelled quickly.
"You did. Why?"
"I said I didn't!"
"Yes, you did!" he said. He grabbed my shoulder, spun me to face him, and held me in place. "Why did you say that?" I couldn't look him in the eyes. A blush spread thickly across my cheeks and I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out. "Well?"
"I... I.. li-" I took a deep breath to steady myself then spat out, "I like you! More than... like. I love you." I said. "I know you don't return the feelings. That's why I didn't want to tell you. Oops!" I laughed. "I-I'll be in the shower." Sliding from his grasp I edged towards the door. "If I don't come out in an hour, assume I've drowned myself from humiliation." I joked. I then ran out of the kitchen and to the bathroom.

>>Kyo's P.O.V.< <
Michiru and I were at the Tenchi Hanare, training. She always picks this place, I noticed. I've been noting more and more about her in the past months. "How about we go in and rest for a bit?" she asked, panting.
"Fine." she turned and walked into the Hanare. I followed and thought of how gracefully Michiru moved.
"I'm gonna get something to drink. You want anything?"
'You.' "Water." I said and sat at the table. 'Just face it. She only sees you as a sparring partner and possibly a friend.' I thought and plopped my head down on my arms. I stayed like that for about ten minutes, waiting for Michiru to come in with the drinks. 'What's taking her so long? She better not have accidentally drowned herself.' I stood up and walked into the kitchen to see the girl I loved asleep with her head in the freezer. I let out an aggravated sigh and walked over to her.
"Michiru. Michiru you're in the freezer! Dammit Michiru, wake up!" She slowly blinked her eyes open and asked, "What the hell?"
"You took to long coming back so I came to find you and you were like that." I said looking away from her heavenly face.
"What, were you worried I somehow drowned myself?"
'Bingo!' "N-no!" I blushed hard and turned to the cupboard for a distraction.
"*gasp* You were worried! Haha! Cute!" she said. My eyes shot open and as I whirled to face her, she slapped her hands over her mouth.
"D-did you just call me.. 'cute'?" I asked astonished.
"No! Shut up!"
"You did. Why?"
"I said I didn't!" she said and turned away from me.
"Yes you did!" I grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. Gripping both shoulders so she wouldn't try to get away, I asked, "Why did you say that?" I stared at her as a deep blush spread over her features. Her lips parted as she tried to find words. "Well?"
"I... I.. li-" she took a calming breath the told me the things I most wanted to hear. "I like you!" I froze to my spot and waited for more. "More than... like. I love you. I know you don't return the feelings. That's why I didn't want to tell you. Oops!" she said, sounding a bit hysteric. "I-I'll be in the shower." She slid from my grasp and moved slowly towards the door. "If I don't come out in an hour, assume I've drowned myself from humiliation."
I watched as she then ran out of the kitchen. 'She... loves me?' The thought made my heart skip a beat, just as when she said it. "Why didn't I say anything? Now she thinks I rejected her!" I yelled. A loud clap of thunder broke through myself-aimed verbal abuse.
"I've got it!" I ran to the phone in the hall and dialed my home number. After the first ring it clicked and a voice answered, "Hello, Souma residence. How may I help you?"
"Touru, it's raining really badly over here so Michiru and I decided to stay for the night." I said as calmly as I could.
"Oh, ok! I'll tell Shigure-san so he doesn't worry." she said happily.
"That's all, bye."
"Bye!" I hung up the phone and walked to the bedroom I usually slept in when this stuff happened. Stupid Shigure had given me a stupid gift for my birthday and I had thrown it in the night stand of that room.

