Hot For My Teacher? Sucks To Be Me #7

Created by 328lucky on Sunday, October 28, 2007


That night you had fallen asleep to the replayed images of Ryan. Him laughing, him at his desk, him drinking beer. That made you smirk. A dream of Ryan and you started to play out in your head. He was at his desk teaching to only you. His gorgeous eyes swept over your body and he made a low growl. In one instance, you were on top of his desk, his tounge playing with yours.

You could feel him slowly undoing your belt and with a frustrated gasp, you woke up. You shut off the loud alarm and shuffled out of bed to do the daily routine. Somewhere in the other section of the house you could hear your mother making breakfast. With a sigh, you hoped to continue the dream later.

***********************************************************Ryan Benjamin POV: Yesterday kinda sucked. First his pregnant ex decided to come to the school, then he started to feel weird around a student. Not a safe, regular weird. Something more forbidden and desirable. With a shake of his head, Ryan tried to clear his mind of you. Didn't work.

Slipping on a jacket, he turned his mind to a pressing matter. His ex. She cheats on him, gets pregnant, expects him to take care of it, and tells him they won't break up. As if he has no say in his life. Right now, Kitsy looked a lot less forbidden and more welcoming and, well quite frankly, hot. Ryan didn't bother shaking his head at his thoughts. He liked this new thought.

Your POV: You started to notice Ryan's attention on you had increased. He was smiling more at you and seemed, almost, flirty. Your head spinned. Miley was right? Mr. Benjamin did like you.

At lunch, though, he didn't sit wit you guys as usual. "So do you want him?" Miley had shaken you out of your thoughts. "What?" "Do you want him? I know he's our teacher, but as long as you guys don't do each other, it's legal." You glanced over at Ryan. "I don't want to be his rebound. He broke up with his girlfriend two days ago."

Miley thought for a second. "Then wait 5 more days and if he's still paying you this much attention, it means he wants you." It seemed simple enough. But you would be sad if he didn't pay attention to you in 5 days. You nodded and Miley patted your shoulder. "Don't worry. He'll be drooling a long time after that."

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