Inuyasha 7 Minutes in Heaven - Longish results\after the game

Here I am again! Thanks everyone for the encouraging messages on my other quizzes! ^__^ Ok, yeah, credits go to whoever made up this type of quiz. Message me on what you think if you want! ^_^

Created by wateranddarkness666 on Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ok, you're walking along in the forest, when Kagome grabs your arm.
"Hey ______! Want to come play a game with me?" she asked.
"Sure, why not," you replied. You followed her through the trees. When you arrived you saw a whole gang of people.((Yes, most people are here, even if they HATE each other, and would rip each other to pieces if they were anywhere near each other, but who cares!)) "Uh, Kagome?"
"OK people! We're going to be playing....7 minutes in Heaven!" she exclaimed.
"Oh, uh...I just remembered, I have someone to wreak vengeance on!" you said quickly, trying to get out of it.
"Oh no you don't!" she said and forced you to sit down. You groaned and Kagome explained the rules to everyone else. She handed you a jar.
"Ok ______, you can go first!" she said. You sighed, closed your eyes and stuck your hand in, pulling out the number.....
PS: There is Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, Miroku, Kouga, and Naraku. If anyone wants someone else, after the quiz is done, just let me know! I'll add pictures when I find the time. ^__^
You pulled out the number 4. "Four," you said. You saw Inuyasha stand up, going red in the face. You gave him a weak smile and went into the clo-....cabin, cause there's no closet outside.
You saw him sit on the opposite side of the cabin and look away.
"Uh, Inuyasha? We uh, don't have to do anything if you don't want to," you stated. You saw him twitch, as if trying to decide something. You went over and sat beside him. Truth was, you actually kind of liked Inuyasha a little, but you didn't want him to know, because he'd probably just push you away. You sighed.
"What?" he asked.
"Uh, oh nothing," you replied quickly.
"Just say it," he said, kind of sounding annoyed.
"I....." You couldn't say it so you just kissed him on the cheek. "I kinda like you," you muttered. You saw him go super red in the face.
"Wha-wha-wha," he stuttered. "You wha?" You laughed.
"I like you," you said. He turned to you and you saw that he was blushing like crazy. "Do you, maybe, like me too?" you ask. He blinked and you smiled at him, which just made him go an even darker shade of red. He leaned forward a bit and you filled in the space. Your lips met. The cabin door opened and you two walked out, both still blushing like mad.
You couldn't sleep at all, so you left the cabin, where most people were sleeping, and went outside. You saw Inuyasha sitting in a tree.
"Hey," he said. You jumped in fright. You thought he had been asleep.
"Hey," you replied.
"Did I scare you?" he asked, jumping down.
"A little, yeah," you replied with a shaky laugh. He smiled at you.
"So what are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be asleep?" he asked.
"I couldn't sleep," you replied. He looked at you. "What?"
"I like you too," he replied. You blushed like crazy. He blushed too and pulled you into a hug.
The kiss was: short and sweet ^_^
You pulled out the number 2. "Two," you said. Everyone gasped as Sesshoumaru stood up. You held your breath. Ok, so he's a super powerful demon, maybe I'll be ok, you thought. Your positive thoughts calmed you down a bit and you followed him into the cabin (there's no closets outside hehe). Once inside the cabin, Sesshoumaru just sat down. You had no clue what you should do, so you stood there for a moment, then figured that you should probably just sit down.
"Do I have to do everything myself?" Sesshoumaru asked and swiftly appeared in front of you. You blushed bright red. He leaned in and kissed you. You were shocked, but didn't stop him. Is this really Sesshoumaru? you thought. You kissed him back. If it surprised him, he didn't show it. You just started to almost make-out, when Inuyasha opened the door. He stared at the scene with a shocked and disgusted expression. You couldn't help but laugh.
You woke up and went outside. You saw Sesshoumaru leaving with a small human girl and a toad-like demon.
"Sesshoumaru?" you mutter to yourself.
"What is it?" he asked. You were suprised he heard you.
"You're leaving? It's the middle of the night," you stated.
"Yes, it is. I must leave now," he said.
"Can I come with you?" you ask out of the blue. The question shocked you and probably him too. Rin looked up at him hopefully.
"Can she Lord Sesshoumaru?" she asked.
"Do what you want," he replied. You smiled, because you know his heart wasn't actually made of ice like everyone said.
The kiss was: shocking but great
You pulled out the number 5. "Five," you said. Miroku jumped up from his seat. You gave him a shy smile. You both walked into the cabin (no closets outside, hehe). When you were inside, Miroku approached you.
"You are extremely beautiful," he said. You blushed.
"Th-Thank you," you replied. He smiled.
"Let me kiss you," he pleaded. You blushed even darker, but nodded. He kissed you passionately. You kissed back, but not with much experience, considering it was your first kiss. He kissed you for the rest of the time. When the door opened, he took your hand and led you away.
He had brought you to a place where you could be alone. He had kissed you again, while you just blushed like crazy the whole time.
"I like you a lot, _____, will you bear my child?" he asked. You looked at him stunned.
"Uh, I'm not old enough for that yet," you replied. He seemed to look a little upset. "But maybe when I'm a little older, ok?" you ask. He gives you a smile.
"I suppose," he replied and kissed you again.
The kiss was: your first! And it was great
You pulled out number 1. "One," you said.
"That's me," Kouga said, standing up. He was smirking. You smiled back. You both went into the cabin cause there's no closets outside. He waisted no time and was quickly pinning you to the wall. He smiled at you and you smiled back.
"Go ahead," you said sarcastically. He kissed your neck first. You let out a small moan, which made him smirk. "Don't tease me," you said.
"Is that an order?" he asked. You smiled. He smirked and pressed his lips against yours roughly. He quickly bit your bottom lip, which made you gasp in pain. He pushed his tongue into your mouth.
The door was opened by Inuyasha. He stared at the two of you with a sickened expression.
"What's the matter mutt? You jealous?" Kouga asked Inuyasha. Inuyasha glared at him.
"As if," he replied.
You went to sleep around the same time as everyone else. However, when you woke up, you were in a cave, surrounded by wolves. You sat up.
"Where am I?" you asked.
"In my cave," a voice said beside you. You turned to see Kouga smirking at you.
"Did you bring me here when I was sleeping?" you asked. He laughed.
"Yeah." You rolled your eyes.
"Yeah, well I really have to go now," you said getting up. He grabbed your hand.
"No you don't," he replied.
"Will you stay here with me? Be my mate?" You stare at him. You roll your eyes, smiling.
"Sure, why the heck not." He grinned at you.
The kiss was:, amazing
You pulled out the number 3. "Three," you said. Naraku stood up and everyone stared at him, then you. I'm so dead, you thought, but followed him to the cabin ((no closets outside)) anyway. Once inside the cabin, Naraku cornered you.
"Wha-what are you doing?" you asked.
"Kissing you, what does it look like?" he responded. He kissed you before you could answer. It was a surprisingly very good kiss, and you would have enjoyed it...if it wasn't for the fact the Naraku was the most evil demon around. Of course, as the 7 minutes went on, you began to kiss back. I wonder how Naraku became a good kisser? you thought. Before the door opened, Narake gave you an evil smirk and disappeared. When the door opened they found you sitting in the cabin alone, with a somewhat scared look on your face. ((XD))
Well, later that night, you were walking in the forest, when you heard someone in the bushes. You spun around and saw Naraku there.
"Um...hi," you said awkwardly.
"You're coming to my castle with me," he stated. You didn't have a choice, but didn't really care. You ended up living with Naraku in his castle.
The kiss was: REALLY unexpected, and slightly terrifying, but suprisingly good.

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