>>Michiru's P.O.V.< <
After a nice hot shower to try and wash away the shame I felt, I stepped out of the bathroom and walked to my room. I forgot to bring some clothes with me so I was only wearing a towel. As I passed Kyo's room, his door opened. I froze and stared at him like a deer in headlights. Before I could do or say anything, he pulled me into his room.
"Um! I'm kind of naked here! Can I go put some clothes on!?"
"Just wait. *sigh* You were wrong." he said calmly, sitting on his bed. "You were dead wrong. I love you." I was shocked when he pulled me onto his lap. "You're the only girl tough enough to put up with me and tell me what to do. You're the only girl I can actually hold in my arms! I love you more than you know." His lips crushed into mine in a passionate kiss. My wide eyes slowly closed as I kissed Kyo back. The hand holding my towel up, moved with its mate to wrap around the orange haired boys neck. We parted for breath and gazed into each other's half lidded eyes. The sudden shock of cold air on my bare skin, alerted me to the fact that my towel had fallen. I rushed to cover my chest, but Kyo's gentle hands held mine.
"Don't cover yourself up." His lips found mine again and he slid his smooth tongue over my bottom lip. My heart skipped a beat and I opened my mouth slightly. Kyo's tongue thrust in quickly and explored every bit of my mouth. I moaned loudly into the kiss as I gripped his hair and pulled him closer. I could feel him smile against my lips as his hands ran down my sides. He broke the kiss and looked my in the eye. "If you don't want to do this, tell me now."
"Dumb ass. I've wanted this since the day we met! Just do me!" This caused him to laugh.
"Ok lie down then." I did as he instructed. I felt very vulnerably lying naked in front of the boy I loved. Kyo stripped off his shirt, revealing his smexy ass body before climbing on top me. When I looked into his orange eyes, they were glazed over with lust. I supposed mine were too. Kyo bent to my ear and whispered, "We're taking this slow." before he nuzzled my jaw line. He kissed all the way down it and up to my lips again. The whole time he was fondling my breast, turning my nipples rock hard. I felt a bulge raising in his pants. I blushed at that, taking it as a compliment. Kyo released my mouth from his and kissed down my neck and enveloped one of my nipples. Gasping, I arched my back in pleasure. He smirked against me and slid his free hand down my side. As his moved it to my area, I gasped again. Quickly, he slid one finger in, then a second. He thrust them in and out of me causing a pressure to take residency in my lower tummy.
He added another finger and lifted his head to tell me, "I'm stretching you out so it won't hurt as much."
"I'm a virgin, not stupid." I gasped to him. He smirked at me and rubbed his thumb against my bud. At this, that pressure in me was released and every nerve in my body screamed in climax. He slid his fingers out of my warmth and licked them clean.
"Damn you taste good." He kissed from my chest down, stopping to French my belly button. I let out a laugh as I panted from my first climax. He continued down though and pushed my legs up and apart, to gain better access. As he licked me up and down my head lolled from side to side. Then his tongue thrust right into me, causing a loud, lustful moan to escape my mouth. "God damn I love you!" I shouted. He kept probing me until I came onto his tongue. He lapped it up happily and moved back up to me. Before he could drug me with another kiss, I pushed him down and rolled on top of him.
"Now it's my turn." I said and unzipped his pants. I threw them across the room along with his boxers and smirked at his size. This was going to be very fun.
Gently I caressed his member, smearing the bit of pre cum over the tip. I looked up to see Kyo gritting his teeth already. I began to move my hand up and down at an excruciatingly slow pace.
"Faster!" Kyo called. I grinned and applied more pressure. As he panted I moved my head down to his manhood and kissed the tip. This caused Kyo to freeze. I took as much of him into my mouth as possibly. He moaned out my name as I began to suck. I bobbed my head up and down, skimming over him with my teeth at times.
"Stop torturing me!" he yelled. I smirked and rolled my tongue all over. This finally made him cum. It hot and salty, I almost choked on it but swallowed, though I got some on my face. Kyo brought my face to his and licked it away gently. Then he reached over to his night stand and pulled a condom out of the drawer.
"You were planning this?" I asked smiling.
"No. Shigure gave it to me as a stupid birthday gift." he told me as he fitted it over his penis.
"Oh." I lied back down and Kyo Jumped on me, suddenly energetic.
"You sure you're ready for this?"
"Hells yeah!"
With out hesitation, he thrust himself into me. It actually didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. It still hurt, but only as much as a piercing. "You ok?" he asked. I nodded and he began to move in and out slowly. My body felt on extreme alert and I could feel every thing he was doing. I felt his member pulsating inside of me through the rubber and my walls milking him. It was to slow though.
"Kyo, go faster. Please!" he complied and was immediately pounding into me. The pain felt so good.
"Move your hips with me." he told me. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, giving him better access. As out movements synchronized I felt another orgasm coming. And by the look on his face, Kyo did too. On his final thrust he pulled out until just his tip was inside of me, then thrust back in as hard as he could. We both released in orgasm and scream each others names into the night. Exhausted, he lied down on me and slowly, his member moved out of me. We lie there, panting, listening to the storm going on out side. As I gained some of my strength back, I stood from the bed.
"Where are you going?"
"Shower. Wanna come?" he nodded with a smile and stood. Wrapping his arms around me he asked, "As soon as we're eighteen , you want to get married?"
I blushed and told him, "Hell fuckin' yeah!"

Whoo! done! i had to up load this thing twice because my computer decided to be a bitch to me this morning! any who, hope you enjoyed it! *perverted laugh* pic of Kyo in results! Ja mata!
Ja Mata!

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