Neji Lemon

I am soo sorry that this took so long this is a Neji lemon for AnimeLover85476

Created by DiexxxWithoutxxxRegrets on Thursday, October 25, 2007


Your Name: *YN*
Your Eye Color: *EC*
Your Hair Color: *HC*
Your Age: it doesn't matter...its not all that important

You and Neji where friends as children then your relationship grew and started dating, you have been dating for about a year (no sex...yet) but your familys don't approve so when ever you are together at eachothers house you are constently watched by family. When you are together outside of a home you are being followed by fan boys/girls (there are a LOT of them) so you two are almost never alone.

~~*YN*'S POV~~
I was sitting in the living room, Neji was next to me...but not to close since my brother just happened to walk in and run out of energy to least that's what he said -__-" Neji sighed and leaned over

"Meet me at the Academy tomorrow at 12 okay?" he whispered in my ear so my brother doesn't hear

(just so you know I'm not going to give the brother a name) He gave us a suspicious look. Neji got up and left after saying goodbye.

"so what'd he say?" My brother asked

"he said that the whole being watched every time we're together is getting old" I lied

but heh come on it its true, it IS getting old

"oh...oh well" my brother replied with a shrug of the shoulders

the lie must have been pretty good for him to believe it. The sun was starting to set so i got up and ran to my room, I had to hurry if this was going to work. I called up Ino (I despise her with a passion but i can't have *YN* call Hinata cuz then this wouldn't work, or Tenten cuz she likes Neji and Sakura pisses me off to NO end so all that's left is Ino..sadly -__-)


"Hey Ino?"

"OH! Hey *YN*!"

"Do me a favor okay?"

"Sure what is it?"

"If anyone asks I'm with you tomorrows okay?"

"yeah okay"

She hung up and i smiled and got in bed

The next morning i woke up at 11:45

"shit" i whispered

I did my morning routine by time i was finished it was about 15 after 12 so I ran down stairs and told my mom that I was late to go meet Ino and ran out the door, on my way to the academy. By time I got there Neji was waiting

"*pant* sorry...I'm late" I apologized to him

he just simply smirked and kissed me he then grabbed my hand and lead me somewhere


I lead *YN* to the hotel room that i had rented (is that the right word?) was the honeymoon suit ^___^

"*gasp* didn't have to do this" *YN* said

her shocked expression melting into one of complete joy and happiness

"yeah, well i know that we will never get any privacy anywhere else" i said to the *HC* haired girl

she smiled and kissed me


*YN* kissed Neji, arms wrapped around her waist the Hyuuga traced his girlfriends lips asking for entrance to which the female gladly allowed. Neji slowly lead *YN* towards the giant bed, dressed in White sheets and red rose petals (courtesy of the hotel) she stopped when her legs hit the side of the mattress Neji pushed her down and hovered over her person. He straddled her waist and stroked her cheek as he tenderly kissed her, *YN* made to wrap her arms around the long haired boy but he grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head making her completely defenseless. Neji moved, he now had her wrists pinned with one hand and the other made its way to the bottom of her shirt tugging on it asking permission to remove it. She moaned into the kiss, letting him know that it was okay and not long after Neji left her lips to admire her bra covered chest, oh how he hated bras, they where pointless in his eyes she found a blush beginning to make its way to her cheeks and a giggle find its way through her open lips as she watched him glare at her bra...he tore his eyes from her breasts and looked her in the eye

"Are you sure you want this?" He asked with love and worry lining his every word

her reply was a kiss and a 'yes' he smiled and kissed her again. Her hands messed with his top and soon he was left in his pants he smirked at her as she ran her delicate hands over his toned abs. The pale eyed boy's lips attacked her neck, he found the spot he was looking for when a moan graced his ears. He got to work on that one spot biting, kissing, sucking he didn't care as long as he left his mark. Soon though, he got bored of the spot and searched for something else that got his attention, he moved his lips down to her clothed breasts, he wanted it off. now.

"*giggle* need a little help"

Neji heard the voice of his soon to be lover he soon realized that he had resorted to growling at the piece of fabric he just looked at her and she pulled it off,

"better?" she asked the seemingly impatient boy on top of her.

he nodded and groped her left breast and began to suckle the right one his free hand released her wrists and moved down her stomach to the rim of her pants he slid his hand into her trousers and inside her panties toying with her opening. Hearing her moan made his pants feel to tight for comfort he decided to grind his hips to hers to let her know. *YN*, feeling Neji's painfully hard erection brought her hands to his pant line and slowly, tauntingly, pulled off his pants and boxers being sure to accidentally run her fingers down his length while doing so.

"*moan* do-don't tease me" he begged her, she giggled in response and flipped them over, causing Neji's hand to be removed from her pants as she lowered herself to his hard-on.


She smiled knowing that she now owned him...for the time being that is. She decided that she would give him what he wanted and placed his shaft (as much as she could) into her mouth sucking the thick object (sorry I'm laughing right now and I have to tell you people my mom is letting me be a dick for Halloween! my feet go in the balls and in order to move I'll have to jump LOL!) he moaned feeling her actions, his hands found their way to her head gripping the silky *HC* colored hair as his pleasure intensified.

"I-I'm cu-"

he tried to warn her of his release but he was cut off with a moan as he came. She swallowed the mouthful of warm liquid and licked him clean. Neji pulled her up to his level and the two of them over he removed her pants and underwear and stuck a finger into her tight opening. She winced at the strange feeling but soon relaxed into it. Neji, feeling her relax added another finger creating a scissoring motion to loosen her up even more. She soon released her liquids onto his fingers, he removed them and licked his fingers clean.

"this is going to hurt, are you sure you want this?" he asked his girlfriend.

she nodded yes and braced herself for the pain soon to come. She clenched her eyes shut as he positioned himself to her opening and he forced his lips to hers as he rammed into her. The tight kiss muffled the scream of shock and pain as tears pooled themselves in the corner of her eyes a couple leaking out as Neji wiped them off of her pain stricken face staying as still as humanly possible, whispering promises of pleasure in the near future. about 3 to 4 minutes passed and to *YN* it seemed like long painful hours until the pain dissolved into a small hum of pleasure she raised her hips to connect to Neji's to let him know that she was now ready. Feeling her hips connect with his he slowly, as not to hurt her, pulled himself out a little and pushed back in. Hearing her moan told him that he was no longer putting the love of his life in pain. He soon sped up slamming into her.

"*gasp* Ha-harder!" she stammered out

Neji soon complied and slammed harder into her, the rose petals flying off the bed and the head board ramming into the wall (man I feel bad for the people in the room next door) the couple soon cummed into each other and *YN* flipped over with Neji now on bottom and began to grind into him. His hands found their way to her waist to help guide her she soon screamed in pleasure as he his a bundle of nerves and cummed again after that, the tightening of her walls caused Neji to cum as well. Neji then flipped her onto her hands and knees and entered her that way (not into the ass but into her vagina from behind) the new feeling overwhelmed her she could barely breath the air was so hot they continued for hours before the both of them finally collapsed in exhaustion and fell asleep in each others arms

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The morning air was cut with a loud scream
*YN* and Neji had woken up with *YN*'s parents in their hotel room, apparently they were in the room next door and came in to complain.

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